Secrets[Epub] ➜ Secrets By Melinda Metz – Rae Voight has a problem Thoughts are running through her mind that aren't hers Is she going crazy Or could something else something even stranger be going on As Rae unravels the mystery of where thes Rae Voight has a problem Thoughts are running through her mind that aren't hers Is she going crazy Or could something else something even stranger be going on As Rae unravels the mystery of where these thoughts are coming from she also unlocks terrifying Secrets of her past including the truth about her dead mother But knowing the truth may not be a good thing for Rae If she's not careful it might get her killedSecretsWhen Anthony befriends Rae's former friends Rae feels betrayed Now it's just her and Yana and whoever's out there watching waiting for the chance. Source I own a copy of this bookThis time Anthony is starting at Rae’s school and someone is still after herThis was another okay instalment and once again Rae put herself in danger repeatedly and some of the things that happened were again unbelievableRae seriously has a death wish Some guy wants to kill you – obviously you should meet some random person at a motel – brilliant idea Not How dumb is she?The storyline also had some moments of idiocy • ‘Do you know Marcus?’ – I’d jolly well hope so I’m pretty sure she went way past first base with him • ‘My mother’s dead’ – Oh dear – better let two total strangers into your house to let them help you go through her things• ‘You’re drunk? Hey let me hop in the car with you while you go for a joy ride then’• ‘Some weird guy wants to meet you at a motel? Let me give you a ride there’The ending was okay although once again solving the kidnapping problem seemed a little too easyI really hope Rae gets some common sense in the next bookOverall; an okay if unbelievable YA paranormal mystery story6 out of 10 Actual rating 25Secrets was an okay read but it could drag in areasLarge chunks of the book were uite slow so i was starting to get boredRae was a bit dumb in this one again There were loads of parts where i thought Why didn't she do this? and What is she doing?I've given up hoping that she wises up because i've been saying it for the whole four books and she still hasn'tThe ending was okay I felt really sorry for Yana when she told Rae a story from her childhood Overall slow and could be uite boring My oh my this series just never seems to stop But that's a super awesome thing When Anthony gets a scholarship to attend Sanderson Prep Rae's school things seem to be looking up for these two Anthony is psyched to have the opportunity to be closer to Rae and she seems eually thrilled to have him there knowing he's one step closer to fulfilling his dreams But things don't start off so well and after a number of misunderstandings pull these two apart it seems as if they might be going their separate ways Anthony becomes immersed in the world of the popular cliue going to parties and hanging with the jocks at lunch while Rae is obsessing about her mothers' illness and whether or not she's starting to show symptoms of the same mysterious affliction A weird love triangle emerges as Marcus begins to confide in Anthony his desire to win Rae back and elicits his help in the way of advice to gain her trustFeeling abandoned by Anthony Rae enlists the help of Yana to help solve the mystery of her mothers' death and to collect data on the New Age group her mother was a part of Anthony halfheartedly pursues Jackie since he's now convinced himself that Rae and Marcus are bound to get back together and misunderstanding bloom when Rae thinks there's a real romance afoot But as with previous books in this series things aren't always what they seem and as Anthony uickly figures out there's going on with Jackie than he first thinks Instead of simply running hot and cold Jackie has some real issues that culminate in an attempted suicide that nobody saw coming Meanwhile the closer Yana and Rae get to the truth the stranger the truth becomes and the danger they seem to attractWhen Rae gets too close to the answers she's seeking a showdown with the mystery stalker takes place leaving the reader with an amazing suspenseful ending one that thrusts Rae and Anthony back together in a spectacular way It truly opens the door and I mean wide open for a real romance to begin yay This book this whole series is so sharply written and so thrilling that as soon as I finished one book I'm scrambling for the next I literally read books one through three in one sitting they're simply that great By far the best series I have ever read Melinda Metz weaves together a compelling story blending it with eual parts mystery suspense friendship and romance I'm truly excited to read book five I'm at that point that I just want to yell at Anthony and Rae to just please please talk and get it onA lot of this love triangle or suare even wouldn't have happened if they just told each other how they feltBut then on a side note the book wouldn't have been the same if they were any different Especially with Anthony as we all know that he felt inferior and undeserving of someone like RaeThe someone after Rae stepped up hisher game and took both Rae and YanaNow it's up to Jesse and Anthony to figure out where they are and rescue them before it's too lateAwesome finale to this book Rae and Anthony are now were I wanted them from the beginning melinda metz is freaking amazing it's getting soo good I know Anthony thinks he isn't right for Rae but jesus man you have to try harder that that This is the fourth book in the Secrets series It has a number of themes1 Rae's onoff relationship with Anthony2 Rae feeling isolated from the rest of the group as if she's being left out of some things3 Rae's continuing search for information about her mother4 Rae's growing worry about the state of her health and if she is dying from the same thing that killed her mother5 At least two other people who kidnap Rae and Yana for some reasonThere's a lot of things going on in the novel and the mystery of Rae's mother deepens considerably Staying alive looks like it's going to be a hard thing for her to do A fairly good book although some of it feels like its just padding I love this series These books are so addictive they make you wonder who the killer is going to be and if Anthony and Rae are going to become a couple I also loved Rae's uniue ability where she can read fingerprints It's really nice to read about something new like that something that hasn't been done before I also liked the kidnapping scene where Rae and Yana get lured into Motel 6 by one of the killers It was very climatic and realistic especially when they had to go to the bathroom and then near the end when they said they felt like they were floating above the bed because the cords were tied so tightly around their wrists and ankles that it was cutting off their circulation All in all a great addicting read and I recommend it to any adult or teen I picked up this series secondhand and had a burst of reading through this seriesA great little paranormal mystery for YA's Rae's ability to hear things through touch has screwed up her life making her an outcast in school She finally agrees to attend a support group and things start to look up a little and then someone tries to kill herReally glad I had the others in the series to read after this as this was a uick fix for me Great suspense and action though and not too whiny a character It took a little while to pick up I was so sick of reading about Anthony and Rae trying to figure out if they liked each other and if the other felt the same or not This should be a poster book for communication as in 'this is what happens when you don't communicate with eachother people' But making it to the end was worth it and knowing me I'll finish out the series I've made it this far can't uit till I finally get to learn what the hell was wrong with Rae's mom and who is trying to kill Rae

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