Flecks of Gold

Flecks of Gold[Reading] ➼ Flecks of Gold ➲ Alicia Buck – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Mary Margaret is not the type of girl to fall in love—especially after seeing what a string of bad relationships has done to her mother That's why it's so weird when Mary finds herself strangely att Mary Margaret is not the type of girl to fall in love—especially after seeing what a Flecks of eBook ☆ string of bad relationships has done to her mother That's why it's so weird when Mary finds herself strangely attracted to Kelson a guy at her new school It's almost unnatural What she doesn't know is that she's been put under a spell And when Kelson kidnaps Mary's mother and takes her to his home world Mary will have to rescue her by relying on something she never knew existed—magic. It was really fun going into another world with Mary I loved the brain lacing altering reality idea I have thought about that a lot since reading the book It would be awesome if such a thing could be learned I enjoyed the adventures she had with Breeohan He was such a nice guy so sweet I was as intrigued as Mary was in her desire to find out about her genealogy the link to this other world The writing was good I kind of wished the story wouldn't have ended There weren't any scenes or swear words that a mature 8 10 yr old couldn't read even though I think it was written for 14 and up This book was pretty great I didn't have high expectations so I was very happily surprised at how much I liked it Sure it was in need of another go around with an editor at least the copy I havebut those parts were easy to overlook because the story was incredibly engaging I loved the characters the plot the magic and how clean it was no swear words or sexuality whatsoever I won this book from Goodread from free and have to say it is my favorite first reads book so far It'll be a hard one to top 15 stars At the beginning of the story I was relieved that the main character Mary was not cookie cutter perfect I liked that she said dumb things and made dumb mistakes However Mary became infuriating to me Her sarcasm was so thick to the point of rudeness she lacked any and all communication skills she whined constantly and she never ceased to do dumb things Further I can't stand heroines who have the attitude of I don't need any help I can handle it myself so many conflicts would have been avoided if she had ditched this kind of attitude And I am sick of heroines in novels always saving the day and the men in their lives bowing down to them while they reign superior in the end as was the case in this book As far as the plot goes it was just ok There was nothing very interesting or exciting about this book that sets it apart from others The execution was very poor And I'm not a big fan of the idea that any conflict or problem can be solved with the use of magic I picked up this book mostly because it was written by an old friend from high school and I was happy for her to have published a novel and curious what it contained It's a fantasy novel and I would classify it as clean teen lit I liked how magic works in her world with magic being formed out of patterns of light that are innate in all things and magicians learn through careful study how to tweak these patterns to create their desired effects Mary our heroine is a nice seemingly normal Earth girl who is suddenly thrust into this world and forced to make her way in it against the machinations of an evil sorcerer a politically treacherous royal court lack of modern technology and dealing with boysI liked this book I thought Mary was smart and believable and the supporting characters were well written as well The story drew me in and I heartily rooted for the good guys to win by the end A fun light read After a boy named Kelson kidnpas Mary's mom Mary attempts to follow after and is transported into a magical world vastly different from anything she's ever knownSurrounded by plots to sieze the throne and attempts on her life Mary must defy her better judgements and trust Breeohan and the Kingto find her mother But as the truth leaks out Mary may be in greater danger than she realizesAlicia Buck's idea of everything having a pattern that can be manipulated through magic was an intriguing idea Flecks of Gold is a cute read and I look forward to reading by this author I hated the writting style of this book It was poorly written needed to be redone or thought through But the idea was amazing The story line was the only thing that kept me going once i could get passed the writting Once the story line had me I was a goner had to stay up till 130 in the morining to finish it Then ending had me sitting on the edge of my chair and when it ended it left me wanting I just wish that it had been written better I really enjoyed this book The story line was intriguing and hard to predict I LOVE the concept of the magic of the lacings of the flecks of Gold It is very creative and it made total sense at the same time The character development and resolution was satisfying It is open ended for a possible seuel And of course I always love a good romance Well done Alicia I really loved every minute of this book I have read a lot and no book lately I have read I could 100% recommend for various reasons but this one I can and willUniue and intriguing story line loved the characters and imagination she could make a seuel and I really truly hope she does Thanks Alicia keep them coming Super darling fantasyadventureromance Exciting characters in a new and fabulous world I loved all of the relationships throughout and thought the colored flecks were fascinating Cute romance and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a seuel This book was so great The plot is unpredictable the character were interesting I loved it Well written I recommend it to young adult readers and adults alike

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  • 04 July 2016
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