Betrayed➬ [Ebook] ➧ Betrayed By Melinda Metz ➸ – Rae Voight has a problem Thoughts are running through her mind that aren't hers Is she going crazy Or could something else something even stranger be going on As Rae unravels the mystery of where thes Rae Voight has a problem Thoughts are running through her mind that aren't hers Is she going crazy Or could something else something even stranger be going on As Rae unravels the mystery of where these thoughts are coming from she also unlocks terrifying secrets of her past including the truth about her dead mother But knowing the truth may not be a good thing for Rae If she's not careful it might get her killedBetrayedRae is about to come face to face with the person who has been after her atleast that's what she thinks. Source I own a copy of this bookSomeone is still after Rae and she’s determined to find out whoThis was another okay story Rae continued to make some stupid decisions although she did use some common sense at one point She did keep doing things that put her in harms way though which was pretty stupidThe storyline continued to be about whoever was after Rae and we got a bit information about her mom and how she diedThere was some romance in this one with Yana Rae Anthony and Marcus all in on the actionThe ending was okay but I’m getting pretty bored of this seriesOverall; okayish6 out of 10 Actual rating 25I'm getting really bored with this series Believe it or not someone said Rae was a smart girl People that have read this series will likely to agree with the person that said she was an idiotI liked Yana in the other books but in this one my opinion totally changedShe made such a bitchy move The phrase Who needs enemies when you have friends like those defiantly sums Yana up in this installment The ending was okay but it still never got me that interestedOverall boring and had annoying characters Who needs enemies when you have 'friends like Yana Anthony? Ahhhhh I always do this each time i read one of the books from this series I get so into it and then it ends and I'm hanging off a cliff Great story must get sixth book asap Four stars So I must preface this by saying that I've now complete the entire series having read books five through seven in one sitting and am now coming back to plug in my reviews Admittedly of the seven books this is my least favorite I'll also say that it's still worth the read and books six and seven are out of this world great You'd also need to read this book to keep up with the plot so if you've made it this far don't stop It's totally worth itSpoilersSo here's why this is my least favorite Anthony Really truly it all boils down to Anthony I adore this guy really I do but sometimes he's an idiot He's totally falling for Rae up to this point but when Marcus Rae's ex boyfriend begins to actively pursue her again Anthony turns into a wuss Feeling like he's not good enough for her he simply gives up But wait there's Yana who believes that Rae has interfered in her personal life by way of sending her dad a letter letting him know he's a crappy parent abruptly ends her friendship with Rae In an act of revenge she hooks up with Anthony and begins to pull him away from Rae Which under the circumstances isn't that hard to do all things consideredOn Rae's birthday her father invites Anthony and Yana to her birthday dinner and Rae learns the truth about their romantic relationship leaving her feeling absolutely gutted But just when Anthony figures out that maybe he's hurt Rae by being with Yana Rae finally gives in to Marcus' persistence and agrees to be his girlfriend again It's not a tit for tat but feeling so vulnerable and so alone makes Marcus seem far appealing and Rae is resigned to forget about AnthonyOkay so here's why this doesn't work so well Anthony and Rae are friends Yana and Rae are friends there's a shift in that dynamic and suddenly Rae and Yana aren't friends But Rae and Anthony are still supposed to be friends yet he ditches her and lies to her at every provocation going so far as to shoo her from his house when Yana's there I'm sorry if I were Rae I'd run and never look back Anthonys' treatment of her is appalling Now I get that guys are oftentimes ruled by their ahem DNA but still you're friend is being stalked and hunted and you opt for making out in a car? It just didn't seem like something Anthony would have done regardless of the temptation But it is what it is The balance of the story is still great and though I wanted to choke Anthony half the time it was still a good readAnyway now feeling totally abandoned by both her best friends and really her only support system Rae enlists the help of Jesse to continue the hunt for her mystery stalker Jesse is eager to help since this is presumably the same person who kidnapped him back in book two These two uncover a connection between Rae's mom and the Wilton Center and begin checking it out They also discover the whereabouts of another daughter of the Wilton Center moms Mandy and seek her help in unraveling the mystery The suspense heightens when mystery stalker begins getting closer to Rae leaving little clues that she's watching her every move When Rae finally discovers the man behind everything Mercer it all comes to a head in a spectacular showdown Leaving everyone wondering where the heck the story will go nextIn any event though Anthony is a big butt head and Yana is brutally cruel it's still a great book The mystery and suspense is as electric as it's ever been and the plot is superb The book nearly drove me crazy for the first half I was sooooo sick of hearing Anthony whining about Rae He wasn't good enough for her she deserved someone better she could never really like him no one really liked him he was only good for his abilities in football blah blah blah He was as bad as a girl He never asked Rae what she felt for him or if she liked him he just assumed and we all know what happens when you assume make an ass out of u me He got on my nerves so bad I was hoping Rae would get back with the douche Marcus just to annoy Anthony I kept waiting for the action or to learn something new about the group at the community center or what happened to the others in the group or Rae's mom or something anything but Anthony whining over Rae and Rae wondering what was going on with them THEN FINALLY just when I was convinced I couldn't take it any and that I was giving up on the series after this book BOOM story time Around page 140something the book picked up the story took off I learned everything I wanted to know and But now I'm wondering where do we go from here and do I care enought to continue the series Nothing with Rae and Anthony was solved They still are crazy over each other but neither has the balls or gumption to admit it to the other and both just keep assuming things about each other with no real reasoning It's just too annoying for me I loved the concept with the fingerprint reading and really wish there was on that and a whole lot less on the loveangst of Rae and Anthony I just don't think I care to know who else it was that was wanting Rae dead cause I can't take any of the drama and whining that comes with Rae and Anthony At least at the end Rae got to give Anthony her 2 cents about how he has been behaving Anywho don't know where my future lies with the series The semi romance asside the concept was great and the writing during the action and interesting parts was pretty good also just need less whiny Anthony This is the fifth novel in the Fingerprints series Most of the book is taken up with Rae's concerns about her relationship with Anthony and her relationship with Marcus and Yana getting mad at Rae for a letter that she thinks Rae sent hereThe other part of the book deals with Rae's trying to find out about her mother and the group and her confrontation with the man who killed her mother and maybe othersI think the book suffers from the same problems some of the others do and that is too much time is taken up with the RaeAnthony RaeMarcus relationships They have become like padding to the main theme of the book with is Rae's power how she got it and the death of her mother and others from 'the group' Dropping most of the relationship material would still allow room for some of it and help the book but dropping most of it would also end up cutting the series down severely Unless the last two books are totally different than the first five the entire series could have been condensed down to maybe three volumes at most I picked up this series secondhand and had a burst of reading through this seriesA great little paranormal mystery for YA's Rae's ability to hear things through touch has screwed up her life making her an outcast in school She finally agrees to attend a support group and things start to look up a little and then someone tries to kill herReally glad I had the others in the series to read after this as this was a uick fix for me Great suspense and action though and not too whiny a character As I assumed and thought was pretty obvious from the beginning Yana was the culprit Surprise Surprise All through the books I pinpointed her to a negative view and so it became that much obvious that she was the crazy girlHowever there were certain parts where Metz had me second guessing who it was but only rarelyThe relationship between Rae and Anthony was a drag I can't believe high school kids are soun perceptive these days This was a great book It captured my attention as Rae gets closer to figuring out who her killers are Although i did think it was evil for Yana to turn on her the way she did by going after Anthony when she knew that Rae liked him I didn't know that Yana had that in her But then again I like that the author wrote the characters to be well rounded The ending was good too and i'm curious to know what's going to happen in the next book

Ebook  ✓ Betrayed Epub ¼
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