Catching the Moon The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream

Catching the Moon The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream[Read] ➭ Catching the Moon The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream By Crystal Hubbard – The true story of Marcenia Lyle an African American girl who grew up to become Toni Stone the first woman to play for a professional baseball teamOne day in the 1930s Marcenia and the boys she plays b The true story of Marcenia Moon The PDF Í Lyle an African American girl who grew up to become Toni Stone the first woman to play for a professional baseball teamOne day in the s Catching the MOBI :¼ Marcenia and the boys she plays ball with learn that Gabby Street a famous baseball manager is scouting children for a baseball summer camp sponsored by the St Louis Cardinals Eager to the Moon The ePUB ✓ earn a spot Marcenia plays her best but is discouraged when Mr Street tells her there are no girls in his camp Convinced that baseball is her destiny Marcenia won't give up the Moon The Story of PDF \ ultimately proving her skill and passion to Mr Street and her dubious parents. Per my second graders I loved because the lesson said you have to follow your dreams It doesn't matter but just do it I loved it because the moon was like a baseball I liked it because the illustrations were excellent I loved it because she became a baseball player She hit three home runs and she can run fast Can you imagine what the world would be like without women athletes? Marcenia Lyle is the main character who had an amazing dream and she worked hard to make her dream come true She is ambitious and faces a slight challenge in realizing her dream of becoming the first woman to play for an all male pro baseball team This story is set in the 1930’s it’s very encouraging celebrates women’s history I love it I learned that a ten year old black girl in 1931 had no chance of realizing her dream to become a professional baseball player in America unless something rather miraculous happen In Catching The Moon The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream Marcenia Lyle receives her first pair of baseball shoes from Gabby Street who was manager of the World Series winning St Louis Cardinals at the time That gift set Marcenia on a path to be the first woman of any race to join an all male professional baseball team This book shows children and adults alike that no dream is impossible A great book recommended for readers of all ages This book takes on the classic story of not an underdog but something similar In this story a young girl has big dream but an uncommon one for most girls All she wants to do is play baseball not with boys not to stand out but because she just loves the sport In order to play she had to fight her way through bias and stereotypes from those she played with those she wanted to play for and even her own family You can kind of guess what happens in the end but the part that makes this book great is the fact that it is based off a true story I love this children's book because it talked about this young girl Marcenia who had a love for the game of baseball loved a baseball glove being in her hand Her mother tried convincing her to play with dolls but baseball always had her heart Her parents kept trying to ruin a dreams of being a baseball player though Of course I do not want to ruin the end of this book but I love this novel because although many people looked down on her She was still eager about playing baseball This shows that no matter what follow your dreams A story about a young girl back in the girls can't play sports old days who loved baseball Great story yes but god let's keep beating the poor dead horse shall we? I wouldn't mind telling you this is a great book and that you should read it if it were sitting right in front of me but it's not really that much different than the other 10000 stories about little girls who want to play sports and the boys won't let them It doesn't stand out in the uh field Loved the book Agreed with my daughter's assessment and bought it to send to my granddaughter who has recently discovered that although she's smaller and fragile looking than her teammates she can get in there and scrap for that soccer ball with the best of them Go after what you want Dreams count Readers will cheer for Marcenia as she tears around the bases dazzling the St Louis Cardinals manager Gabby Street and convincing him that she should be able to join his summer baseball camp As a young girl Marcenia defied the narrow expectations for young women of the time growing up to join the professional Negro league Beautiful true story making girls believe in their dreams no matter what that dream could be I watched the Storytime Online version of this book read by Kevin Costner and Jillian Estell In the book Hubbard writes and DuBurke illustrates the story of young Marcenia Lyle an African American woman who would become the first female professional baseball player The book focuses in on a story from her youth when she is a grade schooler whose one passion is baseball When she learns that Gabby Street the manager for the St Louis Cardinals is holding a kids' baseball camp over the summer in her town she tries to impress him with her baseball skills but is denied an invitation because the camp is boys only She persists however and earns an invitation despite her sex but faces economic hurdles and her father’s feminine expectations Primary school readers would enjoy this book and Costner and Estell demonstrate that it lends itself to a read aloud The main theme is pursuing one’s dreams in the face of challenges which is appropriate for the grade level The writing is clear and direct and the acrylic work of DuBurke takes an appropriate semi realistic style The highlight of the book is the fact that the central character is not only a girl but an African American striving to succeed in an area traditionally occupied by white men That it is a true story makes it all the charming The author is not heavy handed with the diversity message likely because it is implicit in the narrative The book is an Amelia Bloomer Lists award winner for Beginning Readers Nonfiction of 2006 This list recommends feminist books for children

Catching the Moon The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Catching the Moon The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream
  • Crystal Hubbard
  • English
  • 06 December 2015
  • 9781584302438