Devils Food Cake A Culinary Mystery #3

Devils Food Cake A Culinary Mystery #3[EPUB] ✿ Devils Food Cake A Culinary Mystery #3 ❄ Josi S. Kilpack – Calling All Book Lovers Please join us this Friday as the Garrison Library welomes favorite son Thom Mortenson for a special appearance to discuss his bestselling novel Devilish Details It's guarantee Calling All Book Lovers Please join us this Cake A PDF/EPUB ¶ Friday as the Garrison Library welomes favorite son Thom Mortenson for a special appearance to discuss his bestselling novel Devilish Details It's guaranteed to be a memorable evening Place The Carmichael Hotel ballroom Time PM It’s been years since author Thom Mortenson has been back to Garrison Colorado As part of the committee that invited the bestselling writer to speak at the library fund raiser Sadie Hoffmiller wants everything to be perfect right down to the homemade devil’s food cake she baked herself Murder was not on Devils Food Epub / the menu When Thom’s manager ends up dead on stage Sadie immediately offers her guidance and expertise to investigators But when the police refuse to take her seriously Sadie has no choice except to pursue justice on her own With her son Shawn at her side her reputation on the line and a full cast of characters including a suspicious phtographer an inuisitive reporter and a helpful handsome neighbor with some useful skills Sadie Hoffmiller is once again on the case But the devil is in the details as they say and as Sadie digs deeper into Food Cake A PDF Æ the mystery she discovers unexpected ties to another tragedy as dark as the chocolate in Sadie’s world famous devil’s food cake. I don't really know why I keep reading these books Through the entire first half of the book I am usually bugged by the way the main character acts and thinks Sadie Hoffmiller is the star of this particular series and she always starts out very annoying to me She is obsessive about weight hers and others the way she looks the way she dresses and she is also very judgy The exact kind of person I would not want to be friends with And since characters in books usually become my friends I am still confused why I keep reading this seriesBut by the middleend of the book she has stopped obsessing uite so much and I actually see a bit of the humor in her personality She is pretty caricature And by that time I am wanting to figure out the murder mysteryAnd of course by the very end I am wanting to read the next one But I will say I have to be in the mood I wish these books were just a bit shorter so they were even a uicker read So even though this wasn't my favorite book I am too intrigued in the new romantic relationship to not read the next book This is the third book in the Sadie Hoffmiller culinary mystery series She's back in Colorado and once again in the middle of a murder investigation Josi's books just get better and better I love Sadie She is so funny What goes through her mind at times even times of stress makes me laugh I appreciate how detailed and important everything is even little things like a character's daughter I did figure something out though and I'm glad it will be discussed in the next book This story takes place in a very short amount of time and yet it doesn't seem rushed It flows well and once you get going you won't want to stop I really enjoyed this book and give it 4 12 stars I'm wanting to try Evil Chicken A fast paced delightWho knew so much could happen to Sadie in 24 hours This was a lot of fun to read You've got to love how Sadie just happens to stumble upon interesting information that leads to solving murders She is a delightful and uirky heroine with recipes that are a sweet and delicious bonus At the beginning of the book Devil's food cake Sadie waits for her date Pete at the Carmichael Hotel ballroom Right after Pete shows Mark gets shot in the middle of the stage Sadie wants to learn but get arrested for being to nosy When Jane Seeley shows to help with the case Sadie is relieved Later when looking for clues Sadie goes to Josh's house only to find that Thom and Josh are real good friends When Sadie is chased of she falls into a window well and meets Eric After awhile everyone thinks that Mark committed suicide Sadie comes home only to find that Thom is at her house When she gets inside Thom attacks her and she find that he is the murderer and a maniac Thom injures Sadie and she has to go to the hospital Thom is then set off to get special care Sadie after getting relieved of the stress goes out on a date with Pete One example of alliteration is The glass made traction impossible so she rolled onto her back and tried kicking Thom's hand Kilpack 336 Another example is Sadie wasn't sure she liked the bossy Breanna but had finally convince her and Shawn to get her some real food 342 An example of a simile is She kicked her own leg as much as she kicked him though 336 An example of an onomatopoeia is Knock knock? 339 An example of and allusion is Bonnie and Clyde 347 I liked that the murder happened so uickly in the book It took place in the first twenty pages I also like that the twist in the end was spot on amazing And then last of all I liked having the feeling that I was in Sadie's shoes when she is going against the law What I disliked about the book is that I hated the character Eric Even so then Eric; I disliked Jane Seleey and her slyness And then I hated the Thom's backstory because it was so sad I agree with other critics who have said that Kilpack really hit her stride with this third of her series of culinary mysteries This plot shows imagination and inventiveness than the first two and really keeps the pages turning After a stint in England second book Sadie Hoffmiller is back in her hometown in Colorado and another murder has occurred by a shotgun blast right in front of a group of townspeople at a meeting Eww Sadie of course feels she must rise to the occasion despite the fact that her gentlemen friend Detective Pete Cunningham repeatedly tells her to just go home What I especially love about Sadie besides her stubborn determination and cleverness in figuring things out is her love of food and the way she tries to control her sweet tooth but always gives in At the beginning of this story Sadie is supposed to be on a diet after her adventure in England where she enjoyed a little too much trifle and too many scones and crumpets and gained 12 pounds in two weeks Is that even possible? said asks herself Yeah Sadie it is The description of Sadie savoring a piece of her own devil's food cake just before the murder occurs is worth the whole read This book also introduces Sadie's adopted son Shawn as a principal character and he proves to be as creative and likeable as Sadie herself He even does his share of cooking a tasty recipe called evil chicken This is a nice contrast to the other recipes the book includes which are mostly variations of luscious chocolate cakes This is a fun read with some interesting twists and turns and a hint that Sadie just might have two gentlemen friends to choose from in the future I love Sadie Hoffmiller She's a kick and she's eccentric But she's also loyal Josi Kilpack has created a charming character who just continues to grow on you as you read each successive story Sadie imagines herself an amateur yet very experienced sleuth and since the police aren't listening to her she decides to investigate things on her own What follows is an intricate comedy of errors as Sadie uncovers layer upon layer of deception and secrets If she's not tracking down potential criminals she's cooking for them And in this story we meet her son Shawn who's just like his mother at getting into trouble and tracking down criminals He seems to have inherited her cooking skills tooThe story and Sadie's shenanigans are completely implausible but hysterically funny I wish Jane's character was better developed and that she got of a comeuppance but I also think that she will make a return appearance at some pointBaking and cooking are as important to Sadie as breathing So just as in the first two novels Lemon Tart and English Trifle Josi includes the recipes that are relevant to the story I can't wait to try severalA delightful book and easily recommended I'm looking forward to the next one in the series Key Lime Pie Sadie Hoffmiller is at it again But of course it's not her fault she just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time Bestselling author and former resident of Sadie's hometown Thom Mortenson arrives to give a presentation for the library fundraiserWhen Thom's manager is mysteriously shot while getting the microphone ready on the stage Sadie is right there to uncover all of the clues No she didn't actually see the shot blast because she was savoring eyes closed a delicious bite of her very own Devil's Food Cake But that fact would never deter Sadie's spry involvementAs the whirlwind night unfolds Sadie is drawn into a complex web of information each turn surprising than the next But the only caveat is that she must follow the trail of clues without the police which takes a bit of navigation on Sadie's partSadie Hoffmiller is a delightful character uirky funny and never fails to disappoint Devil's Food Cake is another Kilpack classic and like the other books in this culinary mystery series the whodunit comes at a surprise It had been awhile since I had read a Sadie Hoffmiller mystery but I jumped right back into these stories and the main character I hate reading a series out of order so I read this oneand the others before reading and reviewing book #8 I enjoyed this one and the recipes I like Sadie Some people find her annoying but I really like her and can understand her in many ways I'm not as adventurous as her but her being a busybody is part of Sadie and why these stories happen This story moved a lot and did surprise me at the end A fun read even if the food obsession got a little silly a few times I think Josi Kilpack did a great job of infusing the book with the main character's personality I don't think I'd want to be close friends with Sadie Hoffmiller but it was fun to read about her I was debating between 3 and 4 stars I wasn't completely convinced that the villain could fool everyone so well for so long but I decided on 4 stars because the last paragraph left me with a huge grin on my face

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