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Sweet Whispers Brother Rush[Read] ➮ Sweet Whispers Brother Rush By Virginia Hamilton – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Why had he come to her with his dark secrets from a long ago past What was the purpose of their strange haunting journeys back into her own childhood Was it to help Dab her retarded older brother wrac Why had he come to her with his dark secrets from a long ago past What was the purpose of their strange Sweet Whispers Epub / haunting journeys back into her own childhood Was it to help Dab her retarded older brother wracked with mysterious pain who sometimes took care and love than Tree had to give Was it for her mother Vy who loved them the best she knew how but wasn't home enough to ease the terrible longingWhatever secrets his whispered message held Tree knew she must follow She must follow Brother Rush through the magic mirror and find out the truth About all of them. A lyrical haunting story about a girl searching for answers and a mysterious man who has a complicated purpose than she ever imagined Sweet Whispers Brother Rush is a very sad complex little novel that isn't for everyone but many readers will truly appreciate its poetic tale of mystery and family This book at first was difficult to read simply because of the language However as the pages passed I was drawn into a story that was both sweet and sad Virginia Hamilton had an uncanny ability to authentically express the imagination and terrors of childhood She also seemingly effortlessly introduced African American culture and vernacular into her books in a way that is a little less rare today This book won the Newbery Honor in 1983Tree lives in an apartment with her brother Dab who has exceptional needs Their mother Vy works away from home and comes when she can to bring money and food to her children There is another central character Miss Pricherd a nearly homeless older lady who Vy pays to clean the apartment and check on the kids Tree resents Miss Pricherd's interference and what she sees as her laziness Tree is busy working overtime to go to school cook meals with what food supplies they've got and keep her and her brother afloat or lessTree and Dab live in a world on their own I can't think of another book that illustrates how two siblings who are the victims of neglect and abuse form a bond that is stronger and dependable than anything else in their livesBut this is not a book based solely on the sufferings of the present world Tree falls in love with the most beautiful dude in the world Turns out he's a ghost with a connection to her family called Brother Rush Brother Rush appears to Tree and Dab in a spare closetsmall room of their home Standing in the middle of a table he holds one hand to his ear and carries a fascinating looking glass in the other hand The image reminded me of Jean Cocteau Brother Rush shows the siblings scenes from their early childhoods with Vy and their deceased father that are sometimes freeing but also horrifyingI won't give any away I will say that Dab is a very well developed character with a disability Tree cannot stand for anyone to call him the r word That's not how she sees him She does not resent taking care of him even though it is too much for a person of her age Vy's often cruel rejection of her son who she calls the boy is terribly realistic There is an undercurrent of the feelings of love and hatred between children and their parents which makes the book explode in certain scenesOne of my favorite aspects of the book is Tree's relationship with Miss Pricherd Tree works overtime to explain away the image of the ghost in the table when the older lady catches a glimpse of him and faints Their relationship one of two misfits who see and understand than others develops very nicely I obtained a copy of Sweet Whispers Brother Rush from Net Galley for reviewIt took me a long time to get into this book as the language and dialect took a lot of getting used to as there was a lot of slang and street lingo that was used which for me is what made it hard to get read It’s one thing to speak the words but a whole other thing when you are reading itTree an adolescent girl is the first one to notice Brother Rush Although she has been described as intelligent in her own right she finds it necessary to do the minimum to get by at school but everything she turns in receives good grades she finds it necessary to not take the scholastic tests and not put a lot of effort towards thinking about her scholastic futureBrother Rush who first appears to Tree in a building not far from where she lives but then mostly appears to her as the table in the “walk in closet” He shares his memories with Tree and only Tree The encounters she has with Brother Rush although not frightening in anyway they seemed to me to be uite disturbing at times especially when he does not respond to uestions Tree asks instead just looks at her with “dead eyes”Even though I understand the reasoning behind the actionsreactions of Brother Rush it was non the –less disturbing to think of a ghost with no eyes as I have always imagined ghosts to have eyes In the end it was sad yet fulfilling to see all the things Brother Rush left incomplete at the time of his death he was able to complete appearing to Tree that one last time so she would be able to say farewell to Brother Rushand Dabney 25 out of 5The story in Sweet Whispers Brother Rush is slow paced and at times seems a little bit underdeveloped For instance view spoilerwhy should we care that Brother Rush killed himself instead of being killed in a car accident? hide spoiler Though the story is lyrical and haunting it progresses very slowly and takes some time to develop I'm glad our instructor briefed us on the 30 minute read The story is interesting and uniue as it explores family relationships intertwined with the supernatural Eh Really weird book The girl named Tree has to take care of her older brother who gets really sick while their mother leaves for months at a time to help other people in their homes Never calls or drops by And it turns out their mother got a boyfriend and a car and everything during one of her extended leaves At least she always comes back in time barely to stock up on foodAND it turns out that the mother had 4 brothers who all died and a life and a father of the kids who left her and everything none of which she had told her kids about So Brother Rush the mom's baby brother comes back as a ghost with a hand at his ear and holding a little piece of glass which brings the girl into the past to see small pieces of her mom's life WeirdSo the book is NOT about being black but the author feels the need to throw it in every once in the while just for kicks And then she justifies some of their behavior as expected of Blacks and not as bad just because they are BlackBut again mostly this story isn't about that at all It's about a crappy mom and the girl Tree taking care of her sick brother while a ghost comes and shows them stuff through his piece of glass Weird My first class for Library School was Young Adult Literature We read about 100 books in a month that summer We were asked to focus on one author we liked and to write about that person I chose Virginia Hamilton because I had never read such deep and moving literature for teens as I read on the pages of this book Virginia Hamilton is one of the most honored writers for children Sadly she died a few years ago or I'm sure we would have been hearing much from her Her characters are so real and what I suppose was so miraculous to me was that I enjoyed a fantastical fiction book with a meaningful ghost as one of the characters I normally shy away from such literature But Virginia Hamilton is able to combine reality and fantasy in such a way that one is both moved to tears and to action I don't think there is a finer author of books for children and regret that she was not recognized in her day I want her husband Arnold Adoff wwwarnoldadoffcom a poet and a wonderful writer in his own right to know that her work is still being appreciated

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