Accidentally Demonic (Accidentals, #4)

Accidentally Demonic (Accidentals, #4)❰Download❯ ➽ Accidentally Demonic (Accidentals, #4) Author Dakota Cassidy – The devilish new novel from the national bestselling author of The Accidental Human When mild mannered Casey Schwartz wakes up in jail she has no memory of how she got there But after her sister Wanda The devilish new novel from the national bestselling author of The Accidental Human When mild mannered Casey Schwartz wakes up in jail she has no memory of how she got there But after her sister Wanda bails her out Casey has to deal with than a foggy memory like abrupt mood swings and fireballs shooting from her fingertips But things really head south when a vampire shows up on her doorstep Vampire Clayton Gunnersson is seriously hot And seriously taken by a demon In a ritual gone wrong Clayton tried to get rid of his unwanted bond but spilled some demonic blood on Casey getting her possessed in the process Now Casey has to share her body and manage to keep her growing attraction to Clayton in check because falling for her demon's boyfriend just might get Casey killed from the inside out. After reading the fourth book of the Accidental Friends by Dakota Cassidy all I can think about was Thank God I'm done with the seriesDon't get me wrong I like her books They're funny and witty but I noticed a couple of things in her writing that I find annoying and irritatingfirst The characters talk too darn much They ramble soo much I wanted to reach from the pages and give them a good whack in the head to make them stop And make them listen to the person that was conversing with them All you Dakota Cassidy readers out there get thissecond All of her books especially this series are full of cursing and threats I don't mind them at all when I read one of her characters curse like a sailor or threatens soo much body harm that they should be under police custody but if it too much they kinda lose their meaning and becomes irritating to read You'll either roll your eyes or if you're just like me just skip and read the next paragraph Believe me you won't miss anythingOverall the series are fun to read a little repetitive but ok for the most part I'll probably read other authors for the mean time to desensitize myself from Dakota's writing uirks but she's still one of my fav authors and I'll definitely read some of her books but not for now Dakota Cassidy's style of writing has a uniue urban vibe and as always she never fails to display her witty humor throughout the book Yet without such humor I probably would have been bitter and furious the entire time due to Casey's nonchalance run of the mill attitude towards her changing to a demon No matter if Casey had a practical mind I expected her to at least throw some fireballs or give a butt whooping to Clayton since she almost resulted into a lifetime servitude to Lucifer as well as in hell mated to a demon because of him I know I would freak out if I found horns on my head a the letter L tattooed to my ass web feet green scaly skin a bitch trying to kill me and nearly spending an eternity mated to a demon Instead when she said she would give it to him she ended up drooling over his body Lame Moreover Clayton the vampire who accidentally causes Casey's dilemma only makes matters worse by never being uite honest with her It seems he lacked the cajones nearly through the entire book until closer to the end but even then it was meek I can't understand how Casey fell in love with someone who couldn't be honest or who omitted the truth time and time again I guess it's why I'm giving the book 2 stars since I couldn't fall head over heels for the characters or understand their rationality I suggest reading Dakota Cassidy's book Kiss and Hell in place of Accidentally Demonic Although I started off this series in love with Dakota Cassidy by the time I got to Book 3 I was definitely falling out of love with it The story lines are slim at best there's way too much dialogue and not enough characterization And if I may say it Nina is starting to work my nerves The meaningless curse words don't add to the story instead I want to smack the person who thinks various forms of the F word make a good character Needless to say I had planned on reading the fifth in this series but it's all so much of the same Paranormal guy screws up and accidentally turns an unwilling run of the mill girl into his species Guy and girl fight each other and their growing attraction Guy and girl give in and do the deed Girl saves guy from some sort of peril using strengthskills she didn't know she possessed Guy decides to keep girl forevs They kiss The end There I just saved you from reading this book Take my advice and stick to books 1 and 2 Accidentally Demonic is the forth book in Dakota Cassidy’s Accidental series This time around we follow a new character Casey who happens to be Wanda’s Book 3 Accidental Human little sister Casey has a crap job working as a “handler” for two brat socialite kids think Paris Hilton doing all sorts of damage control has left Casey with little time of her own and has made her relationship with Wanda extremely strained Out with the terrible two some one night Casey ends up being the one who needs a handler when she attacks a cop and goes ape shit in the middle of a bar She wakes up in jail the next morning and hasn’t the slightest idea what the hell she did to get her there After Wanda and the gang Nina Marty bail her out Clayton ends up at her door explaining she’s now some sort of demon Clay being the smart one he is spilled demon blood on Casey which makes Nina’s attitude issues look bland in comparisson to Casey who can shoot fireballs out of her fingertips when she gets pissed there’s some great bitch fights between Casey Nina And of course Casey starts to fall for Clay but the demon who’s blood she’s got pumping through her veins won’t have thatAccidentally Demonic is the best of the Accidental Series Ms Cassidy’s voice can be heard through every single character from Wanda to Marty She really is on a role with Accidentally Demonic it truly is the best of the entire series The new characters are hysterical a Jamaican Demon who speaks patois and the one liners made me snort there’s a line where Casey is speaking to the Jamaican Demon and calls him Mr Tallymon I about died There are two new characters that I can see branching off for a new series I fell in love with both of them one is a male demon with a heart of gold If you are a fan of the Accidental Series you won’t be disappointed when you get your hands on a copy of Accidentally Demonic It’s already holding a place on my favorites of 2010 it’s not even 2010 yet Another great book in the Accidental Friends series I used to be an educator so when I first started reviewing books I was into looking at them for their literary value how they were written and I was thinking in terms of academia I've thankfully learned to just love them for whatever reasons I do love them LOL I still cannot give a great read 5 stars if there are a lot of errors because that does stunt the continuity of the reading but this book is not earth shattering it doesn't give me life lessons but it makes me laugh LOL and it makes me anxious to get back to it so I can smile and laugh I never heard so many sexual sayings in my life and I'm pretty darn up there in age LOL So this book still gave me lots of bang for my buck Casey is the main focus in this one She cares for two children or shall I say brats who one night when she is out with them she ends up getting into it with a policeman Like a full blown fight Of course when she wakes up locked up she doesn't know how on earth she got there Nina is one of the constant characters in these books and she's back But so is the hot guy Clayton Might I say that he's also a demon and he spills demon blood on Casey? Oh My Goodness Does she ever become a little monster Wow AND she has the hots for Clay too What will Nina have to say about all this?Please if you read this book or any in this series know it's meant to be light hearted silly foolish and not a deep meaningful read Otherwise you'll tsk tsk at it Me? I'm loving the books all of them Maybe it's in part because we're in the middle of the pandemic that none of us will ever forget but these books take me to an entirely different world and therefore different emotions 4 12 stars for Accidentally Demonic As always D Lo AKA Dakota Cassidy delivers yet another Accidental that is full of humor twisty turns horns and fangs I choose up the book I'm going to read by the mood I'm in So when I need to laugh and need to learn even colorful language Dakota is my hit I only wish I could put the books down to draw out the fun sigh this was a 24 hour read for me It was ok This is a cute series but the books start to feel like the same story told four times with different names inserted for the characters This book also had A LOT of unnecessary dialogue the female characters go on and on endlessly it got a little annoying For me this one has been the best thus far I've grown to like these and I had wondered where the series would go after the three main friends had their accidental moments So we went to Wanda's sister and she is accidentally turned into a demon Her realization of her new powers comes when she's angry at Nina in a pretty funny confrontation view spoiler ending with her tied to a chair with pantyhose LOL Funny stuff Accidentally Demonic progresses a lot of the paranormal lore that is pretty uniue in this series Some of it I liked some of it felt like it contradicted old lore I still don't understand for example how mating with a demon works with the vampire lore we learned in Accidentally Dead Overall a really fun story and I find myself eager to continue the series The narration continues to work really well for me and I'm disappointed to learn that there will be a narrator change later on in the series hide spoiler Fun

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