A Rose for Mary The Hunt for the Real Boston Strangler

A Rose for Mary The Hunt for the Real Boston Strangler❰KINDLE❯ ✽ A Rose for Mary The Hunt for the Real Boston Strangler Author Casey Sherman – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Nineteen year old Mary Sullivan was the last and youngest victim in the sensational Boston Strangler case that panicked a city and riveted the nation Fourteen months after Mary's brutal killing on Jan Nineteen year old Mary Sullivan was the for Mary PDF Æ last and youngest victim in the sensational Boston Strangler case that panicked a city and riveted the nation Fourteen months after Mary's brutal killing on January handyman Albert DeSalvo in jail on an unrelated sexual assault charge told authorities he was the Boston Strangler and confessed to the gruesome murders of thirteen women Prosecutors led the public and the press to believe the Strangler was behind bars yet DeSalvo later stabbed to A Rose Epub / death in prison while serving time for a different crime was never charged with or tried for any of the killings because no physical evidence linked him to the slayings and many key investigators and psychiatrists discounted his implausible and coached confession And the anguished Sullivan family never believed that the so called Strangler murdered their beloved Mary Now Mary's nephew Casey Sherman exposes the truth behind her death and unravels the mysteries surrounding the Boston Strangler murders A Rose for Mary Rose for Mary PDF/EPUB À is the gripping story of his ten year uest to find the real killer of the aunt he never knew It is also the deeply personal story of an ordinary family caught up in extraordinary circumstances Drawing on interviews with major figures in the Strangler case and exhaustive research Sherman reexamines the crime scenes initial police investigations prime suspects and DeSalvo's shocking confession tapes which have never been made public He reveals the political motivations of the Boston Strangler Task Force and Rose for Mary The Hunt PDF/EPUB or uncovers the role of flamboyant defense attorney F Lee Bailey in manipulating DeSalvo's confession Sherman also presents compelling new DNA evidence andhe discloses how his reinvestigation led to an unlikely alliance with the DeSalvo family relating how the relatives of the victim and her self confessed killer are together battling powerful law enforcement officials in Massachusetts to exonerate Albert DeSalvo and reopen Mary Sullivan's officially unsolved murder Sherman's dramatic account of his decade long search for justice for Mary and the Sullivan family unmasks his aunt's real murderer and provides startling new revelations about the other notorious Boston Strangler serial killings. He made a compelling case that DiSalvo could not have committed all of the murders he was charged with committing When I read the book in 2004 I had than a reasonable doubt of his guilt Today 10 years later it is ironic that DNA conclusively has proven that in fact DiSalvo was responsible for the murder of the author's aunt I couldn't put this book down and devoured it in one day Written by the nephew of the reported Boston Stranger's last victim this book tells the journey taken to find the truth about the person responsible for the murder of Mary Sullivan Definitely compelling evidence for sure Its kind of like 2 books in one true crime then a memoir I'm a sucker for true crime; then again spare me your true feelings I was really looking forward to this book Billed as investigative journalistic style writing the unfortunate truth is that it just doesn't hold up to that level of integrity in writing It's written by the nephew of one of the victims a man born after Mary was dead yet when he starts out with a fictionalized assumption of how she would have spent her days when she was in Boston with no family remotely near herit loses all credibility if he made this up what else did he make up because it made a better story? It's the type of writing you would expect to see from a so called news outlet today and the type of writing that would have made Cronkite turn up his nose in a scoff Very disappointing This is a gripping book I read than half of this book in a single day A personal achievement for this slow reader Sherman's search for his aunt's killer caused me to think twice about how the original investigation was handled at least by Ed Brooke and John Bottomley Boston Police Officer James Mellon emerges as hero No one listened to him There's no doubt in my mind that Albert De Salvo was not the Boston Strangler after reading this book However the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and the Boston Police Department behaved shamefully covering up the mistakes of 40 years ago Also I can't help but wonder if Casey Sherman could be sued for libel Casey Sherman's aunt Mary Sullivan was killed at the age of 19 in Massachusetts and her death was always pegged as the doing of the Boston Strangler Although the person who is thought of as the Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo was never tried for the murdersCasey and his mother Mary's sister always felt that Mary did not die at the hands of Albert DeSalvo and Casey set out to prove otherwise You will have to read the book to find out whether he proved that or notCasey's writing is concise and interesting You will want to go and do research after finishing the book I really liked this book It is about the search for the real Boston strangler the possible murderer of many women killed in gruesome ways The investigator is the real life nephew of Mary Sullivan one of the victims that died a horrible death The author considered his aunt's murder a family stigma until her murder was clarified He believed strongly the man accused of the killings was not the real murderer but a puppet of the manipulative and dangerous mind of the real Boston Strangler It's a very excellent real life mystery Recommended by Maria N As I am starting on a documentary about the Boston Strangler all my reading is focused on this for now Casey Sherman does a great job presenting his own findings and I am impressed with his determination and courageousness in approaching a family history that most would want to forget Definitely not something I would read before bed but was really interesting I didn't realize that there are a lot of people that believe the boston strangler was actually several different killers The evidence really seemed to back this guy's theory up The book is about Casey's aunt who was supposedly the last victim of the Boston Strangler After reading it to me there is no doubt that Albert DeSalvo is not the Boston Strangler It is a great read for anyone who likes non fiction

A Rose for Mary The Hunt for the Real Boston Strangler
  • Hardcover
  • 220 pages
  • A Rose for Mary The Hunt for the Real Boston Strangler
  • Casey Sherman
  • English
  • 13 March 2014
  • 9781555535780