Carol of the Bellskis

Carol of the Bellskis[Read] ➲ Carol of the Bellskis ➮ Astrid Amara – Paralegal Seth Bellski is tired of being the secret lover of his boss Lars Varga founding partner of Finch Varga Law So when he asks Lars to spend Hanukkah with Seth's family at their kosher B and B i Paralegal Seth Bellski is tired of being the secret lover of his boss Lars Varga founding partner of Finch Varga Law So when he asks Lars to spend Hanukkah with Seth's family at their kosher B and B in Whistler BC and Lars refuses Seth realizes he will never get his self conscious boss out of the closetSo Seth prepares to spend his Hanukkah holiday alone in the B and B Instead he finds himself running the place as his aunt and uncle are missing and seven demanding peculiar and danger prone guests Carol of PDF/EPUB or have arrived To make matters worse Lars shows up begging forgiveness Lars's touches remind Seth of why he put up with his boss's behavior in the first place If only the words that came out of that beautiful mouth were as sweet as his kissesBut how can Seth find time to fix his broken relationship when the guests are demanding kosher gluten free diets losing their pet terriers and hitting their heads on the ice Seth and Lars find themselves put through the paces of being a married couple all while still broken up But then again if they can survive this Hanukah maybe they'll be singing a Carol of the Bellskis. Seth is angry His boss and lover of a year Lars Varga has refused to come on holiday with him and refused to acknowledge their relationship As a result Seth has called it uits and left to enjoy the Hanukkah holiday solo He travels to his aunt and uncle's orthodox B and B in Whistler British Columbia but when he gets there his relatives are missing and guests begin to arrive Not knowing what else to do Seth acts as host Matters get sticky when Lars shows up trying to patch up their relationship The police search for his relatives his closeted ex tries to charm his way back into his good graces demanding guests take up his time Seth's holiday is looking less and less like a holiday and like a nightmareI really enjoy Amara's voice This is a charming book with some eccentric characters and a simple but satisfying storyline The dialogue flows so naturally and the situations seem very real as Lars struggles to save his relationship with Seth Recommended This was an interesting and fun story I loved the chemistry between Seth and Lars so very nice and uite dreamy They're a good match for each other the constant touches and glances were tender and sweet I liked Lars he was a fool at the beginning but soon came around to figuring out what was important his love for Seth Chuckles and laugh out moments and the guests were an eccentric bunch uite a challenging experience for Seth who did survive with Lars help A funny and enjoyable romance Seth is a paralegal and have been in a relationship with his boss Lars who is not out to his partner or people in the office Tired of being kept secret Seth demands Lars to tell the truth or break up Lars doesn't give the answer Seth wants so he heads up to a B B runs by his aunt and uncle But when he gets there his aunt and uncle aren't and Seth must handle a handful of guests with Lars coming as well on the third night of Hanukah celebration My other experience with Astrid Amara's books are her sci fiparanormal This is her first contemporary title that I read I enjoyed it very much I do like stories about a couple where one is out and one is not It is a base of good emotional plot Like this one while Lars sounds like an a in the beginning and Seth very demanding but I really enjoyed their working out the issue Plus the 'adventure' of handling the guests are fun I haven't read many MM stories with Hanukah theme in it so this is the first Definitely another satisfying read A very well written and engaging storyDespite the rocky start I loved Lars almost instantly Sure he was a bit of an ass at first but you just knew underneath there was a good guy struggling to come outSeth was lovely and I really enjoyed the way he did not cave in at the first but instead stuck to his guns for what he believedThe little mystery and the BB guests added to the story without taking overI really did enjoy this one ETA Still a great read I love Seth and Lars After finally FINALLY reading the seuel Miracle of the Bellskis I decided to go back and do a uick reread of this oneAfter rereading it I have to say I still love it It's funny and sweet and romantic and somehow just feels so real Highly recommended 425Originally read October 2011This is a fun read In the first few pages I thought Lars was a real jerk but he uickly redeemed himself and left me wishing I knew about Seth and what Lars loves about him The story has a few funny moments thrown in and a lot of interesting tidbits about Jewish traditions and customs This was a really cute little story There was an over reliance on stereotypes for comedic effect but I am the last person in the world who should criticize for that issueThe central mystery was not a mystery at all and had no payoff which was annoying but I enjoyed the story for the cute MCs and the witty dialogue This was a cute and entertaining story I felt kinda bad for Seth that after the breakup he needed time alone and got thrown into such a drama with the BB never a dull moment for him At first I thought Lars was a jerk but he really was just scared and I liked how he stuck with trying to convince Seth This was a feel good story First read sometime 2011 4 starsRe read Nov 29 Dec 7 2016Although it took me uite some time to finish this book mainly because several others came between us I still loved it a lot And I'm glad that book #2 is already waiting This book was a fun and sexy read Astrid created two very likeable characters dealing with a very real and common relationship issuehow do you maintain a relationship when one person is still in the closet?Seth and Lars have been dating secretly for over a year They both work for the same law firm Only thing is that Seth is a paralegal and Lars is a partner Seth wants Lars to go away with him on a vacation to his aunt and uncle's Kosher BB the week of Hanukkah At the last minute Lars gets cold feet and tells Seth that he won't go Lars is still in the closet Seth is partially out of the closet He fears that people are already suspicious of his relationship with Seth and this will only make people suspiciousthe two of them going away at the same time For Seth this is the last straw so he breaks up with Lars and goes on the vacation alone When he shows up at his Aunt and Uncle's BB he finds that they are not there and the guests slowly begin to arrive It's a uirky and comical bunch and I found them all enjoyable as they existed in the backgroundoccasionally stepping forward to help move the story along Unexpectedly Seth hears a knock at the door and when he answers it it's none other than Lars come to say he's sorry Seth has made his decision thoughhe can't take the secrets any He won't be drawn back into an unhealthy relationship so he stands firm on the fact that it's overor is it?Astrid's description of the Hanukkah holiday and it's traditions food preparation timing of events use of electricity really helps the reader feel a part of this world Lars and Seth feel like real peopleyou can feel the hurt they both have over what has happened to their relationship You feel Seth's frustration over not being able to share his life with Lars openly You can feel the fear that Lars has about losing everything to have what is important to him SethThere are parts of the book that feel a little forced to create the situation The reason the Aunt and Uncle suddenly drop off the face of the earth is plausible but not likely Also Lars being worried that people would be suspicious about him going on vacation at the same time as Seth seemed a tad paranoid Between two smart guys they could have easily come up with a story that would have put them nowhere near each other as far as the office knewThat being saidread it It's a good story with enjoyable characters and a nice holiday theme This comes before Miracle of the Bellskis and they are probably a bit better read in order but it's not essential This story introduces us to Lars and Seth one year into their relationship on the down low Seth is tired of being the dirty secret for his lawyer boss and gives Lars an ultimatum When Lars can't come through Seth heads off for his aunt's BB to spend a solitary holiday Except that his aunt and uncle are nowhere to be found a bunch of guests are on the doorstep and keeping the BB running and the guests safe falls to Seth The last thing he thinks he needs is Lars coming after him Although Lars can cookThis book has well portrayed MC's some realistic relationship troubles some sweet and hot moments a few slightly OTT supporting characters but not so far out that you can't enjoy them A primarily sweet with a touch of angst holiday story