My Life and Other Catastrophes (Girlfriend Fiction, #1)

My Life and Other Catastrophes (Girlfriend Fiction, #1)❰EPUB❯ ✸ My Life and Other Catastrophes (Girlfriend Fiction, #1) Author Rowena Mohr – Ever get the feeling your life would ualify for National Disaster Relief Say hello to Erin CostelloErin's pretty much your average teenage girl except that her mother has all the maternal instincts of and Other PDF ☆ Ever get the feeling your life would ualify for National Disaster Relief Say hello to Erin CostelloErin's pretty much your average teenage girl except that her mother has all the maternal instincts of a black widow spider and her dad is out of work and completely clueless That's probably why My Life PDF or they're divorced Not that anyone except Erin seems to care Certainly not Erin's sucky little brother Ben who's too busy making money or her best friend Rami who is turning into a fanatical environmental activist with the emphasis on mental And definitely not Creepazoid Erin's mum's new boyfriend who may or Life and Other MOBI ô may not be a drug dealing pervert disguised as a mild mannered PE teacher It's an eventful year for Erin Costello but is her imagination running wild. This book has to be my favouirte outta all the books i read soo far Rowena Mohr the style she wrote this book is just so awesome I felt like I was reading someone's diary And man stuff Erin wrote in her journal that she has to complete for English made me laugh brang me to tears and well made me smile like an idiot It was so realistic as well I can seriously imagine some teenager like me in the world going through this Its just shocking what you find out about Erin's dad Brendan's mum and Erin's mum new boyfriend I seriously feel for Erin her life is a MAJOR catastrophe its really good and funny and pretty realisticrecommend to all 12 and up its funny and the dude is so coolcute This book was really funny and it is short so you can finish it in no time My Life and Other Catastrophes was one of those books that deep down you is probably pretty crappy but you know what? At the time it was just fun A little pathetic and a lot of overdramatised teenage whinging but it was funny and carefree and I really have to say that for the better part of the book I was entertained Lately that is all I can ask for I have had a pretty bad run so far this year but this brighten my spirits up for an hour or two even with the pathetic protagonistErin's life has taken a hit since her parent split up Her mum is dating her PE teacher who Erin is sure is a pervert drug dealer and its starting to look serious; her best friend is pulling away from her; her father is a slob; her little brother seems to have a uestionably endless supply of cash; and everything in her life just seems to be a catastropheThis book did not have a very gripping plotline Not much happened and what did happen was pretty ridiculous Erin is one of those people that blows everything out of proportion and completely exaggerates the situation kind of like my little brother actually While it led to some pretty hilarious situations such as her thinking that her PE teachermother's boyfriend is a child molesting drug dealer because he is seen with her school's druggie on than one occasion it became a little annoying when she constantly jumped to irrational conclusions The characters were perfectly captured as the confused teenaged children trying to be adults that they were meant to be The voice that Rowena Mohr gave to Erin's diary was so casually written that I could hear Erin thinking each of her words It sounded real and funny and a truthful recount of someone like Erin I absolutely loved how this book was set in Australia I have only ever read one book set here before since every book seems to be set in either America or Britain so it was a nice change For once I could instantly recognise the slang and the references to actors and movies I didn't have to skim over them like I knew what they meant like I have to do with American novels I understood how Erin's school worked It made so much sense to me than these American schools with their homecomings and dances and jocks and cheerleadingOverall while My Life and Other Catastrophes wasn't the most creative nor best written novel and even though it lacked a captivating plotline it made me laugh and smile; I enjoyed reading it It was easy to fly through the pages and I will definitely be picking up the nest book though I see that it will be by Penni Russon instead of Rowena Mohr A great book for teenagers I rcieved this book for my sixteenth brithday but I couldn't tell you if the book ended up being brilliant or not because I could barely get through the first fifty pages before I chucked the book at the nearest wall While probably an alright book for 10 12 year old girls 'My Life and Other Catastrophes' just falls short of being able to interest anyone else The biggest letdown and probably the reason why I found the story so unbearable was the characterisation Erin comes across as snarky whiny everything HAS to be about her and rude She insults everyone around her even her so called best friend to the point that it's no wonder she and Rami are sorta outcasts I don't like the way Rami is represented either the author sets her up to sound like an Eco Maniac and then only defends her when someone points that out It just doesn't make senseI also found the whole 'Girl who has never auditioned for anything becomes second lead' idea ludicrous As a long time theatre geek I know that this rarely happens and it sets the young audience because that's the only audience who will read the book up to believe that they can get anywhere with no practise Which is not trueTL;DR the book isn't suitable for anyone over twelve the main character is whiny and rude If I could give it half a star I would My Life and Other Catastrophes by Rowena Mohr is the first book in the Girlfriend Fiction series Erin Costello lives in fictional Aussie suburb of Wilga Heights Her parents are divorced and her mum is now dating the new PE teacher Chris at her school For English Erin is assigned a journal which she must write in and this is the format of the bookOh my goodness Erin has to be the most self centred character I have ever read about And that might send most readers running but she ended up being amusing even though she was selfish and rude most of the time Her best friend Rami is going through stuff new boy Brendan is also having trouble does she notice – no She’s far too busy concocting crazy stories about Chris being a drug dealer and trying to get her mum to dump himIt was pretty obvious what was really going on with her Chris and I thought Erin was going to blow it by meddling but the ending was really good and I was happy to see Erin gain a bit of awareness about her behaviour and what a crappy friend she was This book is so different to when I first read it When I first read it I thought it was amazing but when I reread it I couldn't help but notice that Erin was a female dog Rami was right All Erin did was think about herself She was always jumping to the wrong conclusions I have no idea how she went from thinkinkg her step father was a creep to a druggie I don't know how she didn't know that Brandon liked her as I found it completely obvious Good book otherwise If you care about someone it doesn't really matter whether they think you're an idiot or whether you're going to get anything back in return it's enough to know that you've maybe made their life a little better

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  • My Life and Other Catastrophes (Girlfriend Fiction, #1)
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