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Tsunami Blue❂ [EPUB] ✺ Tsunami Blue By Gayle Ann Williams ➛ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk No Safe Harbor — With her badass rain boots her faithful dog and the ability to predict the monster tsunamis that have reduced the US to a series of islands Kathryn O'Malley isn't afraid of much Cut No Safe Harbor — With her badass rain boots her faithful dog and the ability to predict the monster tsunamis that have reduced the US to a series of islands Kathryn O'Malley isn't afraid of much Cut off from all society she takes to the airwaves as Tsunami Blue hoping to save something of humanity as the world around her crumbles But Blue should be afraid because her message reaches the wrong earsNow she's the target of ruthless pirates known as Runners who want to use her special talents for their own profiteering as soon as they can find her Blue's only shot at survival lies with the naked stranger who washes up on her rocky beach A man who might just be working for Runners himself Torn between suspicion and attraction the two will have to navigate a surging tide of danger and deceit if they hope to stay alive. This book is addictive It is one of those books where the action is non stop and you feel like you are on a non stop wave yourself yes I did really just write that I could not put the book down Before I knew it I was done with the book and then I was stumped There were some story holes that weren't filled hmmm I even went back to see if I missed those small gaps in the story Nope I didn't Oh well it still was a great fun read and hopefully there will be a book 2 Tsunami Blue was a terrific mixture of action fun and romance with a looming sense of forbidding lingering in the background while you read It was a definite page turner with heroine Tsunami Blue's snarky wit filling up the pages as she tries to figure out if she can trust super sexy and I do mean super sexy fans self Gabriel Black a runner who washes up on on her lone island And I'm always a sucker for any story that includes a pet like Blue's dog Max because it makes the story a little real for me with the emotions a pet can invoke The villains here are the crazy scary kind you know the ones that you can always expect the very worse fromThe romance here was drawn out in a very tantalizing way I give Ms Williams kudos for that I was anticipating the couples coming together in an on edge of my seat sort of way The ending was the only part of the story that keeps me from giving this a 5 star rating The ending was just okay for me I didn't feel it measured up to the rest of the book I know I'll be keeping my eye out for any novels Gayle Ann Williams comes out with in the future; I really enjoyed her writing style In 2023 the world is destroyed by tsunami's breaking all the continents into a series of islands The tsunamis are extremely violent strong and unpredictable Kathryn AKA Tsunami Blue can predict them the ocean talks to her Runners pirates are after her for her ability She lives in hiding or so she thinks One day she rescues a stranger Gabriel on her beach I was disappointed in this one I didn't get the romance how can you be with someone and not trust them? Blue calling Gabriel tough guy all the time too this was just annoying I thought Gabriel could have shared much sooner too This just wasn't for meI read this for Romance opoly The Vault sun track Why I read Received for review from the publisher Favorite uote First the shower did make me feel better and second the tighty whities were just fine Okay More than fine What that man could do for a pair of underwear WowKathryn “Blue” O’Malley is living in a world where water rules When she was five a tsunami struck Thailand devastating the area and killing her family But the water has not stopped Wave after wave has decimated the world There is no infrastructure currency stores Everything is underwater or just gone She was raised by her uncle Seamus a violent man who belonged to a group of people called Runners very violent gang pirates that have taken to the seas to ravish and loot Although Seamus was blood thirsty and anything but a good guardian he taught Blue how to survive in this post apocalyptic world Blue has a power of her own though one that scares many and one that makes her a very valuable catch – if anyone can find her The ocean speaks to her It whispers on the waves and warns her when another tsunami is coming She listens and interprets then takes her shortwave radio euipment and broadcasts it as best she can so people have a chance to survive Many are skeptical but Blue is determined to help them With her very blue eyes and her wave tattoo she stands out somewhat but she knows how to hideSince Seamus’ death when she was thirteen Blue has been on her own and she has never left the string of islands that border Washington State It is a lonely life but really the only option she has – that is until a mysterious stranger washes up on shore barely alive She decides to take a chance and save his life – only it is her life that is going to change forever His name is Gabriel Black – as she warms his body that night she can’t help feel an attraction He is stunningly male and Blue hasn’t had a lot of time for romance in her lifeWhen she wakes in the morning she realizes he carries a knife of a Runner Before she has time to confront him the Runner sirens go off He tells her he wants to help her escape and the memories of what the Runners once did to her haunt her so much she decides to trust him Off into the sea they go both with many uestions both finding an attraction building When Blue hears from the ocean that a wave bigger than any other is going to hit in the near future they race to save as many as they can but the Runners have other plans for themI love love love Tsunami Blue First the world Gayle Ann Williams has created is violent scary and hard to grasp The entire world has been turned into a world of islands Water is everywhere death is an every day occurrence You can feel the horror when another wave is set to hit and even the daily horror of constantly being wet All the malls are underwater all there is to eat is salmon Kids are left orphans and worst of all – the Runners have put terror into the heart of every living soul They rape murder torture and there is no mention of any type of law enforcement willing to rule over the land They want Blue – they want to use her If they know when and where the next wave will strike it gives them powerBlue is a heroine who has grown up since the age of five with the world in  turmoil She has an edge because her uncle Seamus taught her how to survive although her childhood was filled with horror and violence She has basically grown up alone so when she sees the mysterious Gabriel Black she wants to save him She wants that chance for companionship Who she finds is a very suspicious man He is apparently a runner but he is running from the same people she is He says he wants to keep her safe at all costs but why? She doesn’t want to trust him or even like him But when he woos her with Starbucks and cream – two things she thought didn’t even exist any – she becomes putty in his hands When their life is endangered and Gabriel risks everything to save her their relationship takes on a new level Gabriel is fierce lethal and very sexy When we finally discover what it is Gabriel really wants with Blue I thought the reason is solid although I would have liked to see the actual big event at the end played out in detail It seemed a little anticlimactic after the build up the entire book That being said there is plenty of other action throughout the book and I really enjoyed how it all plays out Tsunami Blue is an action packed book filled with romantic tension and a heroine that will make you laugh along the way With a uniue and interesting world I definitely recommend Kathryn “Blue” O’Malley has always had an affinity for water When the first waves came dooming humanity to live the rest of their lives on islands surrounded by wave prone oceans of death it was the first indication that she was able to do something “special” On that day humanities last blast Blue was able to save lives and warn those that would listen Call her what you want savior or witch that very gift has also made her highly sought after Now the world has adjusted as well as they can to its blue surroundings Humanity is limping along as best as they can There are Uplandersthose who dwell on land in what cities still standing scavenging the leftovers of civilization and other pioneers living in remote isolation And there are Runnersmodern day pirates some with an evil cannibalistic bent scourge to anything living and dead These days Blue is in the windwith her short wave radio saving the innocent and teaching the ignorant that when the sea talks you listen When Gabriel Black lands on Blue’s remote island half dead the dreaded 666 Runner tattoo emblazoned on his shoulder Blue scarcely knows what to think Does she save his life or kill him? Not far behind him are the smoking fires of Runners Decision made Blue and Gabriel embark on a treacherous journey to outwit an entire fleet of bloodthirsty pirates The tentative trust between these two main characters is chock full of erotic suspense and the searing attraction licks off the pages But who is Black exactly and what does he want from her? Does he work for Indigo the leader of the Runners? Or someone else? What powers does he possess? Tsunami Blue translates as an experience and so much than a book Williams will take you on an amazing adventure; her stunning vision brilliantly conceived and rapid fire from start to finish At times I felt propelled by jet fuel as I ripped through the pages Her exceptional sense of humor and the witty repartee present within the pages are screamingly funny Blue is not a meek female by any means but a knife wielding temptress that can uip with the best of them and hold her own against the worst of Runner scum And Gabriel Black will die first before giving her upThe world building of the newly submerged Pacific Northwest that Williams portrays is completely believable and illustrated with ferocious examples lethal cage fights reminiscent of Mad Max the great white shark pens where the unlucky end up as daily meals and the predators that exist around every corner In Williams’ world its kill or be killed But there is room for love and Gabriel and Blue must learn to depend on one another giving into the tsunami of feelings that is inevitably building between them I am a huge speculative fiction fan and this is the best original work I have read in ages It’s an exceptional meshing of Williams’ uniue storytelling skills her post apocalyptic vision and red hot romance More please Fans are definitely going to demand a seuelA Fiendishly Bookish Review My main fascination with Tsunami Blue was the Ocean I grew up near the Ocean and seriously no matter where I live on O'ahu I will be close to a shoreline And I would not have it any other way I must admit it was a bit nerve racking because I know how powerful the Ocean is and I don't want to imagine battling those kinds of wavesKathryn Blue O'Malley once a young girl crying warnings of a Tsunami that nearly wiped the population out is now an adult and the most highly sought after commodity Living in isolation with her dog she broadcasts wave reports on the air waves to whom ever can hear her Tsunami Blue or Blue for short knows that survivors want to either kill her or use her but still she broadcast what the waves whisper to herRunners are the Pirates of the sea but they do not limit themselves to terror on the sea but the land as well They are dangerous murderous greedy and heartless bastards Until she meets Gabriel Black the runner who washed up on her shore and whose life she savedThe plot is undoubtedly stimulating The setting is perfectly placed for me that I had little difficulty imagining this world Ocean waves sand sharks fish Salmon especially and the boats Of course on the flip side there was blood guts knives of all wicked properties pirates and a few other thing I sure as heck am not used to only in a novel that is With this wicked blend of familiarity and fantasy I was captured Hook line and sinkerThe romance was almost immediate There was no guessing who the love interests would be but how it evolved is an adventure On the negative I hated how Blue kept on second guessing Gabriel's intentions to almost the very endAdventure There is an element of adventure to be had sailing the open seas The Author did not spare Blue and Gabriel they were thrust into trial after trial The author was not selfish each character had the opportunity to play the hero The author was daring Characters were diverse in appearance and in perversity shuttersConfusion I am a wee bit confused on one matter The cause of the Tsunamis There is a brief mention global warming but only brief but mostly it is of a mystical cause and effect The whispering seas The ocean is given life and personality playing tricks on blue Teasing and taunting as well I am leaning towards the mystical element since this is a PNR book and all signs come from that direction but there was no clear explanation Even with the slight guess work I read this novel in a day It did not hinder me from enjoying the flow of each page Epilogue I love authors who give us Epilogues because when I enjoy a storyline and the characters I want and I need a sense of closure And oh how I adore the Epi sigh I am a creature of habit and crave for a HEAAll in all I enjoyed this novel The Gayle Ann Williams is very talented and I will continue to follow her work You may also read my review here ’s 2023 and the world has been devastated and reduced to mostly islands by killer tsunamis 24 year old Kathryn O’Malley aka Tsunami Blue lives by herself with her dog Max and takes to the airwave where she uses her gift to warn whoever is listening when a tsunami is on its way You see the ocean speaks and Blue can hear it Her hopes of saving as many lives as possible keep her going in a world that’s seemingly gone to hell Constantly on the lookout for pirates aka Runners who would capture Blue and use her for her gift to pillage and plunder Blue is always on alert and knows how to protect herself so when a handsome stranger washes up on her shores all her barriers come crashing down Gabriel Black looks like an angel albeit a dark one and at first Blue takes him for dead She manages to get him back to her cabin and eventually nurses him out of hypothermia only to find out he’s a dreaded Runner Or is he?I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this little gem I kinda fell in love with Blue in spite of myself She’s stubborn untrusting for good reason and often bites off a little than she can chew But She’s also refreshingly innocent having been by herself for so long is killer with a knife and has a heart as big as the tsunamis that she predicts A big part of the appeal of Tsunami Blue is the playout between Blue and Gabriel In spite of his seemingly sinister background with the dreaded Runners he’s determined to protect Blue at all costs and seems to already harbor a serious crush on her Blue in spite of the undeniable attraction is just determined to steal his boat and escape Gabriel excruciatingly so manages to hold on to his mysterious origins and the reasons for kidnapping Blue for almost the whole book So frustrating Yes but it’s totally worth the payoff Trust me on this oneTsunami Blue’s world is a cross between Mad Max and Waterworld yes I liked that movie feel free to comment on that below and I thoroughly enjoyed the engaging fascinating characters that the author populated it with The Runners are absolutely terrifying and Blue is not afraid to get her hands dirty when engaging with them She fights for her life right along with the best of them and is a force to be reckoned with The sweet romance with Gabe makes a nice counterpoint to the relatively dark world and that our hero and heroine are living in However Tsunami Blue is no frou frou romance The worldbuilding is great the fighting is fierce and the perils are terrifying You’ll zip through it wanting to know what happens next right now not to mention wanting Gabe and Blue to get together already Loved this one and hope you will too I'm always pleasantly surprised when a debut novel is good and this book was no exceptionWhat worked for meLoved loved loved the sea talking and playing with Blue That was incredibly coolReally enjoyed the Mad MaxThunderdome vibe of the post apocalyptic world that existed after a series of tsunamis wiped out civilization as we know itMax was awesome and I loved the card game with Aubrey The tattoo? Epic Win as well I for one also liked the toughness of Blue resulting from her being raised by pirates and having had a really crappy childhood at odds with her vulnerablenaivesheltered personality from having been away from civilization for so long I know some reviewers have said it put them off but I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that a girl who could filet you with a bowie knife also blushed whenever faced with the slightest bit of attraction to another human being It was sweetThere are things but honestly I don't want this review to have too many spoilers so let's just say it was a lot of little things that kept making me smile What didn't work for meI'm not sure I ever really felt the loveattraction between Gabriel and Blue Yes she had a party in her pants around him because he was incredibly easy on the eyes and she was a 24 year old virgin and it was obvious he was attracted to her but even though the backstory as to why he was interested in her outside of her physical appearance was explained I still didn't uite feel it as deeply as I think I was intended toGabriel seeing Blue naked andor half naked outside of sexual situations all the bloody time was annoying Pet peeve of mine I know but authors don't try to make your heroine vulnerable by having people see her naked unless it's some kind of exhibitionist fetish that you're gratifying for an erotica story It's not sexy it's embarrassing The vagueness of the ending not the epilogue the ending I think I know what the message was but I'm a bit thick sometimes and wish it'd been spelled out a bit In the end I was very happy with this story I'm very glad that Book 2 has been sold even though it'll deal with different characters rather than being a continuation of Blue and Gabriel's lifeOverall I'd say 4 12 Stars Oh I really liked this one I had absolutely no expectations for this one when I picked it up Other than an AWESOME cover I was sucked in on page one Blue O'Malley lives in a future world where the planet has been ravaged by tsumanis creating a virtual waterworld where land has been broken down to Island chains What makes Blue special is that she can predict when the next wave will hit Because of this talent she is in hiding from pirates or runners who would use her to gain control and therefore money Fate has Blue stumbling upon a Dark Angel on her beach one day Gabriel Black is a runner who's been searching for Blue But now they have to work together to avoid capture by other factions of runners All the while trying to predict when and where the next wave will hit Can blue put her fear of runners behind her and work with her enemy to accomplish it?Blue is a truly likeable character She's strong sometimes humble yet cocky and snarky with a side of vulnerable and compassionate Her traits balanced out nicely to create a very believable heroine who is easy to route for I loved her sarcasm and uick whit And I like that she was able to stand on her own without having to depend 100% on Gabriel to protect herGabriel I couldn't help but like him Even if I didn't trust him some of the time Deep down I knew he was a good guy I liked the mystery behind him And the way he was able to be there for Blue when she needed him the most He had the uncanny ability to sense what she needed and be there to provide it But he still managed to maintain his edge My only ualm was with the romantic aspect of this book The author did a wonderful job of building up and maintaining tension between Blue and Gabriel It was so tightly wound that I was prepared for something cataclysmic sp? when it snapped After all of that building the culmination was pretty anti climactic But after all was said and done the climax of the story made up for it Give me a gritty dark romance any dayI hear that this is the start of a series I'll be sure to keep an eye out for by this author This was kind of a mixed bag for meI uite liked Blue's character Her wistfulness and loneliness come through sharply and the author does a good job of making us understand the level of danger she lives with It's scary stuff I also liked the Tokyo Rose inspiration and the idea that Blue is a voice out in the world bouncing off the moonWorld building is a bit uneven generally I like the premise but the details don't always hold up Likewise the romance I think all the right ingredients are here but it didn't uite gel for me Blue is portrayed as both naive from her isolation and street tough from her time with her uncle and somehow they both worked against her feelings for the hero She distrusts him but not uite enough and then when she falls for him it's also not uite enough for me anywayOverall despite some flaws I enjoyed the storytelling and think Williams is an author to watch For a detailed review please see my blog at

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