Hearts On The Road

Hearts On The Road[PDF / Epub] ☉ Hearts On The Road By Diana Lesire Brandmeyer – Oaklandjobs.co.uk She’s running from the past He’s aiming for the future Can they stop moving long enough to find loveRandi refuses to invite a man into her life But when a charming minister steps into the cab of h She’s running from the past He’s aiming for the future Can they stop moving long enough to find loveRandi refuses to invite a man into her life But when a charming minister steps into the cab of her truck everything changes How can Randi consider a new relationship when her heart is still crushed from the pastAs a budding preacher Matthew knows it’s his calling to minister to truckers But when he’s partnered to join Randi on a Hearts On PDF \ long haul trip he wonders if his desire to be in her life is God’s choice or his Could God be pulling him off the road and into Randi’s armsA shake up at home forces Randi off the highway unexpectedly putting the brakes on her unsettled feelings for Matthew Caught between her fears and her heart Randi wonders if it’s safe to keep driving their relationship forward When life pulls them in opposite directions can Randi and Matthew find the road to a one way romanceIf you like wholesome loves stories page turning prose and heart felt values then you’ll enjoy CBA best selling author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer’s Hearts On The Road. This book was an okay read but nothing special Near the end of the story it seemed to jump forward in time making for a very confusing read I liked the idea of Matthew being a traveling preacher but I hated how he insisted that he do it to the exclusion of everything else Randi's insistence that she not give up the road when Emma came to her was also irritating and confusing to me Her turnaround in attitude with regard to Emma was also uite jarring All thins considered I doubt I would re read this story After getting her heart broken Randi Davis decides to hit the open road driving a truck She has also sworn off men Matthew Carter is a pastor who is passionate about his truck stop ministry When Randi is forced to take Matthew on her route she begins to wonder if there really is someone out there for her and Matthew begins to wonder the same thing To complicate things even Randi is left having to care for her eight year old niece Emma This could either be a recipe for disaster and heartache or a recipe for the perfect familyHearts on the Road is just right The characters are real The story is enjoyable with many nice moments The writing is smooth well balanced and easy to read All of these things add up to an enjoyable story that will leave the reader feeling good and uplifted I really enjoyed this book much than I thought I would I found this book to be very interesting because it takes place in and around tractor trailers and truck stops It was interesting to see in the pages of this book what that world is like All in all Hearts on the Road is a sweet love story with likeable characters and an interesting setting It is a uick read but rich in Christian principles Take a trip with Randi and Matthew; you will be glad you did Another great book by author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer Love the sweet Christian romances she writes Well written and strong characters Randi wants nothing to do with men and has went on the road trucking just to separate herself from them Matthew went on the road as a trucking preacher Things are starting to take turn for Randi since her partner can't ride with her now do to a injury Matthew is determined to be a witness for the Lord and help those in need Will their friendship end before it really begins? A page flipper Hearts on the Road by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer is a romance novel set in 2009 Randi Davis is a truck driver working with her friend Jess Price While on a run she gets a call from a social worker regarding her niece Emma Her brother AJ has been arrested and Randi is named guardian of her niece Unwilling to settle down thanks to her ex fiancé Randi appeals to her mother to watch young Emma While at a rest stop Jess is shot and Randi injured With Jess out on leave Randi is paired with Matthew Carter Matthew is a pastor who feels God is calling him to minister to truck drivers Truckers for Christ program Randi and Matthew are soon at odds Randi wishes to keep to a schedule yet Matthew feels he cannot leave a person in need While Randi pretends to ignore Matthew’s talks about God the messages are getting through to her Soon they are spending time together along with Emma Then Randi’s mother injures herself and can no longer take care of Emma It is time for Randi to come to terms with her past and plan for the future Matthew though is just starting his ministry and is not ready to settle down Can Matthew and Randi find a way to work out their differences?Hearts on the Road is nicely written and has a steady pace which makes for an easy to read story My favorite character is Emma She is an endearing young girl Randi and Matthew are likable and relatable characters They feel real It does take a while to relate to Randi and why she is insistent on staying on the road instead of taking care of her niece The Christian elements are prevalent throughout the book They include God’s path faith scripture and the power of prayer We get to see Randi on a journey to regain her faith The author did a good job at portraying the life of truck drivers The long drives rules regulating truck drivers living conditions etc I did feel though that the ending was rushed All of sudden Randi does a complete 360 Hearts on the Road is a sweet simple romance story There is a preview of A Time to Dance at the end of the book 35 starsThis is a sweet Christian romance in an unusual setting at least from my personal reading experience The main characters are truckers in Wyoming Randi is a spunky but vulnerable heroine Shattered dreams have set her on this path of independence Matthew is a young preacher who dreams of ministering to the trucking community Danger and unexpected events throw these two unlikely people together Unanticipated responsibilities cause Randi to uestion the direction her life is taking Can Randi learn to trust again? Is Matthew willing to give up his dream? Not only is this a fun romance it is a story of seeking God's direction His will for one's life I found this to be an enjoyable story I look forward to reading by Ms Brandemeyer Randi has enjoyed her life as a truck driver but now she's starting to think about a home and family When her friend and driving partner Jess is forced to take a break Randi is paired with Matthew or as she calls him Preacher Boy She wants nothing to do with him nor at the moment with God But will their lives seemingly headed in different directions take a turn toward love? I enjoyed this sweet story especially watching how God orchestrates His plan for these two in ways they weren't expecting Hearts on the road Two girl truck drivers one gets hurt and Randi is left on her own Matt is also a truck driver but wants to spread the word of Christ to the truck drivers I really loved how devoted Matt was what he was doing I did learn some about being a truck driver Enjoyed the book I received an advanced copy of the book from the author I loved Matthew But I did NOT like Randi I found her incredibly selfish I kept thinking she would change once she found her faith but she didn't Her sick mother was in no position to take care of her granddaughter and as the god mother it was Randi's responsibility but she put her own needs and wants in front of her mother and niece She remained that way throughout the entire book When Matthew asked her to marry him her answer was selfish and Matthew had to give up a lot in order to have her I hope that as her unselfish husband Matthew teaches Randi how to be centered on Christ and others Randi Davis has had her share of heartache in her life Matthew Carter is a pastor who yearns to bring the Gospel to truck drivers What happens when God brings their paths in life together? Can hopes and dreams become a reality? Hearts on the Road was an entertaining read full of interesting information about life as a truck driver The characters were memorable especially sweet little Emma Randi's niece who suddenly is in need of a mother A traumatic turn of events toward the end of the book and heartfelt moments throughout make this a wonderful read I look forward to from this author I really enjoyed this book It is a wonderful romance that tells the story of Randi a women trucker that doesn't think she needs God or a man in her life and Matthew a trucker that believes he knows exactly what God is calling him to do Putting Randi and Matthew on a truck together turns both of their worlds upside down and makes for a delightful read This is the first book I have read by this author but I definitely look forward to reading by her I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review and this is a book that I definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys good Christian romance

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