100 Bullets Vol 8 The Hard Way

100 Bullets Vol 8 The Hard Way[EPUB] ✼ 100 Bullets Vol 8 The Hard Way By Brian Azzarello – Oaklandjobs.co.uk 100 BULLETS VOL 8 THE HARD WAY continues to unravel the tangled mystery of the Trust as Wylie Times becomes the latest Minuteman to be reactivated by the Trusts onetime enforcer Agent Graves But which BULLETS VOL Vol 8 PDF/EPUB ç THE HARD WAY continues to unravel the tangled mystery of the Trust as Wylie Times becomes the latest Minuteman to be reactivated by the Trusts onetime enforcer Agent Graves But which side will he choose And what kind of game is Mr Shepherd playing between the two Includes an introduction by crime novelist Jason Starr Twisted City Tough Luck Hard FeelingsCollecting Issues . Going backwards in a series as tightly written as this – 100 Bullets being of a serialized novel in graphic form than anything else – makes me a little unnerved But as I couldn’t get my desperately grubby hands on a copy of volume eight due to there only being one measly copy in the entire Seattle Public Library system I had to venture forth and consume volumes nine through twelve without having read this one Which it turns out is pivotal point in the entire one hundred issue narrative The Hard Way begins with issue fifty – which is not only the exact middle of the series but is double sized in length And oh what a glorious issue this is In this beautifully wrought stand alone issue I finally got my heart’s desire the revelation of the mysterious origins of the thirteen families of the Trust their involvement with the ill fated Roanoke Colony a real life mystery that I first heard back in my high school American History class and the significance of the word Kroatoa that awakens the long dormant Minutemen in the present 100 Bullets story line After this long overdue back story the rest of this volume – except for the last stand alone issue that ends it – is devoted to Wylie one of the remaining Minutemen who has been waylaid in the Big Easy Without spoiling anything this first story arc that begins the last half of the series has some surprising twists and turns that clearly point us in the direction of where plot of 100 Bullets is heading Which is no doubt to a very gruesome and cathartic end by my reckoningAs the tipping point in this series we the readers are finally able to gaze upon the summit upon which Azzarello and Risso have been leading us to with The Hard Way And the view is breath taking indeed #50 58Over 50 issues in and we get one of the true 'Oh Shit' moments in the series Back to the core story as another Minuteman is reactivated sees the mysteries around The Trust become less entangled Wylie needs to pick a side? Returning full pelt into the core story line sees the series back to its best 8 out of 12 Shit goes down Croatoa enough said The over arching plot was expanded much in this collection and I enjoyed that development Great music can come from very unexpected sources Bear traps are dangerous Back to the main plot with the trust and the minutemenWe get the back story for the whole organization for its fist inception at the age of the kingdoms and before the Americas and that was great and interestingThe revival of the lost souls and the big twist at the end great stuff Kingdoms come and go and the only way to last forever is to not ever exists See a king may rule but the real power is in the hands A those who can make or break 'em That's been the way it is FOREVERCroatoa I think one of the best or maybe the best volume so far I only care about the grand mystery which is thankfully the focus of this volume for the most part It also starts to get a bit confusing in this volume though because we’re meant to be keeping track of all these different characters some of whom don’t know who they are themselves and there aren’t very many references back to anyone There are so many subplots and side characters introduced only so they can be killed in a ridiculous way and it muddies what might otherwise be a decent series Everything comes together revealing answers that just leaves uestions So many great interactions and character moments that just drops my jaw and doesn't let up with the shock and surprises What started as a noir anthology showcasing the best themes and style isnpired by Will Eisner goes full on epic in this volume as the stakes escalate Definitely worth the build up from the rest of the series The strongest installment in the series so far for me The catchy hook of earlier issues has been put on a bac k burner as Azzarello delves deep into the brutal world of the people behind the briefcases handguns and bullets

100 Bullets Vol 8 The Hard Way PDF ó Bullets Vol 8
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  • 100 Bullets Vol 8 The Hard Way
  • Brian Azzarello
  • English
  • 15 July 2016
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