Adventures of a Suburban Boy

Adventures of a Suburban Boy[PDF / Epub] ★ Adventures of a Suburban Boy Author John Boorman – John Boorman came of age as a filmmaker in the 1960s the golden age of world cinema Then as now his celebrated films embrace the spirit of the era challenging authority uestioning accepted morality an a Suburban Epub Û John Boorman came of age as a filmmaker in the s the golden age of world cinema Then as now his celebrated films embrace the spirit of the era challenging authority uestioning accepted morality and examining the thin line between civilization and savagery In Adventures of a Suburban Boy Boorman delves deeply into these themes applying his subversive sensibility to his life story as well as to some of the most important political and cultural events of the twentieth century The result is a heady fusion of personal memoir and cinematic study as a child of Adventures of PDF or the London Blitz becomes the influential director known for films such as Point Blank Excalibur Hope and Glory Deliverance and The General discussing the cultural role of the motion picture and the art of filmmaking along the way With a vividly depicted supporting cast that includes Sean Connery Richard Burton Burt Reynolds and Cher among others this entertaining and witty tour through the life times and works of one of the cinema's great practitioners is not only essential for anyone seeking a fuller understanding of Boorman's incredible body of work but is also indispensable resource for anyone of a Suburban Kindle Õ who is fascinated by film's impact on our lives. A charming memoir from British director John Boorman Having reached creative maturity in the 60's and 70's a time when Hollywood was reeling from the influence of television and its studios were relatively weak and directionless Boorman managed to make innovative and free spirited movies somewhat in the vein of his New Hollywood contemporaries like Scorsese and Coppola Of course with this artistic vision and power he created some AWFUL just ABSURDLY bad movies Exorcist II Zardoz as well as some classics Deliverance Point Blank Hope and Glory Boorman is a polished writer with a wonderful sense of timing crucial for a filmmaker I suppose The story pivots from his hard scrabble childhood and adolescence in the London suburbs to the early days of ITV then to BBC documentary work and finally to his productive career as a filmmaker I liked the first half of the book better than the second half somehow it's interesting to read about the flummoxed BBC bureaucracy in the 1960s than Boorman's later trials of trying to obtain financing in Hollywood That said the second half also has plenty of goofy celebrity anecdotes as well as shell shocked semi repressed memories from the front lines of movie production Boorman weaves detailed imagery another good trait for a filmmaker? and brings us into his strange and melancholy world c2003 Written by a consumate professional This book contains some interesting vignettes on the start up of commercial TV in the UK but does focus on the trials and tribulations of making films well actually not just the actual filming but the often frustrating attempts to get a project off the ground The one thing that worried me fairly freuently during the book was that it seemed that he ended up working without any income so how did he and his family survive? let alone to buy a lovely property in Ireland? Little things like that really bother me but I can only assume that 1 box office hit sets you up for life Some passages are a little clunky and Mr Boorman certainly had a fixation on the grail story I am afraid being the philistine that I am I only saw two of his films and that was “Hope and Glory” and “Excalibur” I had heard of Deliverance but never wanted to watch it Mr Boorman is also very scathing about semi detached houses No uotes or reviews on the cover at all FWFTB director passion innovative fantastical Arthurian “ But voting Conservative was a way of reassuring himself that he would not slip down into the dreaded working class Thus was England’s class system shored up” Interesting account of director John Boorman's life He helmed Deliverance Hope and Glory and ExcaliburHere's my review I've always liked John Boorman as a film maker but he is a very thoughtful creative person who shares many of my inspirationsThis is a very interesting book about film making particularly how some of his challenging films were made and how Hollywood works the process by which finds can be made or not made but also a very reflective piece on the the nature of being English from the perspective of someone who is very much so but has sufficient distance to look on it almost as an outsider wouldVery inspirational A very intelligent memoir from director John Boorman The director ties his childhood memories and certain events with his later films beautifully Boorman has a great sense of storytelling and avoids the typical tell all book about Hollywood filmmaking Very telling are his portraits of certain personalities he has run across during his careerespecially Christopher Isherwood and James Dickey This man has created some of my favorite films the past thirty years including Deliverance Zardoz and Point Blank Also totally worth the book is the trials and tribulations he had while making Hell In The Pacific; itself a hit and miss film but totally worth watching for the Lee MarvinToshiro Mifune stand offI sincerely hope Boorman continues his writing and filmmaking career for awhile longerhis long gestating project based on Memoirs Of Hadarin is something I am eager to see He had better get this on film A very good example of a film memoircrafted by John Boormanfull of interest nostalgiapunctuated with his often awkward experiences with real life the fantasy world of modern cinema Some of his thoughts about life reach poetic heightsas do many of his filmsThis is no trawl through boring 'motion picture' miscellany but a genuinely endearing study of a boya man his journey through a rich lifeI recommend it to any reader with than a superficial interest in filmsarguably the most superficial of all art formsBoorman is not a superficial mandelving deep into his personal visions of life his hopes glories how they can become rich material too for his cinematic workThere are some vivid pen portraits of the people who have meant most to him; family members film legends bothI will never regard Lee Marvin in the same light after reading Boorman's affectionate but realistic portrait of a man in tormentWonderful stuff I bought this for 50p in a discount bookstore expecting to throw it straight into the nearest bin once I'd read the chapter on the making of Zardoz fabulous film I don't care what anybody says It turned out to be rather good though Boorman's childhood was fairly uneventful and his ruminations on life the universe and everything are a little pedestrian but once he gets into his directing stride the anecdotes come thick and fast his follies Hell In The Pacific Exorcist 2 The Heretic the career of Charley Boorman providing memorable material than his successes John Boorman writes beautifully His words are succinct meaningful and honest He sugar coats nothing of his life spent filming the famous and consorting with the rich He speaks of hard work of passion and of the many foibles of the film world I believe that his film concepts were ahead of their time his ideas would have been transformed greatly by today's technology CGI and digitalisation This book documents the grit along with the glamour The beauty of fantasy is suffused with the pain of reality It is a detailed and thorough account of a creative life lived to the full Boorman's autobiog goes up to the early '90s and he's certainly had a life worth writing about He also manages to make his early years growing up as a boy in the London suburbs during the blitz and later doing his national service just as interesting as his life after fame and success came knocking Well written thought provoking moving insightful and funny this book has it all The chapter on his hair raising experiences making 'Hell In The Pacific' is worth the cover price alone lots of personal stories of the movie making industry you see how he fails and succeeds and continues on

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