A Matter of Time Book IV

A Matter of Time Book IV➵ [Reading] ➷ A Matter of Time Book IV By Mary Calmes ➪ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Jory Harcourt is back in trouble An old threat has shown up and soon Jory is running from a madman who ll do anything to see him dead When Jory is kidnapped it soon becomes clear he is up against some Jory Harcourt of Time ePUB ´ is back in trouble An old threat has shown up and soon Jory is running from a madman who ll do anything to see him dead When Jory is kidnapped it soon becomes clear he is up against something bigger than he ever imagined Sam Kage the police detective he loves is caught in the crossfire and ends up A Matter MOBI :¼ fighting for his life in a hospital bed Jory springs into action and goes on the defensive to catch a serial killer The trail leads from his home in Chicago to Dallas and back More resourceful than anyone imagined Jory cracks the case or does he  And can his love affair with Sam withstand the pressureThis edition is out of print. 3 Stars We're all mad Jory you're an idiot Which was probably true I couldn't really defend myself Jory annoyed me to no end in this book Sit down shut the fuck up and listen when you're being given GOOD FUCKING ADVICE Have some fucking common sense And for the love of Alexander Graham Bell uit fucking hanging up the phone on peopleI have no idea how Sam puts up with him most of the time I cannot believe that my family your brother all our friends and an entire police force can't keep tabs on one twenty six year old graphic designer who thinks he's fuckin' Batman His decision making was idiotic naive and just plain old reckless and stupid So what kept me going? Sam Plain and simple His unyielding love and devotion to Jory was just melt your heart and throw your panties across the room fantastic I don't sleep the same when you're not with me I figured that out when I was gone all that time You're the only one who makes me forget about everything else so I can justbeYou know for a big tough silent guy type you say a lot of really good stuffYeah well I tryNo you don't And that's the best part And that's what I loved about Sam the most He didn't tryhe just was He was unbelievably in love with Jory The can't breathe sleep think live without you kind of love And I loved every single second of that All the extra over the top shenanigans were completely unnecessary for me Frankly they just got in the way All I wanted was Sam and Jory I think in real life magic happens every day he said rolling over on top of me staring down into my eyes But even if it doesn't who cares? I don't need a happily ever after J I just need the ever after part The adjective can be whatever Up and down ever after sometimes rocky ever after crazy ever after I don't give a shit As long as you stick around we'll just do the best we can day after day So Sam and Jory the romance get 4 stars Loved their uiet ok as uiet as it can get with Jory times together Somehow they just balance each other out and work And by the way Sam is free to manhandle me any day of the week Just saying The rest of the over the top suspense storyline get a generous 2 stars from me There was no need for all the ridiculous craziness So I'll put my average at 3 and call it a day I have been putting off writing this review for days now It's time to put on my Big Girl Pants and get it doneI had surgery on Oct 13 2014 and knew I was going to have 14 glorious days of doing absolutely nothing to spend reading all the books I have been dying to read but needed uninterrupted time to enjoy them On that list was the Cut and Run series because duh and Amy Lane's Promises series along with several stand alone titles One of those stand alone titles was Mary Calmes' All Kinds of Tied Down Wow I absolutely LOVED that book Put it on my absolute favorites list gave it a glowing review and after that I went to read what my fellow GR friends thought of the book In reading other reviews I found out that Sam Spade Miro and Ian's boss was one of the Mc's in the Matter of Time series Jackpot I thought I have all this time I'm going to sueeze that series into my 2 weeks since I already know and love tall serious and handsome Sam Spade and I am a serious Mary Calmes fan Plus MM romance fans go mental for that series WINWIN Oh my goodness how I wish that is how it had turned outI guess it all started out pretty well Even though I felt MC Jory was a bit young at 23 I liked the hot GFY romance in the first book I must say I liked Jory and his relationship with his boss Dane which is kinda weird but considering how the two of them ended up I see now why that was As I started the second book I wasn't as into these boys because of the fighting and how I just wasn't into what Jory was up to without Sam in the picture And as it turned out after reading the first 4 books Jory spent the vast majority of the time AWAY from Sam not with him I didn't particularly enjoy that Jory was written as this character of absolute perfection Everybody who met him feel for his charms instantly He could liven up any party seduce any man OR woman make anyone feel instantly at ease He was a little TOO perfect It got old FASTAnd don't even GET ME STARTED on how much I hated how many times Sam and Jory broke up and then got back together Honestly I was SO CLOSE to completely giving up on the series many many times but I really wanted to give at least the first 4 books a chance But now here is where I feel kinda let down but I don't blame anyone but myself HonestWhen I am reading a book that isn't going well for me but I make a pact with myself that I am absolutely going to finish when I have free reading time and I'm not feeling the book I'll do something else instead If it's a book I'm not sure about I'll just read a different book and go back to it later no big deal But with this series I made myself give it my undivided attention And there were SO many times I wasn't feeling it so I'd turn on the TV or take a nap etc Before I knew it my 2 weeks off was almost over and I has used it up with this series and just a few other books SUCH a bummer No Cut and Run series no Promises But again my decision I guess I didn't realize how uickly time was passingI did like parts of this series and can certainly see where many fell in love with Sam and Jory but I'm going to have to say goodbye to them and wish them well on their continued journeys I do know where they end up so I know there are lots of hearts and flowers so that makes me happy and I'm good with that without having to read the remaining books in the series Written October 30 20144 12 Stars A startling conclusion after 4 fantastic anxious to me books I'm hereby passionately in love with this fascinating Jory worldBook #4What an adventure this has been For almost an entire week have I listened to these first four of six audio books about the beautiful flashy so heavenly loving and always so brave Jory and his sexy burly detective Sam When I finished this fourth book a couple of days ago was I completely exhausted and needed a few days for a review Which is not going to be much to review but simply a fem lines between my happy dancing movements SIMPLY FANTASTIC AUDIBOOKSListen or read these books and see hear discover all this for yourself I salute and thanks Ms Calmes for everything she has given me here How could I hesitate about her MM romances and style before? Stupid stupid meThose A Matter of Time's books are about the relationship love and struggles between Jory Keyes Harcourt 26 and Detective Sam Kage 38 We also meet Jory's former boss and brother Dane Harcourt and a lot of other friends family etc It is all set in Chicago in present time I listened to the first three as well and they were all very nicely narrated by a splendid good narrator by the name Paul Morey#1 A Matter of Time 1 38 stars#2 A Matter of Time 2 38 stars#3 A Matter of Time 3 41 starsThis was probably the most patience demanding and nerve wracking but so grand in the love parts book series I've ever read listened to I loved these characters so much in the end but I must say they rub on my mood and almost cracked my heart Gee could it really be anxiety and back and forth than this? BUT I got my HEA in this fourth one I'm not sure I dare to start #5 Bulletproof What if these guys complicate everything again?I LIKE More than words can explain right now The A Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes view spoilerMM contemporary romances about gorgeous 22 years old Jory Keyes and the men and friends in his Chicago life Book # 1 2 or Vol1 Book # 3 4 or Vol2 Book # 5 6 2 shorties hide spoiler ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱I need to stop⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Re read 18042018 Why am I doing this to myself This is the last re read of this series for me I can't do it any Jory is too stupid and Dane is a married man Just doesn't work for me Everyone loves Jory everyone touches Jory everyone yells at Jory and everyone find Jory gorgeous Apparently he's irresistible Not for me I don't like him A man boy who can't take anything series is so damn annoying and needs to be slapped to get some seriousness into him Jory even lets people kiss him And touch him Sam must be crazy He probably is He act so possessive I love that so I don't understand how he can stand how much Jory lets people do to him view spoilerSam and Jory have gotten married in the end of the book; they had the wedding in Canada a year before hide spoiler I was just so glad it was over you can see my thoughts in my comments if you really care This series was not for me This is what i thought of Jory Hey A Matter of Time Series how’s it goin’? So you’re doing pretty well for yourself 425 stars? That’s really great Um I’ve liked our time together We’ve had some fun but this last time I just hmph it was just okay Don’t get me wrong there were some good moments but then everything just went over the top and it was getting a little ridiculous I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing at you often than not And that’s not really how I want us to be I guess what I’m trying to say is I think we should break up I think I should stop reading you I want you to know that it’s not you it’s me It's totally me I know that sounds cliché And it’s cliché to say it’s cliché but it’s just how I feel I was so excited about you and really wanted to like you I mean everyone thinks your like way cool and everything but we’re just not right for each other But no hard feelings yeah? I’m sure I’ll see you on my update feed as you’re really popular and all And I’ll still stop by to read and like you’re reviews I hope you still get lots of 4’s and 5’s which I’m sure you will Cause everyone loves you ya know? So Yeah I guess that’s it See ya around Few books have ever made me as angry as this one did The author’s knack for breaking up the main characters in every book no longer had me empathising with them as much as I had when I began reading this series but the bitter taste that this one particularly left in my mouth isn’t something I can easily forget The complete and utter lack of respect that Sam showed Jory in this one astounded me Not acknowledging him in public at the wedding they attended together was bad enough considering this was supposed to be the last book in the series but admittedly I thought I understood why he was doing it when he said it wasn’t about them it was the bride’s special day But the way he pranced around with The Bimbo on his arm and basically acted like they were straight and together completely disregarded Jory’s feelings on the matter and then came home one night hot after watching The Bimbo perform a striptease and had sex with Jory – there is no doubt in my mind who he was thinking about when he was doing it either made me feel dirty and used and completely ruined any respect I could have had left for this series Oi I loved the first few books but this one not so much Jory Jory Jory Duuuude You made me want to pull my hair out And I won't even get started on the breaking up and getting back together between Sam and Jory I'm going to take a uick break and then come back to the series It's all beginning to feel repetitive AF so a break is in order Don't worry Jory and Sam I could not finish this book I hated Jory I hated Sam And I hated the story I loved Dane though To bad the story wasn't about him Jory is the King of the World He's the hottest and charming man in the whole planet Even the almighty Rego James respects him Please I hadn't read a book so unrealistic since Twilight and there are 150 books or so in between them I'll uote Jory It was the most ridiculous situation ever The kidnapper had gotten car jacked Hysterical I didn't know whether to laugh or cry Half the time I felt like I was in FFnet reading a slash fic And to think the first book is in my favorites shelfThen there's the spelling mistakes I don't even speak English but I can tell when an editor has done their job right The lack of commas frustrated me I'll stop bitching but I have to ask is there anyone who didn't consider Jory perfect who couldn't put up with him? Apart from Caleb?

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