20 Times a Lady

20 Times a Lady❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ 20 Times a Lady Author Karyn Bosnak – Oaklandjobs.co.uk How many men does it take to find true loveDelilah Darling's magic number was supposed to be twenty She always thought she'd find the perfect guy by the time she'd slept with twenty of them But when s How many men does it take to find true loveDelilah Darling's magic number was supposed to be twenty She always thought she'd find the perfect guy by the time she'd slept with twenty of them But when she wakes up naked in her disgusting boss's 20 Times PDF/EPUB or bed after a drunken night out she's filled with regret — and realizes she's hit her self imposed limit Unwilling to up her number but unable to imagine a life of celibacy Delilah does what any girl in her situation would do she tracks down every man she's ever slept with in a last ditch effort to make it work with one of them A hilarious romp through Delilah's past loves Times a Lady proves that in the end numbers don't matter True love will come when you're open and ready to accept it. The only reason why I read 20 Times a Lady is because I am still abysmally invested in the movie adaptation “What’s Your Number?” which I only watched because I am contractually obligated to watch anything with Chris Evans in it Just so you know this is actually a really good movie and everyone should watch it for the numerous occasions Chris Evans is shirtless for inexplicably no legitimate reason like that one scene where he greets Anna Faris naked with a newspaper over his dick Ask yourself was that scene REALLY necessary? Yes Unfortunately there was no Chris Evans in the book and I’m going to just straight up tell you that 20 Times a Lady is a piece of shit This book bored the beejebus out of me so much so that I can’t feel the lord’s love shining down on me any Delilah Darling has a history of banging a collective pool of dudes with shitty circus sounding names and shitty personalities to match that no one in their right minds would ever want to bang let alone WRITE about banging Tim the Townie? Delaware Pepper?? Grody Gourdy??? Why not just add in Krusty the Clown? She names animals after feminine hygiene products because that’s obviously so endearing and uirky Max the dog becomes Little Maxi Pad and takes advice from really shitty self help books and ex boyfriend priests Twenty pages later Delilah is laid off from her job but inexplicably has enough unemployment money to go on a road trip across America hitting up her exes one at a time in the hopes of rekindling a relationship with THE ONE which is clearly supposed to be a reformed shitty carnival dude Delilah proceeds to spend the rest of the book allowing random obscure statistically inaccurate numbers from a random obscure statistically inaccurate magazine dictate her sexual integrity despite the fact that no one else in the book gives a shit about how many pathetic penises her vagina has accosted Assisting Delilah on her insane adventure instead of holding her a proper direly needed intervention is hot Irish well endowed but dreadfully boring Not Chris Evans Colin moonlighting as a PI specializing in finding all your shitty dumb exes who given the inexplicable circumstances of her sexual history you’d think the two of them would have banged already since he’s the only hot normal guy within a 20 mile radius – okay no not even a 20 mile radius THE DUDE LIVES RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL FROM YOU HURRY AND GET AT THE ONLY NORMAL DICK WHILE YOU CAN GIRL – except of course Delilah only bangs shitty carnie dudes so that’s out of the uestionThe introduction of Not Chris Evans Colin leaves a lot to be desired Like why are you not Chris Evans? Not only does Colin not walk around shirtless for inexplicably no legitimate reasons he and Delilah have the most REMARKABLY boring interactions ever Their entire relationship is built on a surplus of sticky notes e mails and voicemail messages their longest standing conversation to date is one solely about Delilah’s mother because nothing screams attraction better than a long discussion about your mother and when they DO happen to be in physical proximity of each other this is how most of their conversations goDelilah non descript manly musculature enters her peripheral visionColin You were checking out my absDelilah No I wasn’tColin Yes you wereDelilah OkColin OkDelilah is not even accompanied on said road trip by Colin for there to be any potential romance to evolve Instead she spends the entire duration of her road trip accompanied by Eva her Yorkie dog who offers all the emotional counseling and support of a loofah In sum there was no opportunity for Delilah and Colin to develop any real chemistryIn fact Delilah has chemistry with her shitty exes than with Colin This is because Delilah and her exes are all bat shit crazy I don’t want to get into the schematics of it because every chapter of Delilah meeting up with a shitty carnie ex only gave me the very powerful urge to drive into a ditch and die there every dayJust like with sex partners make the right choices and don't choose bad booksOverall Rating 1 star Scandalized by the fact that I made myself read this with my own two eyes I wanted to get back into the romance genre since I've put it on hold on for almost a year butthis was not the place to start up again This sadly was just not the read for me Typical chic flick gets a bit cheesy and predictable at times but VERY funny overall I am very happy with the book and even though I watched the movie long back I just wanted to read the book to get to the missing details of the storyTrust me thus rom com Book makes me smile throghout but it also manages to make me cry at te end when the girl finally finds her true love before she has crossed her maximum number of boyfriendsThis is recommended to all of those who love reel world fantasy love and do not mind sloppy ends My main reason for picking up this book was because my favorite writer in the history of ever Jen Lancaster recommended Karyn's books That may be because they're friends I'm pretty sure of it Jen has never steered me wrong with her recommendations but after finishing this book I Was Pissed I wanted my time back For me this was one of those books where halfway through I began thinking finish it? Or abandon it? Which is the lesser of two evils at this point? I am a girl who follows through I am loyal I am committed And I made a mistake because I chose to finish this bookThe premise of this is OK girl's slept with 20 guys She freaks out because that's far above the average and she doesn't want to sleep with any because she doesn't want to seem sluttyWho the fuck cares about her number? It was clear from the book that nobody but her cared She didn't realize this She also doesn't realize that her brilliant plan of road tripping the country to see if there's anything left with any of them is not so much brilliant as it is completely batshit crazy Basically she lost me after she mapped out her plan to travel the US in an attempt to reconnect with these guys Who does that?Not only that Wait There's Not only does she decide to go through with this plan SHE USES HER ENTIRE SAVINGS ACCOUNT TO DO THIS Conveniently she's axed from her job so she has time to take this little trip around the country She also has a severance package So she decides to use ALL OF HER MONEY EVER to fund her crazy ass Maybe I have a bit of a skewed view since I just used my savings for things like um food and rent while I'm in between jobs but that? Is a stupid fucking idea and a horrible premise for a book even one as light as a chick lit novelSo let's recap heroine loses her job is hung up on the number of people who've sexed her up and doesn't want to fail at life so she decides to basically stalk them with the help of her private investigator neighborresident hunk and fund her uniue brand of crazy with all of the money she has ever had ever McKrissy is not impressed And pissed that I chose to not chuck the book across the room after her road trip beganBecause I am a positive person I want to find some good in this hot mess So here are the things I liked She gets a puppy uickly after she starts her trip A bad life choice? Perhaps but I love her little puppy That dog is the best part of the book in my opinion Her PI neighbor is Irish so it was fun imagining a hot Irishman with a charming accent Yum After checking herself INTO REHAB in case you were unsure about her stability to connect with an ex she does have some sort of self actualization Again it takes her thinking that faking an addiction is a great idea for this to happen Wow I did also learn about the dangers of Peyote so there's that tooYes this is a Chick Lit book so perhaps I shouldn't have had high expectations But the premise for this book is laughable at best Delilah is an unrelatable and practically unlikeable heroine I uestioned her motives in every chapter She's almost 30 too so I have a hard time believing that she wouldn't have done a bit of soul searching before now Instead it takes an article about likely false social norms in sex and then being in a rehab center for her to take a look at herself and what she wants The premise could have been a fantastic jumping point for a book about a woman who learns about herself and uestions societal expectations Instead it was page filler that got and unbelievable with every new chapter Don't read this There are much much MUCH better novels out there if you need a light hearted beach read An adorable journey I like the plot it's kinda crazy but super fun I think the main character grows throughout the book and even though she does silly things sometimes you can't hate her you simply laugh Originally from hereHaving been mildly entertained by its big screen incarnation I had expected that “20 Times A Lady” would at least be a fun read with some memorable lines and a few romantic scenes that would get an old spinster like me going and content for the next few months I was expecting the bare minimum from this bookApparently that was already too much as it would be fair to say that the overwhelming average ness of “What’s Your Number” was a definite improvement over this waste of dead trees At least “What’s Your Number” had beefcake to tide everyone over; “20 Times A Lady” consigns Colin to the telephone lines and instead offers up an assortment of guys that are far from charming or even mildly interestingIt’s not just the men that are lacking as Delilah Darling is far from entertaining as well With her tendency to get a little too drunk a little too clumsy and generally just a little too ditzy you’d think that she’d fit right into the mold that Bridget Jones created all those many years ago Unfortunately Bosnak is no Helen Fielding and instead just ends up making Delilah look like one of those girls you knew back in high school that ended up pregnant way ahead of everybody elseThe harebrained schemes that Delilah thinks of in her pursuit of the 20 men she’s slept with over the years aren’t particularly amusing either After the first two guys everything just becomes an exercise in tedium and boredom One encounter stretches the readers’ suspension of disbelief so thinly that it wouldn’t surprise me if they decide to stop reading at that particular part of the novelThe book’s overarching “moral” — that you should be proud of your past mistakes because they make you who you are — is standard for these kinds of books but the long and tedious journey that Bosnak takes to get her readers there is definitely not worth itAnd the worst thing about this book? There wasn’t even any shirtless Chris Evans pictures scattered throughout the work to ameliorate the sheer pain of having to slog through it I like it that’s what I know when I bought this book I just never knew that I am going to love it this much This definitely tops my “to read again” listFirst thing to appreciate about the novel is the author’s creativity Every page is like sneaking in and taking part to the life of Delilah Darling feeling as if it was your voice speaking for her The next thing to put emphasis on is the fact that Karyn Bosnak is hilarious and definitely deserves the “superb” remark for her first novel Although there may be minor flaws as to the way she wrote it the structure and creative setting of characters have somehow concealed it thus allow readers to feel relax and literally laugh page after page Some parts made me teary eyed as well – some “can relate to” parts It also felt nice to have a Filipino touch in it; there is a special page It may not be flattering but it just amazes me how some foreign authors were able to embed it in their novel like it was some kind of a French word I wonder how she’d learn it20 times a lady is than just “the number” It’s about finding the courage to humbly accept failure and be enlightened afterwards that really there is nothing to feel regret about It was inspiring to realize that mistakes make up the better person we are now and is bound to becomeI probably will never get over Roger and his braided belt Delilah’s insane mom Kitty Eva the yorkie with a lesbian haircut Grandpa kicking Patsy and Colin and his abs long sighIt is a bit naughty but assumed safe to read for the not so naughty It is definitely a must have to every chick lit fan I can’t wait to watch the movie version of this – “What’s your number?” This book was absolutely hysterical Delilah Darling reads an article about the average number of men a woman sleeps with in her lifetime She is already far over this number at 19 and decides that 20 will be her cut off point When Delilah is let go from her job and waste her number 20 on her revolting ex boss she decides to put her severance pay to good use and track down all the men she has slept with If she finds one of them worthy of a relationship she can keep her number at 20 without going over her limit and suffering a life of celibacy Delilah has some experiences that made me laugh out loud in her travels across the US From buying an adorable little pup to ending up in a mental hospital there is not one stop Delilah makes that doesn’t turn into a comedic adventure It doesn’t help that she has such a delusional naivety It’s not until she is back home and at her sisters wedding that Delilah discovers everything she ever wanted was right in front of her all along And to top it off she finds out that her number was actually one short of what she thought I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a funny original read Karyn Bosnak another book that I will be picking up as soon as possible i loved it i fell in love with colin within minutes 3 i am recommending this to everyone its a perfect light summer read

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