Frigate: November

Frigate: November❰Reading❯ ➽ Frigate: November Author Robert E. Wacaster – United States Naval Commander Marlon Smith is a renegade After striking another naval officer he is sent to command the USS November She's a ship full of problems But after taking command he finds out United States Naval Commander Marlon Smith is a renegade After striking another naval officer he is sent to command the USS November She's a ship full of problems But after taking command he finds out she's than she appears to be The November hides secrets Marlon hadn't counted on and with a Navy SEAL in charge of the ship's self defense Force an US Air Force Sergeant in charge of intelligence a Jewish Chaplain and a supporting cast of other crazies he'll be taking her out on a wild pirate hunt Come along on an adventure you will never forget aboard the Frigate November. There's so much I want to say about this one I don't know where to start First off I didn't think I'd like a Navy book as much as I did I know little about the military and have never has a particular interest in understanding how the military works But since I love to read and will rarely turn down a book I agreed to read it in hopes that something would be interesting about it And there was some interesting things in it like the whole bookThe book is well written even when navy words are used I still was able to understand what was going on Plus it's a fairly humorous book there were a few times when I'd read a passage to whoever was around because I didn't want everyone to think I was nuts for laughing while reading a book with a picture of a ship on the front How humorous could a book about a boat be I really liked the cameos in this book And I only use cameos because I don't know what else to call it You'll have to read it to figure out what I'm talking about The book is paced really well Even though it did take me a while to read this one it wasn't because the story moved slowly I just kept getting called away from it The chapters are also pretty short which is good for when you have to keep setting it aside There really isn't anything I didn't like about this book The characters were well developed The speech was realistic And the end was a surprise While I already let Robert know how I thought it should have ended I have to say that the ending he used works very well Overall a good story I think I'm going to have to read some of Wacaster's other works which is good since I already have a few sitting here The strength of this military novel lies in its dialogue This flows so fluidly that I felt that I was it part of the conversations Frigate November is a book which is difficult to put down A barn storming outspoken no nonsense commander Marlon Smith finds himself in charge of the Frigate November a new ship with major problems and generally considered to be a ship that will never sail As well as a serious horizontal list its entire crew would seem to be a volatile mix of problem personnel offloaded by other commanders Smith has enough disciplinary skeletons in his own cupboard which when compounded with his efforts to resurrect his own failed marriage leaves him with a daunting job on his hands while attempting to instil some basic order into the motley crew I read it on a nightly basis and looked forward to hearing the black humour in what this outrageous mismatch of a crew would be falling out over next Wacaster's dialogue is strong realistic fluent and littered with that kind of humour that only military personnel can get away with For me the banter in the build up was as good as the action itself A book for adults but a book for all adults to enjoy I'll now be looking to read the other titles by Robert Wacaster and I hope there will be to come from this new novelist FRIGATE NOVEMBER is an excellent sea story with rich characters and plenty of action and humorCDR Marlon Smith is given command of a crew of misfits aboard a ship in such bad shape that it may never leave the pier Through old fashioned leadership he instills a sense of pride and family that any sailor would be proud of and then takes them into harm's way on a seemingly impossible missionI thoroughly enjoyed the book's rich characters From the crazy SEAL to the alcoholic XO to the renegade main character they add a depth to the book that most first time authors can't create I also really enjoyed the dialogue; it was not only realistic but at times really funnyMy favorite part of the book was the leadership lessons taught by two of the main characters; CDR Smith and Warrant Officer DeGeorge Both lead by example and espouse fairness and crew well being above their own careers As a professional Naval officer myself these are the things I would look for in a leader or a commanding officerTrue naval enthusiasts may find that the book is highly inaccurate from a military standpoint but action lovers will enjoy it from cover to cover Highly recommended Anyone who has been in the military will enjoy this story full of old fashioned very colorful dialogue between senior officers and subordinates A great storyline about a the ship USS November which was used as a disciplinary ship Commander Marlon Smith after striking another officer Now he is in charge of a ship full of disciplinary cases under his command He's got his hands full with all the problems that arise and learns a lesson or two about human nature After discovering the true condition of the ship Cdr Smith finds out from the Admiral the real reason for his assignment to command the USS November Then a Navy SEAL was assigned to the November for some discipline which was surprising but turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the Commander Lots of twists and turns including the Admiral's daughter getting to know Cdr Smith The dialogue is this book is so cleverly written I am taking my take to enjoy it fully I'll post a full review shortly

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