WAGs at the World Cup (WAGs Diary #3)

WAGs at the World Cup (WAGs Diary #3)☄ WAGs at the World Cup (WAGs Diary #3) PDF / Epub ✓ Author Alison Kervin – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Tracie Martin is the true ueen of the Wags—and this is going to be her year The fight may be on for England to regain their rightful place in the history books But Tracie knows that the true battle the World Kindle Ö Tracie Martin is the true ueen of the Wags—and this is going to be her year The fight may be on for England to regain their rightful place in the history books But Tracie knows that the true battle of the World Cup will be fought in Gucci and in the pages of her favorite tabloids Only with Tracie’s knack of ending up in the papers for all the wrong reasons she finds herself getting column inches than the England captain as she becomes WAGs at PDF/EPUB ² the only person who can save England’s dreams of World Cup triumph But can she warn off the evil crime syndicate threatening to destroy everything And importantly what earrings should she wear. Who needs Victoria Coleen and Alex when you can have Tracie Martin? That’s right – Tracie is back and she’s faker tanned and as skimpily dressed as ever Hubbie Dean has managed to get himself a job working with Fabio so Tracie is off to South Africa to have a WAGalicious time But first Tracie is given the task of keeping the WAGs under wraps because we know what happened the last time the WAGs came to a World Cup As always though things don’t always go to plan as far as Tracie is concerned and she ends up on a popular video sharing website embarrassing herself to the nation Tracie is shipped off to South Africa uicker than you can say WAG only to find herself slap bang in the middle of shenanigans It’s definitely a case of Tracie Martin to the rescueI first came upon the world of Tracie Martin a couple of years ago I read the first chapter of WAGs Diary before putting it down again as it just didn’t take my fancy I finally picked it up again at some point and I actually found myself absolutely loving it I’m a huge football fan anyway so I know all about the WAGs and I thought The WAGs Diary was a hugely refreshing novel and I immediately went looking for the second book A WAG Abroad I enjoyed that too and I wondered if that was the last we would hear of Tracie However with England doing so well and ualifying for the World Cup in rather fantastic style Alison Kervin obviously saw an opportunity to bring back everyone’s favourite WAG and so we have WAGs At The World CupWAGs At The World Cup is similar to the previous two books in which it’s written almost like a diary with dates times et al which means it’s very easy to get into The book itself begins just as Dean gets the job helping the England coaching staff and it pretty much is then a lead up to the World Cup Due to the nature of Dean’s job Tracie is asked to keep it all hush hush as well as keeping the WAGs in check after the farce of Baden Baden Tracie agrees to do no interviews and certainly not the TV show pilot she’s been asked to do except that you know Tracie isn’t very good at being told what to do and goes and does the TV pilot anyway “It’ll never be shown on TV” and after making a fool of herself the video inevitably ends up on YouTube and the FA decide that the best course of action is for Tracie to head off to South Africa immediately in a bid to put out all the fires she’s managed to startTracie heads off to South Africa along with friends Suse and Mich daughter Paskia and assistant Shariz However the flames don’t die down and so Tracie goes onto South African TV and becomes something of a hit The public fall even in love with Tracie when she decides to help a local charity All the while Tracie is awaiting the arrival of the “Wonder WAGs” Coleen Victoria Alex Abbey and co and hopes to become lifelong friends with them all Tracie’s life never runs smoothly though and she’s soon in the middle of yet another scandal which seems to be Tracie’s trademarkIt’s fair to say that Tracie isn’t exactly your normal WAG It’s like Tracie is a super hyped up version of every single WAG ever to grace a World Cup She sounds like Jordan than she does Coleen and she’s so fake it’s actually unbelievable But at her heart Tracie isn’t a bad person Yes she’s superficial and totally shallow but deep deep deep deep down and further deeper still under all of that make up she does have a softer nicer side particularly when it comes to her husband Dean and daughter Paskia I admit she probably is difficult to like but I actually do like her Because the fact is she doesn’t take herself seriously Well she does take herself seriously but I don’t take her too seriously She’s definitely a Marmite character that’s for sure Particularly since for the majority of the first half of the book all she seems to do is get drunk We don’t see too much of husband Dean and daughter Paskia but they both seem likeable enough I wasn’t a huge fan of Tracie’s friends Suse and Mich they seemed rather fake which is funny considering you know Tracie’s rather faker if that’s even a word but at least Tracie has some sort of substance to her whereas Suse and Mich were rather vacuous One of my favourite characters though was Tracie’s assistant Shiraz She knows nothing about the world of WAGs and I loved how frustrated Tracie got with her about that Despite being total opposites they seemed to get on incredibly wellMy main problem with WAGs At The World Cup though is the lack of action The title is a bit misleading as anyone expecting a least a decent chunk of World Cup action will be sadly disappointed The book is about Tracie becoming friends with the Wonder WAGs and making herself look better after making a fool of herself and the World Cup only covers the last uarter of the book which as a football fan was wildly disappointing I understand Tracie knows nothing about football but I did think the entire or at least the majority of the book would take place during the World Cup Nothing actually really happens in the book either until a uick crisis appears just before the end but even that’s wrapped up before there’s any chance to even delve into it properly It was like it was there and then blink and it was gone As the book progressed it just got to the point where I was waiting for something to happen other than Tracie wanting to get some silver bootsWAGs At The World Cup is a solid enough book but even for me it was a bit light and airy Tracie is as fantastic as ever and there are a few funny moments – in particular a conversation Tracie has with the film crew about when she and Dean went on their first date to the zoo and Tracie saw some “fat penguins” I thought that was hilarious I probably think this is the last we’ll see of Tracie – it’s been fun but I think she’ll just seem a bit daft if she comes back a fourth time The big worry though is that this book will go completely out of date really really uickly To feature the World Cup 2010 before it’s even began is a risky move and sure it’s fictional but it’s still a risky thing to do and because it’s so current futuristic even since the book covers the end of the World Cup which is in July – three months away as I write this review anyone reading it after the World Cup will be undoubtedly comparing the two events Still though I enjoyed it and if I was a betting woman I’d so bet on all of the results Kervin has predicted While Wag 2 left me disappointed Wag 3 in the series than made up The book drags a little till a little before its half and then thrills with the real spirit of a world cup final It was wagilicious in its random incidents twists and turns that leave a reader delighted with Tracie's worldTracie herself emerges into a person beyond her wag world and that is a real find A great fun read Now I love the WAG series and I’m disappointed in the fact that I think this was the last installment Also out of the three books I felt that this was the weaker one which is a shame as it’s a bit of a bad way to end such a brilliant series Just because it was the weaker one doesn’t mean that it isn’t an enjoyable book Far from it it’s an easy going read with some humour although not as much as the other two and it still has some kind of drama At the beginning of the book we learn that Dean has got a spot working for England As the “deputy assistant second in command to the assistant defence coach” Which many people won’t find particularly exciting but to Tracie the position doesn’t matter to her To her her husband is part of the England Suad which means she will be closer to the “wonder WAGs” Coleen Alex Abbey Victoria Cheryl Now for those who have read the past couple of installments would know that Tracie isn’t the one to be subtle or keep her mouth shut So when the FA tell her not to tell anyone about Dean’s job She just can’t help but tell everyone she knows Not only this but she just so happens to be doing a TV Pilot shows for a channel she’s helping to set up Now she makes an absolute fool of herself and it manages to become a YouTube sensation Due to this she is sent to South Africa ahead of the World Cup with her friend Mich her daughter Paskia Rose who is now 16 and her assistant Shiraz There she tries to keep a low profile like she is told to That is however before she is asked to do live TV interviews and becomes involved in a charity to help the poor As it gets closer to the World Cup WAGs start to arrive which is when she meets Rosie She is the girlfriend of one of the best players in the England team Dio Despite being a “WAG” she isn’t up to Tracie’s standards Tracie instantly becomes friends with her and takes Rosie under her WAG wing Much to Dio’s disappointment Rosie goes on and on how she loves Dio but all is not what it seems Which shows that girls shouldn’t be taken in by a lot of expensive presentsAs the days go on Dean keeps getting promoted until he is England’s coach Tracie becomes involved with the charity and there’s not as much drama as there have been in the past two novels or like I mentioned as much humour This book is kind of set in the future and optimistically shows England winning the World Cup on penalties against Germany We can all hope eh? Haha Despite some of the problems with the Well Lack of story it was a great read but it didn’t live up to the standards of the other two which was a shame as I was so excited to buy it Oh well it wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read but it wasn’t the best Fun frothy and so hilarious in places that you can't help but laugh out loud Tracie Martin likes to think that she is the ultimate WAG and with her husband part of the coaching team for the World Cup she's ready for full on WAG domination The thing about Tracie though is that even if she's a bit of a vacuous ditz she still comes across as immensely likeable and I really found myself rooting for her throughout I loved the ending It was a perfect end for the storyI also loved the way in which the author managed to work in so many real life details too such as Beckham being injured for the tournament and Coleen arriving with baby Kai in tow There must have been some mad last minute changes being incorporatedI'd recommend this even if you'd never normally have picked it up because if you're looking for a fun entertaining and enjoyable read then this is the book for you Fun book to read especially during the world cup However it is a pity that England were knocked out before I even finished the bookProbably wouldn't have enjoyed it if I had read it at a different time but it was a light relief from the football What a load of drivel I'm sorry but this book has little to recommend it it's the first I've read by Alison Kervin it doesn't make me want to read

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