Lucy☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Lucy By Laurence Gonzales ❤ – Laurence Gonzales’s electrifying adventure opens in the jungles of the Congo Jenny Lowe a primatologist studying chimpanzees—the bonobos—is running for her lifeA civil war has exploded and Jenny Laurence Gonzales’s electrifying adventure opens in the jungles of the Congo Jenny Lowe a primatologist studying chimpanzees—the bonobos—is running for her lifeA civil war has exploded and Jenny is trapped in its crosshairs She runs to the camp of a fellow primatologistThe rebels have already been thereEveryone is dead except a young girl the daughter of Jenny’s brutally murdered fellow scientist—and competitorJenny and the child flee Jenny grabbing the notebooks of the primatologist who’s been killed She brings the girl to Chicago to await the discovery of her relatives The girl is fifteen and lovely—her name is LucyRealizing that the child has no living relatives Jenny begins to care for her as her own When she reads the notebooks written by Lucy’s father she discovers that the adorable lovely magical Lucy is the result of an experiment She is part human part ape—a hybrid human being. The classic feral child story with a twist an enfant sauvage not only raised by beasts but genetically one of themWhile fleeing an uprising in the Congo primatologist Jenny Lowe rescues Lucy the 14 year old daughter of fellow researcher David Stone Although she senses there is something odd about the girl it is not until after their return to the United States that Jenny realizes the truth Lucy is a humanape hybrid produced by Dr Stone in a desperate attempt to preserve the best of humanity and his beloved bonobo apes Determined to protect the girl Jenny adopts her and tries to give her a normal suburban American life but of course darker forces prevailI had a few uibbles with this book Lucy is almost too good to be true brilliant and beautiful she warbles Italian opera while butterflies light on her hand; spontaneously recites Kipling and Shakespeare; even cleans the kitchen without being asked The villains on the other hand are all the usual suspects religious wackos faceless government bureaucrats and pontificating politicosYet the core relationships between Jenny and Lucy and their fiercely loyal extended family are deeply moving Gonzales deftly portrays Jenny's growing maternal attachment for Lucy a love that transcends genetic barriers Jenny never uestions her commitment to Lucy despite enormous pressure and dangerGonzales also offers a wondrous window into Lucy's mind notably her awareness of the Stream the ceaseless flow of nonverbal information through which all animals except adult humans communicate One of the funniest yet most moving passages describes Lucy's first day at an American high school as she drinks in the potent adolescent Stream she sadly notes that becoming a human adult will mean losing this gift Startlingly original and beautiful Horrible horrible book Why did the reviews not mention the descriptions of lesbian makeouts and the hatred for human kind that seep from this book? A warning would have been niceHad to read for book club but couldn't force myself to read past page 126 when Lucy the apehuman hybrid begins making out with her high school friend AmandaThe theme of the book seems to be that humans have no inherant dignity and are the exact same as apes except that we are also evil The only way to save the human race is to cross breed with peaceful and loving apes Radical anti war and pro enviromental views expressed You know the type of people who would happily sign a dealth warrant for all humans to make the world safe for natureSexual lines are also blurred using nature to prove we are also bi sexual in our natural state and would be better off returning to the ways of the wild Sex is just mating or enjoying anothers company and additional significance is silly and unhealthyThere are few references to religion and then it is to mention crazy fundimental religious zealots who oppose science And later religion is mentionsed as the cause of wars No specific religion is mentioned they are all grouped together and treated dismissively as something negative There is no God only The Stream a way animals communicate with each other And apparently crickets talk about their memories of dinosaurs at nightAlso the author is so full of his big liberating ideas that he doesn't bother with details A million little impossibilites trip up the story Like since when was wrestling a sport that made you cool in high school? And what public high school has the funds to provide troubled students with a full medical exam and intensive counceling after a first incident involving a new student? And how can a person simply claim a child and enroll them in public school without any government or foster care involvement And is it believable that a diplomat would freely disregard his own countries laws and obtain a fake passport as a favor to a friend? The list goes on and on Lucy began as her father's experiment He raised her in the jungle while giving her a strong British education She was also raised by her mother who gave her an introduction to life as a bonobo The rest of the story is about what happens after her parents are killed and she is rescued and taken to the US by Jenny First of all you must suspend reality to enjoy this book Clearly I loved this book It is a good story well written and just plain fun From the beginning I knew everything was not going to turn out okay so I prepared myself for tragedy but it came in a different way than I expected The way Jenny learns to love Lucy and becomes a mother to her is lovely to read Lucy's friendship with Amanda gives me hope that there are good people out there who really care about something other than themselves The same can be said for the Randalls who rescue the damsels in distress than once I liked the sense of place wherever the story takes us I so enjoyed seeing the world through Lucy's eyes as she tries to become an American teenager This book should be popular with teens and adults alike It is light reading and goes fast I was sorry when it was over as I wanted to know much I hope it gets made into a movie I am so sick of vampire movies I think this would be far heartfelt The back cover of this book touts a daring biotechnical thriller in the tradition of Mary Shelley and Michael Crichton This description is like buying a mislabeled can of vegetables at the grocery store you chose a can of peas from the shelf; you are expecting to find peas inside; but you really have a can of corn instead So you eat the corn but later uestion where the peas went The only part of the original uote that holds true is the word daring The author has created a uniue situation with Lucy a hybrid humanbonobo mix Lucy is incredibly smart speaking six or seven languages She has a complete high school education and possibly beyond at the age of fourteen She has incredible physical strength and communes with nature and the animal world through The Stream Lucy's very existence opens the uestion what is human? This of course brings in religion and the government particularly the Patriot Act I still would have liked to have the peas in my can but the corn was wasn't bad Perhaps not as tasty as the peas but still good Entertainment Weekly gave this an A so I thought I'd post my review I read an ARC of this in April 2010 As the killing and attacks heat up in a Congolese civil war scientist Jenny Lowe studying bonobos a type of chimpanzee is forced to abandon her research post Along the way she stops by a fellow scientist's camp and discovers he is dead but his teenage daughter is alive The leave together and Jenny takes the girl Lucy home to Chicago with her until something can be sorted out After a bit and through the dead scientists notebooks we discover that Lucy is half ape half human This isn't a spoiler it's revealed pretty soon I read about 200 pages and put it aside It's an interesting concept and explores what it means to be human Bonobos share 98 percent of their genetic make up with humans After having grown up in the jungle among her bonobo mother and half siblings Lucy has a lot to adjust to as she settles into suburban life Sometimes the commentary feels heavy handed and as if it is coming from the author's political and philosophical leanings instead of coming about in a authentic way One character refers to the US as a police state and there are blows against the TSA Twilight the media and evangelical Christians Characters tend be be either all good or all evil The writing is fine but nothing special I’m going to be at ComicCon this year so will Wil Wheaton George Takei and Chris Ware although they're not going to be you know with me helping present a panel on Powerful Women Now With Clothes A mosey down my Goodreads list shows that lot of what I read does not contain women powerful or otherwise as main characters; the women characters I do read who kick serious ass Cassie Maddox Ursula Todd right off the top of my head are not necessarily sci fi or fantasy characters; the books that we’re discussing that I have read have already been claimed by Becker so it seems I’ve got reuired reading to do this month One down six to go I’m a big fan of Laurence Gonzales’s non fiction stuff but this isn't destined to be a favorite of mine While his writing style works well when he’s drawing you into a spare sparse description of some horrendous survival situation I don’t think it lends itself as much to fiction He tries but it took me over half of the book to develop any feelings for Lucy or Jenny Lowe because they were so dry Everyone gently teases Lucy about her overly proper way of speaking but her stilted diction just made her feel flat to me Amanda though had me at “Shit” She’s my favorite character Lucy’s faithful world weary teenage best friend saying things like “It’s this like Orwellian grope through all the political sociological ethical issues they could sweep out of the gutter” As an example of strong women characters I suppose this works pretty well It passes the Bechdel test No one gets sexually assaulted in order to be brave Amanda with her alcoholic non present mother who is conveniently out of the way for most of the book so Amanda can basically move in with the Lowes is tough no nonsense yet loyal loving with her friend Lucy is eventually captured by some creepy veterinarian who wants to experiment her; she weeps but she’s also savvy enough to think of using her perceived weakness against her captors She cries is understandably terrified but she also admirably pulls herself together uses her brain to get herself out of trouble Jenny her adoptive mother is a scientist who has lived on her own in the war torn Congo tries to rescue others on her way out rather than wait to be rescued herself disappointingly though I never really felt a connection between her the bonobos she studied ostensibly loved She has a male friend who was a possible romantic interest at one time She turns to him for help occasionally but she doesn’t rely on him she Lucy Amanda fend for themselves Ruth Denton meets the Lowes at an airport when Lucy isn’t allowed on her flight unless she goes in the baggage compartment with the other animals Her husband Luke is the secondary character in their relationship; near the end as Lucy is saying goodbyes to everyone she gives him a kiss I thought Why? What has he done? He just flies the plane Ruth is the one who extends her invitation to the Lowe family helps make the decisions about what they should do next I’ve got some issues as usual with little things Amanda Jenny figure out where Lucy’s been being kept prisoner because of the different ways chimps bonobos kill – chimps bite especially fingers faces while bonobos kick with their feet break necks in fact I had to think about where I’d recently been reading gruesome anecdotes about chimps turning on people biting parts of them off; it was in Surviving Survival the last Gonzales book I read yet when some guy tries to molest Lucy she bites his fingers off And pray tell does it seem as unlikely to you as it does to me that a man who has spent his life doing humanitarian work in Africa most recently caring for mutilated children in eastern Chad would buy a diamond engagement ring? I mean we all know where most of those stones come from right? I scoffed at that On the whole while I don’t really want this book as my first choice for discussion I’d suppose I’d feel comfortable talking about on the panel Although this book defimitely had an interesting plot I felt myself being pushed away by Gonzales in pretty much every line I read this book for a college class just this semester I really did want to like it because the plot was so different from what I've read before But that just didn't happen This book is obviously anti christrian I may not be a firm believer in God but even I found myself being frustrated by the repeating hypocritical christian characters I also thought that a lot of the sexual contentdescriptions were kind of unnecessary I feel like I hear about Lucy's breasts about 10 times Once would have sufficed to explain just how different she is The ending which i was actually looking forward to getting to made no sense just left me absoulutely perplexed not in the good way It left no deep message for the reader to decipher and most certainly not a direct one Lucy is not a favourite for me but I will give it that second star for the interesting idea A lot of people seem to want to compare Laurence Gonzales and his latest novel Lucy with the work of Michael Crichton I can't imagine a bigger insult to Crichton's work The concept of a new species made up of mixed monkey and human genes being created by a scientist who studies monkeys deep in the African jungle sounds like something Crichton would write it kind of sounds like something Crichton DID write but nothing else in this novel comes even close to or lives up to Crichton's literary standard The characters are two dimensional and none of their choices make any sense The plot is all over the place and isn't logical at all Gonzales seems to want to make some kind of statement on society and how we treat things that are seen as different but never got deeper then surface level with the issues My biggest problem with science fiction is how authors deal with the suspension of disbelief I call it the Independence Day Paradox after the movie Independence Day which struggled mightily with this problem Whenever someone picks up a science fiction book or turns on a science fiction TV show there is an implied suspension of disbelief on some level but to what level is determined by how much of the world the story is set in is a creation of the author JRR Tolkien completely created the world his novels were set in so the audience has to completely suspend disbelief Whatever Tolkien says is possible is possible because it's his creation Independence Day on the other hand was set in our world so even though there are aliens events have to comply with the rules of our world So while the audience will suspend disbelief to the point that will allow aliens to exist there is no reason to believe a regular human can out run an explosion or that an explosion won't effect a tiny room just because it's not part of the main tunnel Lucy is a major victim of the Independence Day Paradox While I was ready to suspend my disbelief enough to allow for a creature that was part monkey and part human and to allow for that creature to try to be excepted into society as a human almost every other event and plot point bordered on ridiculous I didn't believe any of the characters choices I didn't believe anyone's reaction to the creature I didn't believe the military's reaction at all I couldn't help but find this novel to be just plain stupid and unbelievable I had high hopes for Lucy I loved the concept and thought it had the potential to be a wonderful character and society study Unfortunately Gonzales didn't have the chops to pull it off and we are left with a vapid story that falls terrible short of the potential it suggests I know a lot of reviewers on com panned this novel I still decided to go ahead with it based on the reviews on NPR last fall Even with a master's degree in anthropology I still enjoyed this novel The gene splicing technology is similar to that proposed for bringing back the Woolly Mammoth Whether or not science is there yet is another uestion altogether and I suspended my disbelief for the purpose of the novel I also suspended my disbelief that a hybrid would exhibit suprahuman intelligence In human evolution and its forks in the road homo sapiens have the second largest brain capacity at about 1200 ccs to a homo neanderthalensis' approx 1400 ccs We have far greater capacity for abstract thought language and tool making than our great ape counterparts No one myself included would contend that brain size is the only correlate to intelligence and humanness; we have physiology that makes our complex spoken language and tool making possible but impossible for great apes Yes great apes have been shown to use tools but experiments in teaching them to create tools on even an early humanoid level haven't been promising Again because the science is outlined in a rather sketchy manner even a reader well versed in primate evolution can be allowed to suspend disbelief because I don't really know what Lucy's brain configuration looks likeThe real part of the novel is the ethical considerations No one uestioned that it was wrong to create a pan paniscus homo sapiens hybrid but we're left to grapple with the conseuences and how things would play out in the media and legal arenas once knowledge escaped Here the one area I think Gonzales overlooked would be the resulting explicit bans on similar gene splicing experimentation I found the ultimate resolution to be a smart choice if not somewhat predictable I thought this book was AMAZING It had great detail it actually seemed realistic and it was thought provoking Lucy is a sci fi book about a half human half monkey girl named Lucy When Lucy;s father is killed in the Congo Jenny Lowe a primatologist adopts her and takes Lucy to live with her in Chicago She soon learns that Lucy is part bonobo a type of monkey and she loves her even because of that But when the world find out Lucy's secret some people Christian fundamentalists wink wink start hating her and saying she is not a human this becomes a problem for Lucy and she struggles to live in a world where some people hate her while others are sympathetic This book brought up a lot of moral and ethical uestions like what does it mean to be human? What makes up a human being? All in all this book was FANTASTIC It was one of my favorite books in a while and it was just great I highly recommend it

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