Fashionistas[Reading] ➷ Fashionistas By Lynn Messina – Life at Fashionista magazine can be a real bitch Especially when you work for oneVig Morgan finally worked her way out of the assistant for the bitch from hell trenches only to get stuck in a sea of e Life at Fashionista magazine can be a real bitch Especially when you work for oneVig Morgan finally worked her way out of the assistant for the bitch from hell trenches only to get stuck in a sea of editors But Vig isn't like the other associate editors at the aggressively hip and overwhelmingly current Fashionista magazine For one thing she couldn't care less which star wore which designer to which party Sure she's clever and witty—and just as ambitious as the next overualified underpaid underling but she would never get drawn into a plot to depose the evil editor in chief Or would sheJump with Vig into the choppy waters of scheming backstabbing free speech flirtation and fashion as the lackeys at the bottom of the masthead band together to take down the ueen at the top with some unexpected—but not necessarily unpleasant—results. It's never good when I finish a book and think Oh thank GOODNESS I'm done with this I think this stems from my mother instilling in me the need to finish what I started I found nothing enjoyable about this book and what was so disappointing was the hype that I built up in my head about this bookThe story is about a bunch of self absorbed one dimensional characters trying to bring down their wannabe Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada editor Only difference is that Devil Wears Prada had believable characters Between the incessant whining and disillusions of the friend and other characters that I kept confusing because names did nothing to differentiate who was who past the narrator Vig and with a name like Vig how could you not remember? I just wanted the abomination to endI should have known this would not be good once Lindsey Lohan was on the cover spouting positives about the book And could anyone really see her playing ANYONE in the movie version? I'm going with no You know how when you have a nice enough neighbor and you say hello across the yard and it is pleasant? Now imagine that the neighbor came over and kept talking to you The conversation doesn't necessarily make you want to poke your eyes out with red hot spears but you don't want to invite them in and pour a glass of wine either You know what I am talking about That is this bookNo character development at all Vig just works That is it Nothing else Even her bit of a romantic interest is involved with her work Her friends all workAnd here is the thing with her friends and coworkers I couldn't keep them straight I am not a stupid woman either But I kept finding myself wondering Who is this one? Not a good signNow it sounds all depressing but it isn't complete suckage It is a bit cute and fun Perfect for the beach because you won't get completely invested and be loathe to put it down and get into the water I actually enjoyed this than the Devil Wears Prada which is very similar in subject matter but much much popular Fashionistas is not your standard chick lit with its deadpan main character and its experimental form and style It seems like the author and Maya the main character's best friend have something in common I guess it doesn't please everyone but I liked it It could have used some editing though perhaps that was just my old and cheap edition I don't know why my library had this tagged as romance since it wasn't at all a romance This is a story of a woman finding herself in the frothy fluffy world of fashion magazines but without the silliness that usually comes with the finding of oneself The writing was head and shoulders above the typical chick lit style with almost a literary feel and the story was fast paced and engaging Two complaints the characters are thrown at you uickly so that it is hard to remember who one is or you wonder if perhaps you've already met this one and forgotten her and that's why the description isn't there; and the ending is a bit too pat Beyond that a stellar read and a refreshing break from the girl gets boy story I picked it up thinking it would be a cheap knock off of the Devil Wears Prada And it was I enjoyed reading this book on holiday It is comparable with The Devil Wears Prada so if you like chicklit and fashion I think this is a good one 😊 This book is totally not my thing Very thin storyline and characters 1 star is too much Only once before have I been this glad to have finished a book but in that case it was because I just didn't like the way the story didn't fit my expectations after reading what it was about In this case it has to do with horrendous writing and the worst possible case of predictability and lack of imaginationPerhaps it doesn't help that I read this after having read the Hannibal series but normally I uite like this type of book Shopaholic series The Devil Wears Prada etc etc so I didn't expect the change to matter What definitely didn't help was the fact that I had to read this in the deplorable Dutch translationThere is no depth to these characters and the one character you could feel sorry for angry for accepts what happened so easily that you don't have anything left to be angry over; except the bad writingWhat bugged me the most about said writing is the repitition that was used Repeating the same sentence three times with nothing else inbetween is awful enough as it is; it could only work in a humorous way and only once In this case however it was deadserious and even I could have written a dozen different ways to write those parts of dialogue without repitition Add to that that it wasn't just once either but about five or six times with the last two following each other up; nothing else inbetween but some bleak discriptions of faces andor emotions I could feel my braincells dying while reading this and the only recommendation I can give for this book is to stay far far away from it Speaking generally the plot captures my attention and piued my interest However the major drawback of this book is that dramatic scenes aren’t as impactful as it could be because delivery falls a little flat Despite this I still was curious to see if the plot to fell the 'evil ueen' succeedsRead full review on Bookmarks Blue Light Reading Fashionistas was like eating cotton candy It was light fluffy cute but had no real substance to it Throughout the book I found myself fighting between being entertained being bored The plot surrounds a junior editor Vig of the fictional magazine Fashionista who was just trying to keep her head above water when a group of her co workers propose the idea to get rid of their demanding selfish boss Jane Their idea? Get her to sign off on the plan to create an issue surrounding a controversial art exhibit that showcased statues of Jesus dressed in dresses other couture outfits There were so many things that should have gone right in this book that my dissapointment is from the waste of potential Many of the best features were woefully underused unfortunately the main character just didn't draw me in as she should have It's not that the book wasn't entertaining it's just that it had no substance Fans of chick lit will enjoy the book but won't feel that surge of OMG I have to get her next book that they may get from other writers such as Sophie Kinsella or Meg Cabot The book's cover proclaims that it's Soon to be a major motion picture I can see where it would do well as a film The book just fails to deliver anything fresh new in this genre It's a pale imitation of better books already seen in the genre

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