Payback❴Reading❵ ➶ Payback Author Melinda Metz – Just want to get over it She touches your fingerprints She knows your thoughtsYana was my best friend and Yana wanted me deadI should hate her for what she tried to do But the people who stole what sh Just want to get over it She touches your fingerprints She knows your thoughtsYana was my best friend and Yana wanted me deadI should hate her for what she tried to do But the people who stole what she loved most they did the same to meYana still wants revenge and she doesn't want my help Can I really let her walk into a trap. I am desperately sad to know that this series has come to an end and since the author wrote these back in 20002001 it's pretty clear she's not intending to revisit it So I will have to be content with the seven books I have and sniffle just keep re reading them I've read uite a few series in my day and to be uite frank this is by far the best of the lot Book seven is no exception I rarely walk away from a series feeling satisfied that everything has been tied up successfully but with Fingerprints I totally am Every single uestion I had was dutifully answered by the author It all tied together perfectly and left no uestions in my mind It did however leave the door slightly ajar for another series perhaps a spin off or possibly even a continuation of the original though as I mentioned earlier that seems unlikely to happenIn book six we learn that Yana Rae's best friend is the second stalker We also learn why she was so hell bent on killing Rae revenge is a dish best served cold and boy was Yana cold Book six wraps up with Yana being captured and Anthony and Rae finally coming together romanticallyBook seven picks up exactly where book six leaves off Rae and Anthony are at the beginning stages of their relationship and all seems resolved except for those creepy folks at the Wilton Center who are still conducting their supernatural experiments But Rae is resolved to move on with her life just wanting to have that piece of normal she's been looking for throughout the series But alas that is not meant to be Yana escapes from Aiden Matthews and is on the loose and Anthony and Rae are convinced that she's headed back to finish the job she started in book six by killing Rae But Yana's learned some truths of her own and her direction her target has changed though Anthony and Rae are unaware of the shift Anthony seeks the assistance of Aiden Matthews while Rae looks to Mandy for help In addition Mandy's having some problems of her own namely an older sister named Emma who's intent on eloping with her stoner boyfriendWhat I loved about this novel was that the author has given Yana a real voice and allowed the reader to empathize with her To be honest by book six I was not really loving Yana very much but during this novel I grew to understand her Allowing her voice to be heard opened up a much needed window into Yana's world and I appreciated being given the opportunity to know her as than a blood thirsty nutbagAfter Rae and Anthony discover that Yana is hell bent on destroying the Wilton Center they attempt to convince her that it's a no win situation but to no avail Yana proceeds with her plot and all hell breaks loose and she gets sucked into being a center guinea pig during which time she meets Sam another teen with powers During this craziness Anthony Jesse and Rae all take a side trip to thwart Emma's nuptials By the end of the story someone is murdered the center is burned down and this unlikely group of friends is reunited and unified Even Marcus and Anthony get to have their much needed confrontationIt's insane that so much is going on at once but it all works and the ends tie up nicely It's a perfect ending to a great series and I am so very very sad to see it end Source I own a copy of this bookWell it looks like everything was tied up but now Yana has escaped captivity SighWell after tying everything up so nicely at the end of book 6 the author has now messed things up with this final book and then left the ending open? I mean do we really need an open ending? Do we really need to hear from Rae and co?I really don’t think this book was necessary to the series It was okay they’ve all been just about okay but I think I preferred the ending to book 6 where it felt like everything was tied up and we got a happily ever after This extra book just felt unnecessary and now the ending is left open again? Not impressed This book was published over 12 years ago so I doubt there will be any books to follow after this one Why couldn’t we have had a tied up ending like we got at the end of book 6?Overall; okay story but less than impressed by the ending6 out of 10 The ending to Revelations was pretty good and in my opinion it should have ended thereI found Payback to be pretty dull I normally complain about Rae's stupidity but a few of the others were stupid tooAnthony thought that asking Yana if she was brain damaged was a good thing to say to someone that had the ability to put that thought into his head and actually make him brain damaged The ending wasn't that great I like concrete endings but this one was left wide openIt would have been a lot better if it ended with the last book as this book felt like a waste of time I guess this wrapped up the series pretty well but I took off a star and probably should have taken two for the ridiculous way the Yana storyline wrapped up I'm sorry but after reading Yana's mustache twirling psycho villain thoughts for the last SIX books now she is suddenly normal? No I don't think so I could accept that a character that acted like Rae's friend actually wanted to get close enough to hurt her but that Yana spent SO much energy acting like Rae's friend all while thinking these manaical super villain monologues in her head? No That Yana after all of her supervillainy and insanity realized Rae wasn't to blame for her mother's death and somehow became normal? No In this book Yana turns her revenge efforts towards those actually responsible for her mother's death but she is much much rational about it than her thoughts about murdering Rae ever were It's as if those thoughts were inconsistent with her character hm Anyway luckily I think Anthony and Rae are adorable so it wasn't a total loss SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSI really like this but what happens after this book?I love this book but I hate books and series that end like thisI'm sorry but this ending just makes me so mad It is left so another book can be written and none wasWhat happens after do they defeat the group? Does the group kill them?What happens I hadn't seen the the ending would be like that It's justlike that There's no big fight The good guy takes an action and it ends At the end when everything they have is falling apart the villain doesn't even show themselves For the reader there's no big reveal as to exactly who is behind all that what's the intention or purpose of those experiments how it really started No explanation It just ends but it doesn't feel really end either Like it lacks closure even for an open ending view spoilerAnd what's disappointing is that it's not Rae who gives the end to the villain not even Anthony hide spoiler Loved this entire series and I am so sad for it to end but maybe there could be another series about the G 2’s? This whole series is amazing I love it sooo much I can't believe I had ever missed out in this book any earlier but considering the fact that it was published on 2002 I would be at the age of 4 or 5 years old This whole series got me cracking with Anthony and Jesse and basically everyone in there I really love the first four books of the series after that things got awkward and stuff between Anthony and Rae but really I still have myself hooked on it This is the longest review I ever bothered to type because really i am an lazy ass and half the time I get confused how to judge the book because everytime I see a awesomely good book get scorned in a review i find myself slapping my hands on my forehead Anyway since not many people reviewed this I had a sense to review this series ' This awesome freaking series deserves WAY than 200 ratings It deserves a six digit number rating Because it's amazing And maybe not many people come across this book because it's old and everyone is delving themselves in all the vampire werewolf romance and blahblah books You guys must be a crackhead to not freaking know this series This series is the BOMB I will have to stop now If not my whole mind will burst and I wont be able to stop typing this review I don't want to give a top notch review anlyzing every whoop dee do detail like oh the pace of the book is too fast or the plot is rubbish getting or critical like that Sorry but my mind don't go for critical thinking For what i know if you're able to enjoy the story it's good enough But you know people are entitled to their own opinions and mindsets No puns intended Just so you know not many books get me on edge but from the first line of the first book of the first chapter of this series I was hooked I love it These are some of my moments;WHEN ANTHONY SAID TO RAE I love you tooWhen Anthony kissed Rae after he saved her from the ppl keeping her hostage the last lines of book fourThe end of the book everyone good with each otherIm going to skip all the anger abt anthony kissing yana part because he was imagining Rae through all that How friggin' sweet is that? Ahahaha i think i will never stop using the word 'friggin' after how much i hear the word in the book Anthony is just this modest and truthful boy Okay this review is completely a whacker too long But yo i don't care I love this so muchI don't know but these characters seem to live inside me i dont feel sad after finishing this book Oh yeah Jesse was totally a cutie in the book I waited a few days before reviewing this last book because I wanted to give myself time to see if my opinion changed but it hasn't I really enjoyed this series but I was a little dissatisfied with the ending I do understand how in books like these where it's a group of kids vs a whole organization there is no good way to completely close the chapter for the characters in a way that makes sense but I still would have liked something a little solid than what we were left with at the end of this series Even if that was just you know some adults being involved at the end of the day like if we were introduced to a rival or rebel group of adults or them deciding to try to find all the other G2 kids to warnhelp them I also found suspension of disbelief difficult when it came to them forgiving and working with Yana so easily It's one thing to pity her and to allow her to help you in defeating the evil government organization levels of devils and all thatbut to actually forgive her this uickly seemed a little bit of a stretch than I could buy This chick is clearly psycho don't just let her back into your life I also felt like there were too many little plots that felt unfinished such as Anthony's dad and the person at the prison who seemed to know about the GroupRaeI'd love it if there was a follow up series that explored some of the other G2 kids but it looks like there isn't as you can already tell i love scary stories but this book isnt scary at all its suspencefulits about a girl that has a power evertime she touches something she could see what could happen and she can make things happen many people didnt like this but there were also people who were there for her but one person in particular that she had problems with was an ex best friend that tries to get revenge for what she did to her mother

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