Journey to Compromise

Journey to Compromise❮Read❯ ➶ Journey to Compromise ➺ Author Mara Ismine – Mitch has had a bad year his long term relationship ended his firm went bust and he's been drifting since then His luck hasn't changed for the better when he gets off the bus in a small town a few day Mitch has had a bad year his long term relationship ended his firm went bust and he's been drifting since then His luck hasn't changed for the better when he gets off the bus in a small town a few days before Christmas hoping to find some work and wait out the holidays before moving on only to find that he has arrived in a werewolf controlled town on the night before Journey to ePUB ✓ full moon Not the best place for a shape shifting cougar to be Finally against his better judgment he rescues a young boy being abused by four werewolves in human form Mitch is desperate for a change in his luck but he still has a way to travel before he finds it. The story begins as you meet Mitch basically just drifting through life now unable to settle anywhere for long When he comes to the rescue of what he thinks is a young boy being beaten and near raped it changes his whole life The “kid” is not such a kid he’s a cougar shifter as well and both of them need to escape the wolf town Despite knowing it’s probably a bad idea and the kid’s apparent fear of him they end up on the road finally coming to Assend a small town in search of gasThey get side tracked after helping the mechanic when he’s pinned beneath a car and before he knows it Todd is happier than hell working on a car in the garage and Mitch is stuck watching the gas pumps It was uite amusing to see Mitch’s growing attraction to Todd and how he was jealous of the old car that had suddenly captivated Todd’s attention and taken it away from him He appreciated that they were being helped by the garage owner but I did enjoy watching the older loner turn a bit pouty when his younger “potential” lover ignored him in favour of a machineWhen offered a place to crash for a while free of charge both Todd and Mitch want to but they are a bit wary about saying so as they’ve only known each other a day or so but once they admit it they move forward fairly uickly in a relationship both in human and cougar form If I had any niggle about this story it’s they are the cleanest damn men ever They were cleaning the garage cleaning the cabin doing laundry Wow I need to find me a man like that Although this is technically a Christmas story that plays a very small role in the book so you can easily read it in the heat of July and still enjoy it I liked both men and also enjoyed that Todd didn’t always take the submissive role in the bedroom you would expect a younger smaller man to play in most shifter stories which also seemed to be a shock to Mitch It’s a fun read if you’re in the mood for some furry fun Good paranormal mm romance about a guy following an itch to travel He's had a bad year lost love lost job but maybe things are starting to look up This started with a young cougar shifter being gay bashed by wolf shifters and I thought it was going to be something violent It ended up being a very sweet story of Todd the young cougar and the cougar who rescues him and how they make their way to home and each other It would have been worth reading just for Jed Cougars Very nice funny book I hope there is a seuel It feels like one chapter out of a big book This was enjoyable short novella To short to develop some special connection with both main characters but in overall it was good easy story What a wonderful take on shapeshifters Not your normal were tale by any means with characters I found myself truly caring about Is there going to be a seuel? Cute little story Sweet Romantic Slightly animalistic but funny to read Nice HEA Очень милая история 35 stars

Journey to Compromise PDF ✓ Journey to  ePUB
  • ebook
  • 40 pages
  • Journey to Compromise
  • Mara Ismine
  • English
  • 21 September 2015
  • 9781603708838