Recipe for Love Cattle Valley #15

Recipe for Love Cattle Valley #15❮Reading❯ ➷ Recipe for Love Cattle Valley #15 Author Carol Lynne – Book fifteen in the Cattle Valley SeriesAfter years of living in fear Jay De Luca has finally found a safe haven in Cattle Valley Although he's beginning to open up around his friends he's far from re Book fifteen in the Cattle Valley Love Cattle PDF/EPUB ½ SeriesAfter years of living in fear Jay De Luca has finally found a safe haven in Cattle Valley Although he's Recipe for Kindle - beginning to open up around his friends he's far from ready to get involved in another relationship When handsome Erico Morrelli tries to hire him away from for Love Cattle PDF Ç a job he loves Jay declines the restaurateur's offer afraid of spending time with the town's playboyAshamed to tell his friends he's sick Erico tries to run The Canoe on his own despite protests from his physician When he collapses at work Erico begins to re evaluate his future His attraction to the one man he knows he should stay away from haunts himCan Erico invent a Recipe for Love or will he face his toughest challenge alone. This is probably one of the stories I was waiting most of all I have a soft spot for girly looking guys above all when it’s clear that behind the fragile look there is a strength that few men can demonstrate Jay is the favourite of all the inhabitants of Cattle Valley he is young and innocent looking and everyone wants to protect him But no one wants to be his lover maybe since they are scared to hurt him or maybe since Jay is not exactly butch looking and you need to like the waif style to like him; in few words Jay is too pretty to be real and this kept good men at distance; then if a man gets close to him he is often of the idea that he can control a fragile man like Jay There is one man who would like Jay not only as a pretty object to show off but he is the Don Juan of Cattle Valley; Erico the owner of the fanciest restaurant in town is also uite famous to be always the buddy friend of every man but never the lover At first Erico sees in Jay only a strangely attractive man someone who is not his usual type; and then Erico can’t “use” Jay like he usually does with men the townspeople are there looking at them and at once threatening Erico if he will hurt Jay and then warning Jay against Erico With this basis nothing can really happen between them and at the beginning of the book Erico has lost hope And it’s at this point that Jay displays his real self a librarian outside the bedroom he is a slut inside and he is also very horny and he needs a man And Erico is there willing to be that man and scared enough by all their friends that for sure he will not dare to really hurt Jay; but a little bit of pain during sex is something not only Jay is willing to accept but above all that he needs I was expecting for the drama to be on Jay’s side given his past and instead he comes out pretty much like a young and steady man who perfectly knows what he wants in life and that is than able to take care of himself; who instead needs help is Erico This is an unexpected and nice turn that gives balance inside the couple so much that I realized or remembered only at the end of the book that Jay is way much younger than Erico and that this was indeed a May December relationshiphttpwwwdp0857150693? A fun read overall I've really enjoyed the Calley Valley series I like that the author often puts relationships that can be outside the norm An older man with heart trouble with a 20 year old that is a bit feminine is not a couple most would approve This couple works around their reputations in the community and their own troubled backgrounds to come together My major concern with the story was that Jay had a sudden turnaround It just seemed like the reasons for him deciding that they would try at a real relationship were not really clear It was still enjoyable and a good read This is the best of Carol's books to date in my opinion Sure I mean I've liked all the rest but this one just did it for me and I'm not just saying this because Jay is one hot mofo going by the cover I drooled for awhile before I could even get started on reading it LOLMy fav parts in the books is when Jay tells Francois“Fuck you asshole Shouldn’t you be concerned with your new boss than my cock?”This left me in stitches This coming from gorgeous silent Jay? PricelessThen there's the part where Jay dedicated 'Can I have this dance' knowing this tune I sorta lost my cool and it tear jerked me some In all I decree this story is amazing A Must Read One thing i love about Carol's stories is that we don't dwell on the hardships the heroes or heroines have experienced in the past While it's in no way ignored and even addressed at times she concentrates on showing the characters willingness to move forward I like that the books are light and not full with angst though i do wish they were a bit longer I keep feeling like there should be to read about the characters which really has to do with my preference for longer novels 35 4 starsBefore I read this there was no way I'd have ever said I liked Erico but by the middle of the book I can honestly say he was bearable and then even turned to likeable I loved Jay from the first appearance he ever made and I really wouldn't have pictured him with the cocky restaurant owner but in the end they seemed like a pretty sweet couple SoI liked Erico Jay was so so Ethan I didn't like at all I had long drawn out rants about this book written in my mind but now a few days have passed and I'm just not sure I care any But I'll tryHaving only picked up a book or two previously in this series I have no idea how the characters were portrayed in other books But I wasn't really getting the vibe that Erico had ever been an asshole just that he didn't do relationships only hook ups Most everyone seemed to like him so it seemed really crappy how they all treated him like he was an abusive jerk when it came to his interest in Jay And what was with the judging him by the amount of people he had slept with? Not cool Not cool at all What the hell has that to do with what kind of person he is? Especially coming from Jay who calls himself a slut Where does he get off being okay that he likes to have a lot of sex but it isn't okay for Erico who is much older than him to have lots of sex It wasn't like he was out there making promises and breaking hearts Which brings us to Ethan Sooooa guy you know doesn't do relationships only hookups says hey let's fck and you turn that into twue wuv and wedding bells and white picket fences and then when shockingly sarcasm all he wanted was to fck you turn all hater on him and bad mouth him to other people and basically act like he led you on AND raped you when you were twisting things in your mind and not willing to take responsibility for your own actions Now I'm also supposed to feel sorry for Ethan because he thought Erico was interested in him but it turned out he only wanted to find out about Jay What exactly did Erico do that led Ethan to think he was so interested in him? Did he take him out on dates? Did he bring him flowers and candy? Did he tell him he was in love with him? Maybe I missed the book where Erico was telling Ethan he wanted a future with him all the while using him for info on Jay? I just felt so much frustration while reading this book For all I could see Erico was a nice guy that almost everyone who wasn't feeling sorry for themselves liked Added to that he is having heart surgery and all anyone can do even while he is lying in his hospital bed is warn him away from Jay and act like Jay is 8 years old and Erico is the creeper pedophile down the street Honestly I don't know what Erico saw in Jay there just wasn't much to him This whole thing has been odd for me because generally I would be much likely to empathizesympathize with Jay or Ethan but here I just felt like everyone was vilifying Erico for no reason There was some serious judgment and intent to shame because he had had lots of lovers Ugh I'm getting peeved just thinking about it so I'm going to stop before I'm even grumpier stomps off 'Recipe for Love' by Carol Lynne was intense sensual and poignant It's Jay's story A recluse even in Cattle Valley Jay's had enough He decided to pursue a relationship which was tenuous at best with Erico the town's player I felt a great deal empathy for Jay as his story was told I knew it would be sad but it was much sadder than I imagined I gained a new respect for this young brave person as she struggled to hold her own and be herself against all odds I also gained a new respect for Erico who up to now I didn't care for He grew in leaps and bounds after falling in love with Jay I would never have imagined the two of them as a couple but wow Almost nothing was simple for them but the story is a testament to the old adage that there's someone for everyone It was a very satisfying story which I'm sure Cattle Valley fans and anyone else who chooses to read it will love Another really nice book in this wonderful series It was great to finally find out what makes the enigmatic Erico tick and to see the very shy Jay unthaw a littleSeeing these two figure out their relationship was doubly interesting because at first glance my reaction was no way But Carol manages to describe their developing feelings in a very warm and utterly believable way I really liked this volume and hope this series will continue for a long time to come Jay is such a sweet young man who has been through then he should but finally everything is looking up for him in Cattle Valley This was such a sweet read Poor Erico and his previous relationships seem to be playing a huge part in what everyone sees instead of how he is changing and the love between these 2 is wonderful Just so so for meErico the town slut has finally fallen for someone Too bad pretty boy Jay doesn't want anything serious Then Erico's health problems get worse and Jay has to step up to the plate

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