Vampire Vendetta

Vampire Vendetta➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Vampire Vendetta By Alexis Morgan ➦ – As the lone survivor of his vampire clan Seamus Fitzhugh lives only for revenge And now that he's infiltrated the compound of his enemy his chance has comeuntil he rescues a stunning hybrid from certa As the lone survivor of his vampire clan Seamus Fitzhugh lives only for revenge And now that he's infiltrated the compound of his enemy his chance has comeuntil he rescues a stunning hybrid from certain death Megan Perez is a woman on the run from her own demons and she's a distraction that could cost them both their lives But the passion that burns between them is too hot to ignore and not even the threat of danger can keep them apartNow their fates are intertwined for better or worse as they risk everything to experience the ultimate sensual release as evil closes in all around them Seamus must weigh how far he will go in the pursuit of vengeanceand love. This was my first Silhouette Nocturne I love Alexis Morgan I love vampires so I thought what the heck? What a great book If you like Susan Size's vampire Primes you will LOVE this book Seamus Fitzhugh is the last of his clan and had to leave med school in disgrace That's all we know Some scandal involving his sister and a broken engagement caused her death SPOLER ALERTReally she was executed for crimes against her own We don't find that out until Seamus is well and truly on his way towards retribution Well one big factor in the name of Megan has him constantly distracted from his revenge of killing everything Rafferty O'Day holds dear Rafferty was betrothed to his sister and broke said engagement vampires are very 19th century about their laws I guess So while Seamus falls for Megan and her infant daughter Phoebe he gets to see that Rafferty and his wife Joss are not the money grubbing power hungry monsters he thought them to be Meanwhile the father of Megan's baby girl is heir to the Delaney clan and wants Phoebe to secure his own future and heck with Megan So all of Seamus' protective instincts clamoring that he protect his ownbut is Megan his?My favorite passage from this book isafter incredible sex Seamus I'd say let's try that again but it might be a while before I can I'm pretty sure than just my brain got fried When she giggled he felt the vibration through his entire body To his surprise a certain part of his anatomy immediately stirred back to life He cuddled closer to share the good news with MeganMegan Hey is that for me? Seamus I do believe it isMegan PerfectI thought it was cute how playful he was even with his intensely serious vampire nature Good read action based paranormal romance Although unclear I'm assuming this is a futuristicnot on this planet vampire story since the place is referred to as 'New Eire' technology seems slightly different and the vampires run things There are three species full vampires can't go out in the sun etc half vampires called chancellors who can handle some sun and humans standard issue bottom of food chain literally I really enjoy Morgan's work the heroes are alphas who can be tender and the heroines are nobody's doormat Her Paladins series is still my favorite but this was enjoyable and I will pursue future booksThe first story in this world Joss Rafferty who are major players in this story appeared in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance I haven't read it yet but enough clues were given in this one that you caught the gist of the backstory 'What's At Stake' ss in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance The Vampire's Desire Harleuin Nocturne BiteVampire Vendetta forthcomingA Vampire's Vindication Harleuin Nocturne Bite I enjoyed this readI've read other books by Alexis and liked them too but this is my favorite stuff vamps and such I did not read the first book in this saga so I did miss out on the differences between the humans chancellors and vampires and the world she created but to be honest I was okay with that I really enjoyed the primary and secondary characters and uickly became attached to Seamus Megan and baby Phoebe The story moved at a good pace and there was action and some highly erotic moments Really good read Highly recommend it Interesting and different vampire world building A hot story Seamus Fitzhugh is a lone survivor of his vampire clan Seamus is going through school to become a doctor but with his sister dead Seamus loses everything because of what has happened with his family so he packs up and moves to a ranch with the man who is responsible planning to take him out He fakes that he’s an EMS and starts to work there but not everything goes as plannedEnter Megan Perez cousin to Joss O’Day the wife of the man Seamus wants revenge against She’s on the run for her life and her daughter Megan runs to her cousins’ house but is on the brink of death as she arrives Seamus goes into doctor mode trying to save her life Seamus fears she has been poisoned but can’t be sure He treats her for poisoning and she gets better Megan is scared that who she is running from has done this and asks Seamus not to tell Joss or register the baby for fear that they will find her Though Seamus is reluctant he agrees for he is slowly falling in love with MeganThey move to another ranch with Rafferty and Joss O’Day with Seamus biding his time to get his revenge though he’s finding it hard to because he has become the doctor to the people living on the ranch Not only that him and Megan keep getting closer Then some weird things start to happen and they blame Seamus Megan believes it not Seamus is there anyway she can help him?This book was a good one with twist and turns near the ending Though I would say it’s an easy read because it’s not very complicated until the end Though it was a cute story between Megan and Seamus with them in love and then not in love Plus it was a cool little world Alexis Morgan made with the different vampires humans and chancellors I give this book a three Great full length story with wonderful characters incredible action and witty dialogue I fell in love with all the characters and can't wait to read Conlan's story It came to a close a bit uickly but the book as a whole was fantastic I loved the mission the O'Days have set before themselves Seamus is a hero that in yummy in all the right ways with a deep seated integrity that gives him a strength you can't help but be drawn to Megan is strong but with an honest mixture of courage and vulnerability this book was a good read to me I thought the story line was wtitten good for the book Two different people that met by one saving the other's life and fallingn in love with each other Both had a past of different kinds One wanted revenge the other wanted to get away from the person that was hurting them Then the person that made a scheme to get the one into trouble so he could go back after the one that he wanted to kill in the first place doesn't get his way This book was fabulous review will be posted on the website when Alexis is stopping by for the 9 Days of Darkness event on May 25th 10 4pm PSTCome join the funwwwdemonloversbooksandcomDL I loved it the raw sexuality of it was wonderful started out great had me hooked on the first page But towards the end it felt as though the ending was kinda rushed

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