Stolen Earth (Delroi Connection, #3)

Stolen Earth (Delroi Connection, #3)❰Read❯ ➪ Stolen Earth (Delroi Connection, #3) Author Loribelle Hunt – Britt Anderson is retired Secretive and fiercely independent she journeys to Delroi to spend time with her two oldest friends She doesn’t expect to be dragged back into the spy business when she get Britt Anderson is retired Secretive and fiercely independent she journeys to Delroi to spend time with her two oldest friends She doesn’t expect to be dragged back into the spy business when she gets there But the lure is impossible to fight for a not so reformed adrenalin junkie Danger Conspiracy What’s not to loveUnfortunately there’s always a price and it presents itself as the darkly dangerous Barak Trace She can’t deny the attraction but has enough sense to steer clear of the possessive glint in his gaze Until he somehow manages to merge his psychic abilities with hers When he’s captured by rebel forces she has no choice but to go after him The uestion is will she be able to free herself once he’s rescued And will she even want toContains SM flogging caning anal toys and light bondage. 20 Sex at Very Inappropriate Times StarsBarak TraceBrarak is the Spymaster for Torfa family But he was meant to be the leader of his own clan when his father stepped down Barak is loyal to the Torfas Which sucks because everyone believes that his family is behind the terrorist attacks against the Torfa family Barak has been kidnapped and tortured But prior to his abduction he formed a mental bond with his mate Britt Britt AndersonBritt is an Earth spy an assassin and a woman on a mission to free her man Barak was taken right in front of her and she will not stop until she has rescued him She is also psychically connected to Barak but doesn't understand why He didn't have time to tell her that he bonded them as mates just before his abduction He only had time to kiss her as he whispered the bonding prayerThis book was full of action and sex The sex was always at the most inopportune times After abduction and torture for 3 weeks The last thing I would have on my mind would be sex Maybe a shower and a hot meal AND THEN I might consider sex But why would a woman who is covered in sweat and sand who hasn't showered in over a week want to have sex with a man she just rescued A man that has been tortured for over 3 weeks He was covered in blood and sweat and grime and was in obvious painBut who am I to judge? I have already stretched my imagination to believe in aliens so why not accept everything that the writer throws my way Speaking of inappropriate sex Britt ends up in a fire fight with her father in law and he ends up dying But the only thing her mate wants to do after he rescues her is strip her down and make sure she has no injuries And then they screwed While she was still covered in his father's blood What The Fuck? WHO does that? NOBODY And If any man wanted to have sex with me immediately after his father was killedI would have to uestion his sanity and our relationshipSo needless to say that was almost a deal breaker for me but I was so close to the end of the story that it wasn't worth making this a DNF And the intro to book four had started and I am very interested in the next couple They do not appear to be ruled by hormonesSo far Book 1 Invasion Earth was the best Then each book has progressively gone down hill Book 1 was a 4 star the next was a 3 star and this one was a not so great 2 star I am praying that book four is not a 1 star or a DNF I got my fingers crossed and I'm diving inMy Delroi Connection Reviews Invasion Earth Leaving Earth Stolen Earth Claiming Earth This is the 3rd book in the seriesInvasion EarthLeaving EarthStolen EarthLIKE BOOK TWO REINCARNATEDThey can be read out of order but I wouldn't recommend itFirst of all this felt and read very much like the 2nd book Just add some tattoos a family plot and you could find all the ahem a scenes interchangeable with the 2nd book There's lots of action and killing but curiously little in the way of feelings other than lust If you read the 2nd book you've read the third oneIMO if the author had left out oh 90% of the sex scenes the book would be very very thin but you'd have the good makings of a story There is so much to explore and about a million emotions to think about For example if Churchill lost the war would he be willing to send his daughter to Germany to marry some Gestapo guy?Earth is no longer free Delroi came looking for women and wiped Earth's defenses on the proverbial floor When the Delroi men find their mate they claim her instantly without fanfare In the book they women don't mind too much since the bond chains their emotions to the man and they fall hopelessly head over heels in love with the overbearing Delroi warriors But be prepared to watch strong females crumpleI enjoyed the first book the most of the three listed I don't like listing a book as just `OK' but that's the best I can say I understand the point of having an multi story over arcI understand having each book in the series be short and a part of the story So of a Serial than a stand alone in the grand schemeHowever these books don't actually advance the story arc very much So we are getting little slivers of not muchThe women are pretty much all the sameThe men are pretty much all the sameThe sex changes ever so slightly in varying degree of kinkBut for the most part? It's a lot of the sameHaving said all that it wasn't horrible to readI didn't find myself annoyed with either of the characters The only time I found myself annoyed was view spoiler him making her wear a butt plug for the first time at an official event WHERE THEY KNEW THERE WOULD BE DANGER so he was purposefully putting her in danger because she would be distracted by the vibrating plug hide spoiler 3 Stars Love this SeriesJust before Barak Trace was take he whispered something in Britt Anderson's ear creating a psychic link Britt Anderson is best friends with Laney and Kendall and came to Delroi part curiosity part to be sure Kendall and Laney were safe She is a psychic with a little solider spy and assassin Now she is heading to the Southern lands home of the Saber clan who's head is Barak's father A hot bed for rebellion against the Trofa rule Britt rescues a badly injured Barak their escape goes sideways He take her to his family home He is unsure who he can trust He hasn't been home in 20 years His father wants him to take control of the clan His twin Falkor has his back as well as his childhood best friend Roarr who is now head of his clan They get help from a friend Britt's Janace Hawkins who like Britt but powerful who Falkor takes an interest Fast paced and steamy military alien invasion romance Needs to be read in order Britt Barke Trace telepaths and soul mates in this next great book Delroi Connection Book 3This is Britt and Barak's story I liked both of them they had some sweet and tender moments and I believed their love was genuine I also dug the mental connection between them and their ability to speak telepathicallyBecause of the bond between Delroi males and their mates the men are intensely protective of their women It's not that they think women can't protect themselves just that their mates are so precious to them they can't stand the thought of anything endangering them The problem is these earth women are soldiers and very capable and intelligent In addition the females are protective of their men as wellThe backstory about the rebellion advanced a little bit but I've found that the whole AlienEarth setting is just background and isn't a major focus of the story And that's just fine with me I enjoy the relationship focus of the seriesWhat I wasn't crazy about BDSM It wasn't particularly violent or excessive but Barak using a cane and flogger were disturbing to me even though it's clear Britt is an active participant and enjoyed it However it was only a couple of scenes and I was able to deal with it Britt being covered with tattoos I simply do not find them sexy at all on a man or a woman It's a personal thing but again I was able to look past it because I sincerely like Britt Lastly there is very little to distinguish the Delroi from a typical alpha earth man From their use of Baby Sweetheart and other human slang they don't come off as alien The only distinguishing difference is the intensity and instantaneous attraction when they meet their mateThose uibbles are only minor though this is an entertaining series and I look forward to the next book Main CharacatersBritt Anderson Artist and retired spyassassin on Delroi to support her friend LaneyBarak Trace Spymaster for the Torfa leaders of DelroiSynopsisview spoilerDuring book 2 of the series Britt came to Delroi with her friend Kendall to support Laney during her pregnancy Although Britt was also there to help Laney figure out intrigues are putting Alrik and Daggar in jeopardy At the end of the book Barak said the joining prayer to Britt just prior to his being kidnapped by rebels and taken back to his home clan to be torturedIn this book Britt has gone after Barak with several of Barak's men Although an explosion blows up the transport they brought and the men who were there to help presumably since we don't hear from them again in the book Britt manages to rescue Barak and he guides them to his family house for protection Barak's father is the clan leader and Barak is his heir Unfortunately it also appears that Barak's father is also part of the rebellion During this book Barak takes over the clan fights the rebellion and he and Britt solidify their bond hide spoiler I like the books in this series the only problem is that they are too short Britt is a Spy and so is Barack her mate In the last book Barak has said the binding prayer of his people and bound them together right before he is captured and taken away This book picks up too far in the future Britt has spent two weeks tracking him down and it picks up when she locates him and rescues him There is no real drama to it like oh there he is tied to a wall lets get him and go And that's it The rest of the time is spent trying to figure out the players in a rebellion as well as fit in another mated couple Too much going on in such a short book however it was pretty decent and the storyline is interesting I truly believe this would be a really awesome series if it was longer with detail and a well developed story and characters I would loan this book TTFN Sandy Third in series 25 starsThe last book 'Leaving Earth' finished with Barak being kidnapped by the rebel forces after uickly saying the mates blessing to Britt Britt sets off to find Barak using their psychic link sounds good so faryes and it's a good idea but again it's a little jumpy bits seemed to be missing and it felt a lot like the last book It's a little too predictable for example you know that as soon as a human female is introduced she's instantly going to meet her mateIf I'm being honest the story as it's told is not strong enough if you took out all the sex you wouldn't be left with much which is a shame because I like the characters and the ideaWill I read the next book yes I not exactly sure why but I do want Laney to have her baby