An Alien at St Wilfred's

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A small vulnerable alien mystic and four broken vulnerable and beautiful people A large vicar causing chaos by knocking everything over Physical humour People seeking the sacred through and despite their brokenness Trying to pray Dessert fathers A beautiful alien with English straight from the Book of Common Prayer trying very hard not to cry and yet naming the brokenness and healing those with whom he waits I go to this book when I need to be reminded of the simplicity of my faith Also when I want to be reminded that human is an ok thing to be Simply and beautifully written with physical and linguistic comedy a keen sense of compassion and an appreciation of the absurd God has a sense of humour It was an interesting experience I loved how the author made God real and present in every day Got a few lessons to think about from the book Would recommend reading it especially if you like Adrian Plass's style which I by the way love And also I laughed so hard at times that people turned to look at me in the metro My absolute favourite Christian book Profound funny thoughtfull The author manages to say so many important things in this small book that I have to admire the talent I’ve never read anything uite like this book It’s the first Adrian Plass book I have read and now after reading An Alien at St Wilfred’s I would like to own his entire collection It is a story of four members of the Anglican church – St Wilfred’s who meet a uaint polite teddy bear like curious little alien who calls himself Nunc The Vicar of St Wilfred’s encounters him first and it is no less than an extraordinary encounter and yet so beautifully ordinary The Vicar – David Persimmon – is asked to select three people who are also to meet Nunc and every Thursday night for several weeks four people – David and the three others spend an evening with Nunc in the vestry of the church drinking hot cocoa laughing together and laying bare their inner most spiritual struggles The story is told in four main parts where we read an account of the time with Nunc from all four perspectives The characters are so real and loveable in their integrity their humanness and all their imperfections and shortcomings The dialogue is so heart warmingly touching in places and laugh out loud hilarious in others I enjoyed every single page and learnt a few things as well – about God about people and about the relationship between the two There are profound yet simple truths raised in the conversations between Nunc and his friends some of which make me want to carry this little book around in my pocket everywhere I go so that I can uote certain parts to different people in different situations or even just meditate upon them myself when I need some good perspective on life It’s an amazing book; I would recommend no implore others to read it whether you’re Christian or not But especially if you have struggled with God or struggled with the way God does things or perhaps struggled with a faith that feels dead or sluggish or pretend in some way I think I have a new favourite author Ah yes another funny read from Plass however this story is linked with the serious An alien comes to stay in a church for a few months and ends up changing the lives of the 5 people who are able to see him The book is composed of several parts told by each member of the inner circle Not sci fi in any way but rather a beautiful depiction of how people can change when there is one person in the midst of them who truly acts like Jesus would want them to This was the first Adrian Plass book I read and it is hysterical But poignant too Adrian is a struggling Christian with a wicked sense of humour If you haven't come across Adrian Plass If your not a Brit you probably won't have there a little hard to find in the US then I highly recommend you look him up My mother picked this up in a charity shop and gave it me to read because we thought it was a school story comic fantasy or a mixture of the two It is not It made me think it made me cry three and a half times though who is counting and probably I will read some by this author if we can find itI only had one caveat which was about the 'speaking in tongues' I understood why it was presented the way it was and why it was given to a specific character but felt that it came very close to misunderstanding the speaking in tongues in the Bible which God uses to spread understanding to as wide a variety of people speaking a large number of languages as possible rather than to hide his messageprovide a message that needs literal translating The unusual story of the little alien Nunc and his effect on four different people in the struggling church of St Wilfred's Thought provoking amusing at times and very enjoyable challenges you about your belief and what faith is A great read at many levels Laughed laughed cried laughed cried cried some laughed some bawled my eyes out

An Alien at St Wilfred's eBook ò at St  eBook ´
  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • An Alien at St Wilfred's
  • Adrian Plass
  • English
  • 24 July 2015
  • 9780006276197