Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher Sammy Keyes #13

Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher Sammy Keyes #13[Reading] ➷ Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher Sammy Keyes #13 By Wendelin Van Draanen – For junior high detective Sammy Keyes eighth grade begins with an accusation an inuisition and several assorted death threatsThe history teacher Mr Vince is being threatened which at first seems funny For junior high and the PDF ☆ detective Sammy Keyes eighth grade begins with an accusation an inuisition and several assorted death threatsThe history teacher Mr Vince is being threatened which at Sammy Keyes PDF \ first seems funny He’s horrible Every student wants Mr Vince gone But as the threats become serious the uestion becomes—who wants him dead and goneWith her own name near Keyes and the PDF È the top of the suspect list Sammy’s determined to get to the bottom of things But she’s distracted by a mother bearing bad news an almost boyfriend ducking her Keyes and the Wedding Crasher PDF/EPUB ² calls and a date with a poofy lavender bridesmaid dressThis latest Sammy Keyes adventure blends mystery comedy and a dusting of fairy tale magic as Sammy takes off her high tops puts on some party shoes and steps into a whole lot of trouble. Sammy Keyes is one of my favorite teen detectives working today In this the thirteenth book in the series Sammy is finally starting eighth grade She's still secretly living with her grandmother in a seniors only highrise but Officer Borsch her nemesis in the first several books is now in on her secret In fact they get along so well that Sammy is even part of his upcoming weddingThings are not going as well at school Sammy is in the hated Mr Vince's home room and History class and she doesn't have nearly enough classes with her best friends Marissa Dot and Holly She also sees far too much of Heather Acosta and Sammy's almost boyfriend Casey Acosta has left for high school and is ducking her calls When someone starts threatening to kill Mr Vince Sammy finds herself and her friend Billy Pratt at the top of the suspect list Can Sammy clear her name and make it to the church for Officer Borsch's wedding? And what is up with Casey?The Sammy Keyes books are extremely likable and while they're appropriate for middle grade readers Sammy's hilarious escapades will appeal to older readers as well If you haven't picked up this series you are missing out I decided after speeding through a lot of books and feeling like my natural pace was getting in the way of really absorbing some stories and also I had no other books ready to be checked out I decided to reread the last half of my favorite series growing up I started with book #8 but I've decided to only review the ones I never read back then the ones that were released just on the edge of my I'm too old for this series phase But bruh Sammy Keyes is fucking awesome These books are a wonderful palate cleanser and take no time at all to read Plus they're making me really nostalgic for being a young teen and having crushes I forgot just how much I loved Sammy and Casey the excitement and wonder and trepidation of growing up Anyway I have an adult book checked out now but I think I'll keep reading these instead Would you ever get married when a wedding crasher is in charge? Well Officer Borsch did The genre of this book is realistic fiction because the fictional characters act similar to real people Overall I really like this book because the ending was unexpected and the book was full of suspense and horror The main character of the book is Samantha Keyes because the story is told in her perspective so we know everything she thinks and does The setting of the book is in a neighborhood in Santa Martina California But the main event was taken in William Rose Junior High officer Borsch's future wife picked Samantha Keyes as her bridesmaid The day before the wedding everything was going wrong but Sam was very helpful and tried to fix stuffThe conflict is person vs person because someone kept threating Mr Vince everyone's worst favorite teacher that they would kill him Mr Vince was very mean to all of his students and mostly everyone hated him This drove him him crazy The protagonist of the story is Samantha Keyes and the antagonist is who ever is making all these threatsHis eight grade class and the vice principal thought Samantha Keyes was the one guilty of threating him but she was innocent She was trying to figure out who was trying to kill Mr Vince but she had many suspects and evidence that lead nowhere On Officer Borsch's wedding day she was on her way to bring the weeding rings to the church when she saw Mr Vince After eavesdropping and getting stuck inside his carshe found out who was behind all of this SPOILER ALERTMr Vince was making up everything so that they would fire him and he could go with his biker gang to a bike rally The theme of the book is that the guilty one is the most innocent one because no one would have ever thought Mr Vince was the one behind this because he seemed really scared and the threats ruined his car Why would someone ruin their car? Only someone that is crazy would do that The first person point of view does affect the story because even though Sam is the main character we don't know what the others characters think Especially Mr Vince because we didn't know he was behind all of this and Sam was trying to figure it out who it was but we would have known if it was from Mr Vince's perspective We also would have known why he was doing but we wouldn't have had known Officer Borsch was going to get married or what Sam thought about the situation so I think the author picked a good choice The title relates to the book because Sam has the tendency of ruining or crashing stuff so Officer Borsch had to think about if it was a good idea having her in the wedding since she always gets herself into trouble Although she almost did ruin the wedding she didn't with the help of Officer Borsch The author's tone is sneaky in some points because the situation makes the reader think that whoever was trying to kill Mr Vince sneaked into the class room to leave the dead rat I say this because according to the text Samantha says When the pranks began I had to laugh but pretty soon I realized that the prankster was getting serious serious and dangerous Also everyone seemed to have reasons to be guilty because they were acting sneaky Also Mr Vince was being sneaky by pranking everyone to think that he was going to be killed because someone could have caught him writing stuff on the board that supposedly the serial threating killer wrote I think that the part that was funny was when Samantha was on her way to the church carrying the wedding rings when she noticed Mr Vince's car She went She went over to look at the unlocked car and opens the door Then noticing that Mr Vince was coming out of his driveway heading to the car she uickly goes into the back of the car then shuts the door Mr Vince and a friend hop on the car and head to a bike store Fortunately Sam was smart enough to call officer Borsch with out Mr Vince noticing and Officer Borsch hurries there He saves Samantha and arrests Mr Vince then they head back to the wedding I was surprised when I found out that Mr Vince made up all of the threats and that no one was going to kill him because knowing him people would want to kill him I also like how the author adds a lot of suspects to make readers thoroughly think who could be the one guilty then describes how scared Mr Vince was about being threatened because it never even came up to my mind that he could have been behind all of this I was satisfied with the ending because Officer Borsch and his wife Debra had a nice wedding and they looked really happy since just hours ago they were really stressed out because things weren't going as how they planned it Also at the end Sam didn't hate her mom that much because she helped her and her really good friend get back together because they were mad the whole story over a misunderstanding In conclusion I would give this book five starts because this has definitely been one of the best mystery books I have ever read in my opinion I would recommend this book that love solving puzzles because this book was filled with puzzles you had to solve This book was also very suspenseful so people that like reading books with excitement this would be a book for you So next time you go to a wedding make sure there is no trouble along the way I'm twenty one and Sammy Keyes is the only series I still sneak back into the kid's section to follow The best thing about the Sammy Keyes series is really Sammy Keyes Well the author is pretty awesome too but that's another story Sammy is a down to earth gutsy teenager who happens to have a penchant for figuring out what she can't understand In this book Sammy's key problem is figuring out who is making death threats about her history teacher Mr Vince Life is complicated by the fact that she has some well history with Mr Vince which causes Sammy to be one of the key suspects Sammy manages to solve the mystery by the end of the book simultaneously figuring out young love coping with a flighty and problem causing mother and attending the wedding of her favourite once nemesis Officer BorschThe reason why this book gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because it contains so little of Casey I also wish the author had not made Casey's reappearance uite so smooth as 15? year olds like Casey are rarely such Prince CharmingsHowever still a must read on my list as enjoyable heartfelt fiction I will be following this series until the end Sammy Keyes is one of my all time favorite children's literature protagonists She is kind of my hero I definitely want her to be my best friend She's tough but kind has managed to let a life of bad situations not jade her into being bitter has amassed an amazing amount of wisdom for a thirteen year old She's a fantastic friend truly cares about the people she comes into contact with This book finds her once again in hot water as she is apparently being blamed by the school authorities for some shocking death threats received by a teacher with whom she does have a past Surprisingly though this time around Officer Borsch is on her side along with the usual friends her indomitable Grams The path of teen love is a complicated one especially with the brother of your sworn enemy that plays a part in the plot too Great mystery great character development Can't wait to see what Sammy gets herself involved in next I have a hard time rating any of the SK books with Casey in it lower than a four It's probably being generous but he was one of my first fictional crushes Anyway the downside to this book is I found myself less interested in the actual mystery part I dunno if it's my age if it was just not as exciting as say Art of Deception or Curse of Mustache Mary but I just didn't care too much Maybe it's all the mysteries I've been readingwatching lately So why the four stars? Although I felt the main plot lacked a bit I LOVED the CaseySammy plot And the scene with Sammy in the closet and her mom outside of it this sentence is literal not euphemistic kinda broke my heart as did the part where she's in the car watching him skateboard And any book that does that deserves 4 stars Sigh Great SK adventure and I even solved it before she did Doesn't mean it was easy The ending was so cute and even the last sentence was adorable Love how the author always ends the chapters with some good suspense or gossip or a new Sammy Keyes SK idea to come in the next chapter the next page Hilarious uotes 'Hey you look spiffidy doo dah' SK to Borsch pg 287'Uh your fairy godmother? Here to say bibbity boppity boo?' SK to Gargoyle face pg 284I still couldn't picture Mr Vince going to a biker rally A fart rally yeah SK pg 265I mean if he's gonna faint over the sight of an ugly rat he ought to pass out every morning when he looks in the mirror SK pg 63 Wendelin Van Draanen has a genius for writing fun fast paced gripping mysteries for the MG set Her Sammy Keyes series rank among my kid lit favorites and this one is no different I love everything about this book including the way she makes pre teen crushesromances so sweetI am however surprised that 13 year olds date My 16 and 14 yr olds haven't expressed an interest in dating and if I recall if I can remember back nearly 40 yrs to when I was 13 I remember having crushes too but had no desire to date anyone My husband claimed the same for himself Are we odd or is the rest of the world? Sammy and Casey give me feels man He's my favorite fictional boyfriend I love the SammyCasey and all the side stories but the mystery was a little lacking I have to give it 5 stars because spoilers of the long awaited kiss Oh Sammy how I adore you Keep coming back