To Surrender To A Rogue (Circle of Sin, #2)

To Surrender To A Rogue (Circle of Sin, #2)[Reading] ➷ To Surrender To A Rogue (Circle of Sin, #2) Author Cara Elliott – An expert in antiuities Lady Alessandra della Giamatti arrives in Bath to excavate newly discovered Roman ruins—only to find herself caught in a web of evil intrigue by a blackmailer threatening to An expert in antiuities Lady Alessandra della To A MOBI · Giamatti arrives in Bath to excavate newly discovered Roman ruins—only to find herself caught in a web of evil intrigue by a blackmailer threatening to expose her scandalous past The one man who can help her is Lord James Black Jack Pierson a fellow member of the expedition and a sinfully handsome rogue whose tempting presence ignites a different sort of danger Jack has clashed with Alessandra in the past so when she suddenly surrenders her body he can't help being suspicious Is she a To Surrender PDF or scheming temptress Or is she truly a lady in trouble As desire and deceptions swirl around them Alessandra and Jack must find a way to win each other's trust For if they don't work together to uncover a shocking truth their enemy—and their own simmering passions—may destroy them and everything they cherish. The much anticipated seuel dueling match between Black Jack vs the hot tempered Marchesa Alessandra The story picks up where TSWAS left off Alessandra’s outraged that Jack tied Isabella Alessandra’s 8 yo daughter to a tree Their fireworks are as fine as in the preuelJack is a respected war hero the 5th son of a Duke He has a secret luv for art back then it’s not something a manly man can brag about a fascination for antiuities Much to Jack’s surprise his eldest bro’ has known all along that he’s a talented artist supports his true passion even encourages Jack to spread his wings march to the beat of his own drums Jack’s not thrilled that his father is trying to hook him up w a biddable bride of his choice w a suitable pedigree dowry Jack takes his bro’s sage advice to heart off he goes to Bath as a replacement in the excavation team He has to prove to others that he’ll do his share of dirty work doesn’t want to get special treatment just ‘cuz he’s a nobleman He notices that behind Alessandra’s brittle façade there are glimpses of vulnerability his interest is piued Despite her initial judgemental attitude Alessandra also gradually learns that Jack is not simply a dilettante he earns itHH somehow rub each other the wrong way bring out the worst in each other Jack can’t stand Alessandra’s wire barbed tongue thinks the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ‘cuz the li’l imp of Satan Isabella has a shocking penchant for cursing her source of colorful vocabs is Marco Alessandra’s cousin the hero in the upcoming book Alessandra has been flying under the radar somewhat reclusive ‘cuz she harbors a dark secret that she’s never revealed to anyone – not even her BFFs in The Circle of Sin – except Marco Much to her consternation when she goes to Bath to dig up Roman ruins someone from her past has come back to haunt her She has to make a choice either meet his demands or pack her stuff run away once again I luv the beautiful cover w sparkles of the sunlight glinting off the blue sea heroine draped all over the gleaming wet hero There’s not much info dump pertaining to what happened in previous HH’s story just enuff to fill in the blanks for those who haven’t read the 1st book The zingers between HH are delicious As they parry thrust in their dance of luv amidst a nefarious plot Jack becomes a pillar of strength for Alessandra 2 heads are better than 1 Alessandra also proves her mettle that she's not the type who'll just roll over take it She discovers betrayals that are linked to her hubby's deathUnfortunately just like the preuel the annoying “Lud” is still overused here no less than 19 X I counted I didn’t luv this as much as I did the preuel ‘cuz even tho’ it has the humor the hero is the dark brooding capable type vs Jack’s funny BFF Lucas stands out in my eyes I wanted interactions between HH after heroine relaxes her guarded nature Their relationship felt a bit rushed due to the limited screen time spread out focus on archaeology shop talk the villainous blackmailer the set up of the next characters for the next book Kate heroine’s friend from The Circle of sin Marco Jack Alessandra became lovers sooner than I expected I appreciated that the HH were not daggers drawn from start to finish but I wanted ‘em to get to know 1 another better B4 tearing their clothes off Just like the preuel it has sensual luv scenes a parallel plotline w damsel’s kid in peril protective mommie who would do anything to keep her safe dashing hero saves the day HEA The 2nd villain’s identity wasn’t hard to guess the motive for all the villains’ scheme was too far fetched strained credibility conceptual thinking was not a must The HH’s backgrounds were well written I liked the dynamics between HH the mouthy kid but it’s not as interesting as the preuel The combination of the different setting the absence of other BFFs HH’s rushed dalliance external circumstances here made the preuel slightly memorable for me Not much internal conflict hereI can't say that I'm excited to read the next 1 but I'll check it out Lud what another great book from Cara Elliott sorry couldn't resist with the lud just cracks me up reading in in her books along with la This book picks right up were To Sin With A Scoundrel leaves off and while not necessary to read that one first you do get to meet our hero and heroine for the first time there and see the sparks fly Lady Alessandra della Giamatti is not at all amused when she is told that Lord James Pierson tied her daughter to a tree to protect her She is of course very upset and says some very spirited things to Jack along with her daughter and the two of them are dismayed to find themselves both working at an excavation site in Bath Alessandra takes her scholarship work very seriously and is not happy that some pampered lord is allowed on the site But when Jacks true talent as an artist emerge she has to retreat her rude comments as Jack proves to be an excellent addition to the teamIt is Jacks love of art that helps bridge the gap between him and Alessandra daughter Isabella and I thought the relationship these two build was very sweet Even though Isabella is a large part of this story she does not take over it but instead blends in nicely I would have liked to have seen a bit of the developing relationship between these two but was portrayed was wonderful When Alessandra is confronted from a secret from her past and forced to do some actions against her will to protect Isabella Jack demands to know what is bothering her As Alessandra is deeply ashamed and appalled at her secret she refuses at first to tell him but thankfully tells him in good time and it does not drag out too longWatching the sparks fly and sting between Alessandra and Jack was a bit of fun She is uite tempermental and I loved how Jack referred to her distracting mouth as the Mouth Alessandra has no intention of ever accepting help from a man again and this frustrates Jack to no end Oh but when they finally succumb to their growing desireswowza It was great watching how these two relaxed into each but still stayed true to themselves Overall this was another fun sexy read for me with a bit of a mystery and intrigue thrown in with a bit of a twist I didn't expect I really enjoyed how they were on on excavation site but it was just in Bath and not some far off exotic locale nice change of pace Looking forward to the final book in this trilogy that features another feisty heroine and hero To Tempt a Rake 4 good stars for this one Things are off to a rocky start between Lord Jack Pierson and Lady Alessandra della Giamatti Jack has just tied Alessandra's daughter Isabella to a tree It's not how it sounds if he hadn't adventurous and curious Isabella would surely have fallen off a cliff to her death Jack and Alessandra fight to vigorously they hope to never see each other again after their friends Ciara and Hadley are rescued But unbeknownst to them at the time they share a passion for antiuities Both are assigned to a rare and important excavation in Bath Alessandra treats Jack poorly accusing him of being able to buy his place in the excavation party because his father is a duke Jack can't make himself stay away from Alessandra and her eually prickly daughter and he soon learns that both ladies are in grave dangerHaving read To Sin with a Scoundrel I loved how this book started off exactly where the previous book ended It was later the very same day I had been looking forward to what would happen between Alessandra and Jack and especially how jack would deal with Isabella from the set up in the first book There's also a set up in this one for the leads in Elliott's next book Kate and MarcoI really enjoyed how the book dealt with things in a different way than most historical romance Alessandra admitted her weakness to herself that she was lonely She even admitted that her weaknesses were what caused her to reach out to Jack and why she loved being near his strength and noble nature I think it's rare for a heroine to be able to admit to herself how vulnerable she is throughout the storyAlso Jack was very straight forward about his nature He spent the first years of his adult life as a successful soldier to fulfill his duty and to please his family But with his war years over his interests lie in drawing art and scholarly pursuits He admits this to himself and pursues art even though he thinks his family will never approve of his choicesI loved how Jack's relationship with Alessandra's spunky daughter proceeded I think he never knew how much a child could add to his life because he'd never been around children before Isabella was as much of a firecracker as her mother and her arguments with Jack were so funnyJack and Alessandra's secret rendezvous were hot and exciting but you could still tell they had true feelings for each other Elliott shapes fantastic lovable characters and really lets us know what's going on inside their headsI'd recommend this book to any fan of historical romance This book has everything for the historical romance reader a great leading couple fun supporting cast humor and of course loveThis book was provided for review by Hachette Booksreviewed for Lady Alessandra della Giamatti is not just another pretty face but she's also one of the foremost experts in Roman artifacts and archeology She's intelligent sharp tongued and harbors a secret A secret large enough to cause her to flee Italy in the hopes that England can help her hide from her pastBlack Jack Pierson is the best friend of Lucas our hero from To Sin With A Scoundrel and since Alessandra also happens to be a very good friend of Ciara our heroine from TSWAS they've had several encounters all which have been rather unpleasant Jack is reserved and temperamental than Lucas He also has a secret although his isn't uite as deadly as Alessandra's His is of a secret talent and passionAlessandra lends her expertise to a crew working on excavating some very valuable Roman finds in the city of Bath Unbeknown to her Lord Jack Pierson was also invited to attend the same excavation so that he can employ his artistic skills and historical knowledge Alessandra received word that her past is uickly catching up with her so she hopes that this trip to Bath will provide her some measure of safety She certainly doesn't expect to not only encounter Jack who is infuriating and deliciously tempting at the same time but a menace from her past who has found his way into her present Her life and that of her daughter's are now being threatened if she doesn't help with his evil plot Jack overhears several conversations between Alessandra and said villain but is she really in trouble? Or is she in cahoots with him to steal what would be a very valuable ancient artifact?Alessandra doesn't just dump her past into the story but rather gives you bit by bit so that you as the reader can go filling in the blanks I also loved the dialogue between Alessandra and Jack Their zingers at each other will keep you smiling Eventually Alessandra realizes that she's in over her head and allows Jack to help her He becomes her proverbial pillar of strength Overall I enjoyed this second installment in Cara Elliott's Circle of Sin series One of my favorite elements of her stories are her characters I love to read about characters who are strong intelligent and well developed Characters who have secrets and vulnerabilities just like all of us but are still confident and know what they want I also like the mystery and plots that Cara weaves into her tales Her stories have romance passion dastardly villains and enough mystery to keep you intrigued What I would have liked to have seen is their relationship stretched a little There was rather limited screen time in which to fit in a budding romance archeological shop talk a nefarious plot with a villainous blackmailer and the set up of the third book in the seriesI remain a fan of Cara Elliott's work She is a delightful person and very talented author I would recommend her books to all lovers of romance I am looking forward to Kate Marco's story next I did enjoy this book I just had my expectations too high from the previous book which could have been written to order for me This one seemed much ordinary I don't think there was anything wrong with it but nothing jumped out as being particularly special eitherI wish we'd had of the Circle of Sinners and that Alessandra had confided her predicament to them They only were present in this book enough to remind me of how interesting they all were before and to set up the character of Kate for the next bookI never really felt Jack was than a stereotype of a romance hero He's tough He has a bad reputation His brothers used to beat him up But underneath it all is the soul of an artist which no one knew until this book beganLady Alessandra was a little complex but I've never been fond of the I hate him He's terrible He's so attractive I can't help myself I must have sex with him I still hate him We'll have sex again Now I know he's trustworthy and the love of my life This is very common in romance novels so I can't count this as an objective flaw but it is one for meThe book was well written so I won't count the author out in the future and this still may be the right book for you It just wasn't one of my favorites I did something I never do I let the good reviews for this book lead me to buy it I have no idea why this book had a 5 star rating across the board at Ami It was definitely over rated The first 100 pages was so boring and did nothing to grab me and make me want to read it In the beginning I liked the foul mouth child of the heroine and then it dawned on me that the child alone would not be able to keep this book entertaining and I was right This would have been a fairly pedestrian historical romance had it not been for the art architecture and archaeology It wasn't until I was well into this novel that I realised it was the second in a trilogy centred around a group of uniue but perhaps anachronistic I'm not sure of this bluestockings ladies of wealth leisure personality and intelligence who gather to pursue their scientific interest in male dominated fields of researchNot until I'd finished the book and begun checking out the other titles in the trilogy did I discover that apart from each volume focusing one one of the members of the Circle there's almost no cross pollination of narrative and characters In other words I don't regret jumping into this series in mid trilogy and don't think I missed out on anything by so doingThe background for this romance between a wealthy Italian widow and a British aristocrat is the excavation of Roman ruins in or near the city of Bath The romance itself is predictable and the characters or their clones appear in hundreds of books by dozens of other authors The meticulous details of the archaeological dig the roman artefacts the pictorial documentation of the finds and use of Regency Bath instead of London raised To Surrender To A Rogue above the ranks of utterly forgettable historical romances A subplot concerning political machinations in Italy and Austria added breadth and historical authenticity to the story a refreshing change from the claustrophobic genre stereotypes that should they ever stray beyond the narrow stage of London town houses and country mansions make do with perfunctory references to Napoleon and his campaigns or exileThe joy of this book is the balance it maintains between diverse elements My five star rating reflects both the uality of the writing and my enjoyment of the book This book had great characters a pretty good plot and was written well I think I read it too fast It only took me two days to finish it and I think I read it too fast to really let myself connect to the story I did like Alessandra though She was sharp witted and usually had a sharp response ready to go Even her daughter had uite the mouth on her I also liked Black Jack and his retorts He really seemed to keep Alessandra on her toes Plus he made a great hero for the story The Circle of Sin was also entertaining They didn't play a huge part in the story but they were a nice addition There were some intense scenes in this one Alessandra seems to get herself into a bit of trouble by trying to hide her secret from all of England Like I said despite having all the makings of a really good book I just didn't connect to it like I normally do I'm going to have to reread this one and let myself get drawn into the story I think I would like it even if I had not sped through it Book 2 of the series Well I could cut and paste a lot of my review of book one1 Stop with the overuse of the expression lud2 Yes I get that the heroine and hero irritate each other but the extreme bitchiness of the heroine over minor things just drove me nuts3 This one did have sex scenes yes I like them than the first book and I felt they were better done forgot to include that in my review of book one My thoughts of the sex scenes in the first one were that they were kind of like shampoo instructions Lather Rinse Repeat and there we're done time to move along4 You really need to read the first book before reading this one because you are dropped into the middle of the hero and heroine's relationship and there's some backstory that is necessary from book 1 It's the reason why I couldn't read book 3 without reading the first two books of the seriesAnd now it's time for me to move along to book 3 Oooo the heroine needs a good slap in this one She comes across as totally superior very unpleasant with very few redeeming character traits at all and in the process of raising a horrible brat as a daughter So what if she looks gorgeous? The hero's OK but there's too much going on with him He's an artistic sensitive type hidden behind a dark brooding warrior exterior which seems a bit much in one character I really found myself wandering why he'd find such a shrew attractive even if she is built like a goddess I didn't manage to finish this one I may go back to it the heroine just really irritated me

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