裸足でバラを踏め 2

裸足でバラを踏め 2❴Read❵ ➬ 裸足でバラを踏め 2 Author Rinko Ueda – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A rags to riches romance from the creator of Tail of the MoonPoor Sumi Kitamura Her irresponsible older brother Eisuke keeps bringing home orphans for her to take care of even though they can barely a A rags to riches romance from the creator of Tail of the MoonPoor Sumi Kitamura Her irresponsible older brother Eisuke keeps bringing home orphans for her to take care of even though they can barely afford their own basic needs Just when Sumi's financial problems become dire wealthy Soichiro Ashida enters her life with a bizarre proposition he'll provide her with the money she so desperately needs if she agrees to marry him But can Sumi fool high society into thinking she's a proper lady Moreover is it worth giving up everything for this sham of a marriageSumi becomes torn when Soichiro's childhood friend Nozomu expresses romantic interest in her While she is drawn to Nozomu she is also committed to Soichiro as his wife As Sumi fights off her feelings for Nozomu how far will Nozomu go to win Sumi's love. Volume 2 Sumi settles into married life learning to be 'proper lady' She is doing well enough her husband allows her to visit the orphans But trouble could be brewing in the form of a love triangle I wanted to jump into manga as per my 2020 reading goals Unfortunately I think I picked the wrong series to jump in onI found two books from this series at a local used book store so I decided why not? I want manga and this sounded like something I would enjoyI did not enjoyThere's lots of abuse in this story towards our female lead and she doesn't even fight back She gets hit yelled at demeaned and torn down and I don't stand for any of it I just couldn't I got and annoyed and wanted to DNF after the first scenario but I didn't I needed to finish reading it to give it an honest review And it got worseSumi's married to Soichiro a rich man who basically bought her to be his wife but not romantic wife just convenient wife He's a total jerk and demands she be a perfect lady and do whatever he thinks up but doesn't tell her and when she doesn't do it he beats her and demeans her She likes Nozomu an old friend who seems nice but can't go after him since she's married to a woman beaterYeah I don't like this book So much fury so muchOverall this book is a major no from me I can't do it I have one other book in the series I'm gonna take a uick glance through but I'm almost certain this series is not gonna do it for me everOne out of five stars Oh my god I think this is one of my new favorite mangas I love pretty much everything about it The major being the artwork I can't stand to read any manga that has drawings I don't like The cover to this volume was gorgeous I took one look at it and started to drooling One of my personal favorites was the drawings of when Soichiro jumped Sumi in bed Not gonna lie it was kinda hot Also still thinking that Sumi's brother is sexy He's so attractive that even the prostitutes give him a session free of charge That scene made me laugh so muchOne of the major things I have to say after reading this is that this Nozomu guy is a freak Holy shit the guys a weirdo I thought Soichiro was bad but at least he's not a creepy stalker type The scenes at the end especially had me reaching for my rape whistle What's up with Nozomu? Is he planning to view spoilertake Sumi hostage or something? Is he that obsessed that he's going to keep her from leaving the house? hide spoiler TSTL girl with 2 assholes I'm continuing on though I'm really enjoying this series But Nozomu is getting really creepy And Soichiro needs to start letting Sumi into his heart since she is his wife The relationship between Sumi and Soichiro and their loveless marriage continues in volume two of this highly enjoyable manga Sumi makes her debut as his wife and Soichiro rewards her in an unexpectedly kind waySumi gets to visit the kids she left behindThis visit leads to a subtle change in the Kitamura household Nozumu appears againand causes a problem for Sumi that may be unfixable If you enjoy Shojo I think you'll love this series 15So the story progresses on to Sumi's practice debut Her husband reveals his plan to us and his butler so we know the reason why he's letting the relationship happen between Sumi and Nozomu Warning two attempted rapes non graphic but they talk about it then stopped The boys force themselves onto Sumi with their bodies but mainly just with kisses Each of the characters are so stupid My favorite is the butler because of his funny reactions Sumi I hate how dense she is I don't like her She fancies herself in love with people but THANKFULLY she doesn't want to spend time with one of the guys Soichiro He's cruel forceful manipulative etc etc etc He likes Sumi which is pretty gross He acts like a child too There's a part with him and some kids and he fit in so well Nozomu Doesn't he know that Sumi and Soichiro are MARRIED???? He's as gross as Soichiro the kids Pretty resourceful They are my favorite part of the series I'll read on for their sake the butler he got hired because he has similar goals as his boss But besides that he's funny Art style is good I like the way the author did Soichiro's eyebrows I've pretty much got this series figured out after reading this volume Yeah noI meanNOThis book gets a big NOA BIG FAT NOWHY AREN'T THESE CHARACTERS LOVABLE? They're not I don't particularly like any of them AND IT SUCKSOkay okay this might turn into a rant1 A MARRIAGE WITHOUT LOVE?Okay I understand it's an arranged marriage and everything but it stresses the point of No love in this marriage so much that it's literally annoying my hair out of my head I'M ALMOST BALDI'm not really but I bet this would make an even sensitive person very very baldThis is whatwhat's his name again? Soichiro? Okay This is what Soichiro means when he says AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE HAS NO LOVE IN IT1 You treat your wife like a butt face A JERK2 Yousorta abuse her Like you physically hurt her and threaten to slap that butt silly in a spanking angry way if she does not do your will3 You just stress the fact that no love means HATE PURE DEVILISH HATEWhat the heckI mean I know that this whole point of the story is that these two AREN'T supposed to fall in love with each other but why does he have to treat her like that??And what made me like a thousand times madder is how much of a Mary Sue if you will she isAt some point I thought she'd try to get out of this marriage and go back to her children at home or at least object to the way this guy is treating her but she simply turns the cheek and lets herself get smacked across the face back and forth and back and forth and back and forthAnd then and then there's that third guy that likes Sumi but I feel that he is extremely extremely shallow on its ownA rags to riches love would be very very interesting to read but the way this touched my soul it punched it across the face because not love does not mean BE A GIANT JERKFACEAnd I actually considered stopping my journey through this series and just losing interest completely until I saw volumes 3 and 4 on the bookshelves at the library and got curiousBut I swear if some guy was treating me like that I'd beat up his face and be like DON'T YOU BE DOING THATBut I guess it was all for the money her home was receiving and everything I don't knowThis just did not make me happy AT ALL The most interesting love triangle I have come acroos Manga or novel This does not happen often but I really don't like Soichiro or Nozomu Sumi can do much better So in this book after Sumi marries Soichiro she is still infatuated with Nozomu in her debut into society he tries to kiss her She is a good person and feels an obligation towards Soichiro who apparently has a sad past

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  • 裸足でバラを踏め 2
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