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A Detour Home[PDF] ✪ A Detour Home ✬ Devon Rhodes – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Homecoming Valentines Collection stories of love lost and love found If you love someone let them go If they return to you it was meant to be If they don't their love was never yours to begin with The Homecoming Valentines Collection stories of love lost and love found If you love someone let them go If they return to you it was meant to be If they don't their love was never yours to begin with The road to love is never smooth and when Jon pushes Cameron away with his demands he thinks he's lost his chance forever Jon has held his love for Cameron in check waiting for his late blooming friend to grow up Then one college summer working road construction they are forced to share a A Detour ePUB ✓ bed bringing them closer than ever before The dark nights spent in each other's arms reveal their mutual attraction but Jon pushes too far too fast Cam has looked up to his best friend Jon for years and trusts him completely He enjoys the gentle loving they share but when Jon wants to go further than he's ready for Cam balks and Jon's reaction costs them their friendship Years later Cam needs a friend and Jon returns home to lend his support Has there been too much water under the bridge or will they both finally be ready to embrace the love they once lost. 15 Stars The story was a bit bland but I might have 3 starred this if not for the complete stupidity of the characters in a critical moment reactions on both their parts that I don't believe any couple would have actually had in real life There's nothing worse than a book in which the author gives you what they think makes for good drama and leads to a satisfying reunionresolution but in reality is just a bunch of scenes that show their utter lack of understanding of human nature Sweet story but the big misunderstanding was just too much view spoiler5 years Really? And then Mom had to call ? Cam said he realized his mistake but he didn't send an email or call? Years of friendship mean nothing? And Jon gave up pretty easily too poiler hide spoiler This was a nice story about two best friends Cameron and Jon They realize they are in love with each other over a summer working together for Jon's uncle whle they're home from collegeWhen Jon wants to go further in their physical relationship than Cameron is ready for and apologizes using Cameron's youth as an excuse Cameron who is only 2 years youger and fed up with being called a baby thinks this means they can never have a real relationship and leavesHow they find back to each other and solve those issues a few years later was a great relief for me While here was no complicated plot in this tory I liked the way the characters interacted just couldn't get past the complete stupidity if the characters Started off great Then towards the middle of the story it started a hurry up to finish There is one hot scene that was a 5 star 35 I liked the characters until the great misunderstanding Frustrating when the conflict can be solved by a simple discussion but the characters huff off A really hot sex scene great sexual tension throughout sweet friendship between the two MCs The ending put me off though And I just wanted to punch Marcus in the face It's still a 35 because Rhodes writes really wellthere were just some hang ups with this storyShelves view spoiler angst Cam's overreaction and the poor communication hot a particular sex scene tear jerker most probably wouldn't cry but I felt a little betrayed by Cam's actions during the break hide spoiler This was the first book I've read by Devon Rhodes but definitely not the last It was a great read The heroes are cute and hot and perfect for each other only they need a few years to find that out I loved the careful exploration of their attraction and their first love scene was beautiful and exciting and not only because of the risk of discovery by their roommate Maybe the break was a bit long but luckily their love survived all those years ; Cam's and Jon's love story is cute sexy and entertaining 35 stars This is a good novella about two friends who acknowledge their attraction finally after years of being just friends But their road to happiness is not smooth and takes a huge detour Lovely ending A sweet story of two friends finally having each otherIt felt very rushed towards the end and the big understanding was rushed as wellI felt the writing was okay it just needed a bit body to it Good short mm romance about two college age friends who've known each other for years but not done anything about their attraction until they work together on summer road crew job

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