Spanish Dagger

Spanish Dagger❴Download❵ ➸ Spanish Dagger Author Susan Wittig Albert – Between the herb shop the catering business and now a weekend paper making class China Bayles and her friends have as much work as they can handle Of course that doesn’t stop the rest of their lives Between the herb shop the catering business and now a weekend paper making class China Bayles and her friends have as much work as they can handle Of course that doesn’t stop the rest of their lives from going on—or coming to an end as the case may be Meanwhile China’s half brother is opening up old wounds trying to investigate their father’s supposedly accidental death Although she can’t stop her husband from taking the case—after all he’s a PI who hasn’t had a bite in months—China can at least put the unsavory business out of mind by gathering supplies for making paper But in a patch of yucca plants which make great paper she finds a body—cause of death unknown Many residents of Pecan Springs live seemingly simple lives that hide complex and dangerous pasts And now while unraveling secrets that hit close to home China must set the record straight—and find a killer. Whew That was some ride Definitely the most intense installment in the China Bayles series so far China Bayles is an ex lawyer that runs an herbal gift shop in Pecan Springs Ruby Wilcox is her BFF and partner in an upscale tea room as well as owner of adjoined new age shop Together they help the local authorities solve crimes Sometimes they are even asked to China is married to an ex homicide detective who has started his own private investigation businessRuby has been dating an evasive fella for several months and decides to break it off when he proves to laconic for her emotional needs When he no shows to pick up some remnants it’s annoying When he’s found dead a few days later it’s devastating Theories swirl as to just who this reticence man was and when a woman who has business ties with him is also found dead those theories get investigated The general cast of characters play their part along with the supporting roles to dice things up a bit Consensus leans towards drugs given it was secretly known he worked in narcotics previously So when a purported task force officer starts snooping around it’s all hands on deck to dig out the reasons This book had me up til 2am reading to its climatic reveal The introduction of Rambo the oh so talented Rottweiler was a pleasant surprise This is the 2nd of 3 in what was intended to be one but just couldn’t jam it all in I’m glad Albert didn’t and even so that I have all 3 So this review will be short so I can get started on the 3rd Each book has herbal tips and lore related to the titled plant as well as recipes of mentioned meals and resources for further herbal ingestion Oh China what has happened to you?You've gone from an interesting three dimensional character to a busybody who somehow ramrods her agenda down everyone's throats The plot of this book wasn't half bad though the various drug agencies had me confounded but China's attempts at mystery solving telling the chief of police what she'll do and what she won't inserting herself in investigations giving a possible killer her home address??? were baffling I am all for suspension of disbelief but this was ridiculousBring back the old China Please Definitely one of the best in the China Bayles series This book cleared up uestionable information about Ruby's boyfriend Colin and dealt with a new issue of Ruby's mother's declining health During Ruby's absence to care for her mother China became involved in investigating two murders Mcuaid was gone looking into China's father's 16 year old death and employed by her step brother Brian was busy so most of this book centered around China alone with some participation by police chief Sheila It was interesting well written and held the reader's attention I enjoyed it I think I have found a new mystery author to read This is book 15 in a series of apparently 26 books currently The author is a former English professor with an apparent love for all things botanical I enjoyed the character of China Bayles a lawyer turned independent business owner whose curiosity and concern for her friends puts her in the midst of solving the murder of her best friend's former lover As she uncovers the truth about several characters who are not what they seem to be she ultimately discovers the truth about the murder I wish the Whiz would make another appearance and that problems would not be solved by killing off the problematic partner in a relationship or crime I'm getting so that I recognize the clues too early in the book and so at the end don't feel satisfied with the result This was a decent read though the identity of the killer came out of nowhere China was rather bossy and annoying in this one including a few TSTL moments Overall I enjoyed it well enough This sucked Not only was the story incredibly implausible in places the writing was padded with so much historical and plant information I found myself skipping paragraphs in order to keep the plot moving There is also a great deal of padding when it comes to describing the clothes people wear and how those clothes provide clues of the person's character What an insult If China Bayles is an alter ego of the author she is a judgmental know it allI was so disappointed by the decline in the uality of the writing One example Forget it Smart Cookie I said firmly My house My rules Dear God in heaven That is something you would read in a class of aspiring writers held in a local community center What is with the Smart Cookie and The Whiz and Big Red Mamma nicknames? I find things like this to be an insult to my intelligence What has happened to Albert? These books used to be very entertaining and smart The I of the past two or three books in this series has plummeted drastically And the plots are getting thinner and thinner while the padding about local history plant information and unnecessary details about clothes and how what people wear and how they look indicates what type of person they are almost drives the reader into a catatonic stateI will pick up the next book in this series but it may be the book that makes me decide to give up on China Bayles as a character and Susan Wittig Albert as a writer 50 States and at least 50 Authors 2016 Reading Challenge TEXASChina's half brother Miles is investigating the death of their father and asks for Mcuaid's help Ruby's mother has been showing signs of dementia and personality changes Ruby is busy moving her mother into an assisted living facility China and a visiting handicraft teacher discover the body of Colin Fowler near the railroad tracks in town Is his murder related to his previous undercover work as Dan Reid? Was he still undercover while in Pecan Springs? Was his time in prison part of his undercover work? So many uestions The story thread begun with Miles Danforth continues in this novel but not much progress is made except that once again Mcuaid disappears from the novel as he becomes the investigator for China's father's death But the story thread introduced previously of Ruby's mysterious boyfriend becomes the focus of this novel It's an interesting and involved story with lots of red herrings that keep it intriguing I liked the story because I always like the characters the town of Pecan Springs It's fun to visit there I'm rather enjoying the extended visit by reading several volumes in order One of the fun things of reading an older series is that you can binge

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