Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol 2

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol 2❰Reading❯ ➷ Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol 2 Author Joss Whedon – Oaklandjobs.co.uk This second volume of our Buffy omnibus series collects many of the best Buffy comics to see print As we follow the newly chosen Slayer from Los Angeles to Sunnydale and through her parents' divorce w This second volume Vampire Slayer PDF/EPUB ½ of our Buffy omnibus series collects many of the best Buffy comics to see print As we follow the newly chosen Slayer Buffy the PDF/EPUB or from Los Angeles to Sunnydale and through her parents' divorce with Dawn in tow the souled vampire Angel makes his first appearance and the not so the Vampire Slayer MOBI ò souled Spike and Drusilla cleave a bloody path toward the West Coast This collection includes the critically acclaimed graphic novel Ring of Fire and the miniseries the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol PDF/EPUB or A Stake to the Heart and reflects the Season to Season timeline of the cult hit TV series A fitting companion to Joss Whedon's comics based relaunch of the show. Volume 2 is nowhere near as good as Volume 1 of the Omnibus Not only did they make the bizarre choice of skipping around to comics from Seasons 2 and 3 in addition to pre season 1 stuff when Volume 1 was all pre series and I do enjoy a nice chronological orderThere are 7 comics in this omnibus uick reviews of all1 Angels We Have Seen On High The art on this one is uirky but I kinda liked it Plot was ok and the writers make the narrative choice to include Dawn in this pre series comic which is kinda cool2 A Stake To The Heart Best comic in the book Utterly bizarre Has some great attention to little details from the series but one of the CRUELEST lines I have ever seen in a Buffy comic occurs on page 108 I literally had to put the book down It's just MEAN3 MacGuffins Most pointless comic ever4 ueen of Hearts Another Spike n' Dru comic that I really don't care about Spike n' Dru aren't entertaining Also Ryan Sook's art is really weird in this comic although I like it in the next5 Ring of Fire 2nd best comic in the book and I really like Ryan Sook's Giles Also Giles in this comic is bad ass and all kinds of messed up and wears this white sweater and black jacket combo and I still might have a eensy Giles crush6 Paint the Town Red Why with the Spike n' Dru fascination? WHY?7 The Dust Waltz I feel bad that this plotline was ever even made into a comic Bad story bad art and who the hell is Giles's niece Jane? Uh failThe bad outweighs the good in this volume even though I really really liked A Stake to the Heart and Ring of Fire was also pretty excellent Although I suppose it's something that the two Spike and Dru comics were actually better than MacGuffins and The Dust Waltz in the endHere's hoping Volume 3 of the Omnibus has some better stuff and goes back to being in order The second omnibus collection of the old Dark Horse Buffy series is strictly mediocre In fact I'd rate about half the stories at 2 or 25 stars They're just filler to continue the Buffy franchise Even in the introduction the editor admits that DH didn't pay much attention to continuity or have consistent uality which is true of both the writing and the artHowever the first story arc a tale of Buffy and Dawn and their mother moving to Sunnydale following their parents' divorce and being plagued by Malignancy Demons was well done and emotional at times even with the canonically uestionable decision to include Dawn As viewers of the TV series know Dawn didn't appear until Season 4 but due to the reality altering nature of magic in the show she retroactively existed in Buffy and everyone else's memories as having always been thereThere were also a couple of SpikeDru stories including one written by James Marsters the actor who played Spike These were decent enough to make the collection worth reading However there's nothing really exciting here even for Buffy fans and I'm not really inclined to read the rest of the series whereas I will be following the continuing series written by Joss Whedon that is an extension of the show I was a bit unsatisfied with this volume and it has to do with how the stories felt as if they were from various seasons and all over the place as there was nothing tying these stories together except that there's a girl named Buffy and she's the slayer I feel the need to truly explain why this book exceeded my expectations Yes like other reviews have stated most of these stories are fillers They are not needed to make the Buffyverse go round And to be honest after reading Angels We Have Seen On High I was convinced that these people must be 100% right in their reviewsIn my opinion they are 100% wrongEnter A STAKE TO THE HEART I mean goddamn the artwork is fucking glorious I cannot contain the excitement I felt with every passing frame The malignant emotions were BEAUTIFUL Buffy's facial expressions were absolutely heartbreaking When Buffy was being overtaken by the butterflies in chapter four I thought to myself I MUST BLOW THIS UP AND WALLPAPER MY ROOM WITH THIS FUCKING MASTERPIECE I could literally go on and onBut then there is the story line in A Stake to the Heart And it's pretty fucking important We never actually see Buffy's dad leave in the show We just know that it didn't work out and that he loves her but isn't as involved as Buffy wishes he was I loved seeing the story of the divorce unfold of the feelings that all three of these women were feeling of moving to Sunnydale with Dawn yes yes I know Not to mention seeing how Giles prepares to become a watcher? YES PLEASE Watching him make some kind of trucepeace with Ripper was inspiring And then you have Angel already enthralled with Buffy already willing to do absolutely anything and everything for her I am just IN LOVE with this Between the first and second Omnibus' this was my favorite story arc BY FAR So original and clever and disturbing and overall wonderful I cannot say enough about this Everyone who had a hand in this deserves a fucking slap on the ass and a smooch on the lipsNext A RING OF FIRE So incredibly beyond impressed To say that this is a filler that it barely ties into the TV series is LAUGHABLE Enter Kendra again come to save the day and fight alongside Buddy I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the second slayer and I always welcome her appearance Add to that Dru being a spectacularly frivolous bitch and you have an installment that I love already But to be honest my absolute favorite part of this arc was GilesGiles fucking loved Jenny She was intelligent beautiful hilarious and put up with all of his occultwatcher duties and even helped where she could Losing her was terrible for Giles and it took him a long ass time to get over her To watch him work towards a resurrection spell and actually achieve it To see her come back to him in some form and tell him that that they can't be together this way His face in that last frame with her form was crushing I was on the verge of tears just from the few lines that they shared and from the wonderful artwork that accompanied it And then following that he remembers who he is and that Giles doesn't mope around and he goes to help the gang and my heart is all a flutter because Rupert Giles is the perfect manPaint the Town was teeming with James Marsters' voice and it was fucking brilliant I love any early explorations of Spike and Dru's love because it shows that he thrives in dysfunctional relationships no matter who is involved Spike is glorious and I'm forever upset with the ending that he gotLastly The Dust Waltz could have been an actual episode Willow and Xander brought out the wit to the extreme and I found myself laughing on than one occasion It was a joy to readSo final analysis? This second omnibus was PHENOMENALSPECTACULAR HOLY SHIT WOW I love the Scooby Gang already so maybe I am just too easy to please But this was mind blowing Five stars is not enough It will never be enough To infinity and beyond Love This collection was a little all over the place It takes some pretty significant jumps from season to season and a certain character's evil status changes depending on the issue There's a nice explanation about why this occurs in the introduction of Volume 3 trying to write a comic to fit in with the canon of the show while it's still airing is uite difficult but the flow still ends up a little messy The art styles also vary wildly which probably doesn't help The pre season one story 'A Stake to the Heart' was definitely the highlight of the collection Angels We Have Seen on High 3 starsA Stake to the Heart 4 starsMacGuffins 2 starsueen of Hearts 3 starsRing of Fire 3 starsPaint the Town Red 3 starsThe Dust Waltz 2 stars with these Buffy omnibus trades the ratings tend to be all over the place and while i can see where the nay sayers are coming from nostalgia always wins out the critiues of these earlier stories usually include a complaint about the non linear plot line which in this trade doesn't jump around too much or the fact that the stories themselves don't contribute to the plot line Plot plot schmot i dig the early stuff before Buffy got to Sunnydale it's actually really weird and creepy and the side stories featuring Drusilla and Spike raising some hell make for some pretty awesome filler i really enjoyed this little tome Disappointing follow up to the first volume A lot of the art turned me off looking like generic superhero stuff I especially hate it when the characters look interchangeable as in the last story The Dust Waltz Willow should be distinguishable from Cordelia I did enjoy Ring of Fire as I do anything that highlights Giles Mmm Giles I'm going to be upfront and mention that probably any and all Buffy andor Angel graphic novels are going to be totally biased on my part I kind of have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Buffyso yeah I'll still try to be critical but they're pretty much all going to be five star ratings from me ;As in my Charmed graphic novel reviews I'll be breaking these down by issue I don't discuss too much of storyline because I like to stay mostly spoiler free ; I really just go over my impressions of the art and the uality of dialogue1 Angels We Have Seen on HighSo Buffy takes Dawn to the Santa Monica Pier And yeah stuff happens First off I LOVED the crazy graphic art style It reminded me of a cartoon and was just super colorful and uniue While the art style definitely lent a childish feel there was still that awesome classic Buffy action The dialogue was maybe a little stilted but pretty much fit especially Dawn My only complaint would be that it was too short I could have definitely used a little in this style2 A Stake to the HeartThis chapter is broken down into 4 acts Basically this is where we see the final breakdown of Buffy's parents' marriage Angel lurking in the background tries to make things easier for Buffy and only ends up making them worse But of course our girl Buffy knows how to take care of herselfCliff Richards is definitely probably my favorite Buffy line artist He is really able to capture the essence of the characters' real life actor counterparts in a very simple way Are they dead on? No but you know who everyone is the moment you see them I also absolutely loved the gorgeous painted panels in this chapter I loved seeing what was going on with other characters like Giles and Willow before they all officially met Buffy The dialogue was great and the overall feel of the whole comic was just good It was probably my second favorite out of the omnibus I have to say though there were some pretty freaky panels They can definitely get away with weirdness in graphic form as opposed to television3 MacGuffinsThis onejust eh This was the point I started to not like this omnibus as much as the first because we make a very sudden leap in time to a point where Buffy is officially moved to Sunnydale and Giles is officially her Watcher The jump left me craving all the stuff in between Anyway Buffy is apparently staying at her father's house when a mysterious and mischievous package arrives Also while this little bit of fluff was mildly entertaining it didn't really develop anything besides a little comedy The art style is really really not my cup of tea It's the typical heroine with legs for days boobs to her chin a butt like a beach ball and poses that are constantly overly sexualized As a fan of the show I want to see a realistic Buffy similar to SMG in body shape However the dialogue was rather snappy and fun so this little bit wasn't a total loss4 ueen of HeartsYay Spike and Drusilla are back I do love the SpikeDru centered comics scattered throughout the omnibuses Spike was of course my all time favorite character so seeing what he was doing before his entrance to the show is fascinating Not to mention I've always had a soft spot for Drusilla We find the duo on the way to St Louis where they encounter a gambling boat with a seriously sinister undercurrent Trouble finds them as usualThe dialogue was just fantastic Christopher Golden really knows how to capture Dru's balance of crazy and poetic There were some really great action panels and one really stunning one of Dru I didn't think I liked the artwork style at first but the I read the I found myself appreciating it It doesn't fall victim to a lot of the character design stereotypes and I appreciate uniueness I also absolutely loved the washed out color palette Overall just a fun little action romp5 Ring of FireAnd again we make a huge leap in time Spike is in a wheelchair and Angel is evil and they're plotting evil things like giant samurai that have giant birds as pets While I still don't like the jumping this was by far my favorite episode of the omnibus It just felt great and to me this really could have been a viable episode for the show It had intrigue emotion mystery and tons of amazing action scenesThe artisit Ryan Sook is the same as the last and I have to say I liked the art even here It is highly stylized while still capturing a very basic essence of the actors The dialogue was also spot on Xander Willow Giles Buffyeveryone sounded exactly as how they would have been scripted It made it incredibly easy to imagine their voices and really get immersed in the comic I also have to point out the wordless seuence on page 191 I love wordless seuences that can pack such a punch with only a handful of panels It makes me tingly in a good way and I find myself flipping back to this page uite a bit to just take it all inOverall best episode in the omnibus Since it's also the longest it's the most developed and it really pays off6 Paint the Town RedAnd we're back to Spike and Dru shenanigans This is post Angel murdering when they've skedaddled from Sunnydale but Dru is still pining a little for Angel Spike is jealous they have an epic fight involving raising sorcerer that can control the dead and a zombie army and then they make upThe same artist three times in a row feels like a treat The muted color palette returns and just the whole crazy lovehate dynamic of this couple is played to perfection However considering that James Marsters is a co writer for the script in this comic the dialogue is surprisinglynot as tight The script didn't ring altogether true for either character Drusilla especially She was just a little too sane a little too common If Dru makes sense 99% of the timeit just isn't DrusillaStill loved the Middle Eastern setting vibe and like I said they hit the nail on the head with the lovehate Entertaining but not as good as other SpikeDru issues7 The Dust WaltzThis was actually probably my least favorite issue They tried to do too much in too few pages and it just resulted in a kind of jumbled mess that had some good action but kind of just felt blah Basically Lilith and her sister get together to host a demon smashing party on the Hellmouth Andstuff happens Yeah The art style was really not my favorite either which really doesn't help Buffy was a little boobalicious and the clothes were absolutely horrible The characters looked nothing like their real life counterparts I mean Willow had brown hair I thought she was Cordelia at first The male characters are kind of interchangeable Xander kind of looks like Angel who kind of looks like the Maori I use uotations because he looks white to me warrior The dialogue was rough and no one really talked like the should However the action was really good even if the scenes kind of jumped around all over the place And I definitely enjoy a good ole werewolf any day of the weekSo yeah another entertaining omnibus My hopes remain high for the rest of the series and I'm definitely eager to start reading #3 This is a must read for dedicated fans of the show These omnibuses are so hard to rate because the art and storytelling uality change so drastically from one story to the next A Stake to the Heart by Fabian Nicieza with art by Cliff Richards did most of the heavy lifting this round with its affecting premise and horrifying psychological demons while Hector Gomez's awful 90s style superhero contortions in his art ruined what could have been another fun apocalypse in The Dust Waltz I guess the uality spikes ha and valleys make an omnibus much like a season of Buffy 35 stars would have done it here Overall a good collection of the comics The last one The Dust Waltz I had read the others not so much I liked seeing Kendra again and I do love Dru and Spike though the art in those stories left something to be desired a little bit too much Creepshow and not enough Buffy I liked the first collection better as it had some of the origin type tales but still it was Buffy and I really do miss seeing the show

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