The Art of War for Writers

The Art of War for Writers[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Art of War for Writers By James Scott Bell – Successfully starting and finishing a publishable novel is often like fighting a series of battles against the page against one's own self doubt against rebellious characters etc Featuring timeless in of War eBook ↠ Successfully starting and finishing a publishable novel is often like fighting a series of battles against the The Art PDF or page against one's own self doubt against rebellious characters etc Featuring timeless innovative and concise writing strategies and Art of War PDF ↠ focused exercises this book is the ultimate battle plan and it's Sun Tzu's The Art of War for novelists Tactics and exercises are provided on idea generation and development character building plotting drafting uerying and submitting dealing with rejection coping with envy and unrealistic expectations and much. I tend to lump writing books into two categories the inspirational anyone can write stuff and the technical understand your craft stuff Instead this is inspirational understand your craft stuff It's kind of brilliantThe first section Reconnaissance offers ways to mentally prepare for a writing career Stay hungry but never appear desperate Develop improvement programs for aspects of your writing so that you're always learning even after you're agented and published Don't compare your career to another writer's therein lies madness Stop googling yourself LOLThe middle section on Tactics covers the must haves of great fiction and although there are good reminders the suggestions are not surprising They'll be very familiar in fact if you've read Bell's other books There's still a gem or two in there like the mini plan he offers to writers too excited about a project to do any lengthy planning The last section Strategy is about the publishing business He offers advice on when whether and why to pursue representation by an agent There are brief sections on time management professionalism networking and handling rejection with grace I'm always interested in what these books have to say about social media and development of your author platform and I liked the way Bell summed up his opinion in that section title Promote as you will but never let it affect your ability to write your best book I have been devouring techniue oriented books here while spinning my wheels on revisions of my best book The author friend that loaned me Bell's Plot Structure also loaned me this book I was hungry for the other but when she handed me this one too I was like Ugh that looks inspirational And indeed it was but exactly in the way that I needed I accidentally spilled coffee on her copy of Plot Structure If you're reading this don't worry I bought you a new one I liked this so much I'm tempted to spill coffee on it too The last 20% was much less useful as it was all about agents and traditional publishing but I got a lot out of the first 80% 42 pages in Bell confirms much of the thinking I've come around to over time about writing Common sense expressed uncommonly well Trying to structure this like Sun Tzu's classic was an interesting idea but didn't really work from the start I get where Mr bell was trying to go with it but in the end it just made the book seem a little disorganized and helter skelter That was frustrating Also the nook never uite seemed to park long enough on any given topic to really unpack it so I couldn't recommend it as anything but a beginner's guideThat being saidthis book did create its fair share of ah ha moments for me Lots of them could be missed if you read them too fast but they were there Little sprinkles of writing wisdom Precious things For example I now know how to edit dialogue And turns out It's actually simple enough Exciting stuffIn the end Art of War wasn't the best craft book I've ever read but it was far from a waste of my time I view writing advice as taking your weapon to a sharpening stone or cleaning your gun It gives you the encouragement of knowing you're on the right track and provides a fresh round of ammunition for the next stage of the writing journeyMy favorite part was how short each chapter was most of them being 2 or 3 5x7 pages Easy to get through boiled down to the cleanest most pithy advice Bell could muster Whether you're a mother a student or simply a busy stay at home daughter that makes for easy read I enjoyed going through a section and then thinking about it as I attended to other dutiesThe best exercise was in section 21 when Bell has you take a few of the movies and books that have impacted you most deeply and pick apart the elements that you are passionate about Including one or of these elements in each project he says adds a deeper level to any book you take on To keep a high uality of writing he encourages readers to scan over this list every so often to make sure they're not getting off track with their main vision I found that passion points for me were justice mercy passion perseverance suffering friendship and heroes that set my soul on fireAnother encouraging light bulb moment was in section 29 where he discusses making improvements outside your comfort zone Sometimes to really make a character pop off the page especially for an introverted writer you have to write their actions and thoughts explicitly than you yourself would prefer Bell encouraged writers to delve deeper into the emotions of the character and write it out clearly and vulnerably on paper I found that to be a rewarding exercise in my last novel rewrite As Bell says you can always scale it back later A couple of times I did but most times I ended up with a scene much better than the original because I pushed myselfOne of my biggest insecurities was how my writing day looked like if it was normal and efficient enough In section 76 Bell collected a 'typical writing day' from a variety of successful authors and it helped to see that mine really wasn't much different than theirs especially during the editing stage when it's basically scarf pizza sleep and walk around like a zombieSome of it is basic methodology that I had knocking around in my head but never bothered to put into words This book is crisp reassuring and avoids writing fads the biggest detriment to young writers It gives experienced advice to avoid the worst tactics and pitfalls in the war of words I highly enjoyed it and recommend it to any of my writing friends I like this author's no nonsense approach to writing This is the third book that I've read of his and I enjoy themmostly because it isn't sugar coated and mostly because it feels honest He gives advice and offers up suggestions that seem reasonable not mention practical And he doesn't give anyone the false illusion that the craft of writing isn't work A good little writing book If you are looking for something in depth this isn't it But if you are looking for a uick summary of writing craft and encouragement then this will fit the bill Very uick and easy to read Writers never stop learning their craft There's always a way to be better to make a story tighter a fresh way to grab a reader by the nuts and jerk them around until the very last punctuation mark No matter how long I've been writing no matter how many days I have that make me think I'm good there's always something else out there that can help me improve Even if it's only a short sentence buried in 200 pages that single sentence is gold another weapon to add to my arsenal Maybe it's something basic a fact I already know but it's presented with a new spin comes at me from a fresh angle and smacks me in the faceThat's how you learn That's how you grow And The Art of War for Writers is an excellent tool a swift kick in the ass that made me sit up take notice and take notes Seriously get out a notebook because you'll be jotting down notes until your fingers cramp I've read a lot of books on writing over the years check out my writing shelf if you want proof but with each one I find at least one suggestion that gives my writing extra punch James Scott Bell has written a guide that gives than one piece of excellent advice and this little book is worth far than its purchase priceThe Art of War for Writers covers everything from tips on writing how to handle the submission process and most importantly how to get your ass in the chair and actually write which is the foundation that too many writers forget about Writing first because nothing else happens without those words on the pageEvery writer needs this on their shelf Don't just read it; buy it I don't say that often books are expensive after all and most people find the need to eat pressing but if you're a writer who recognizes the need to keep learning buy this book It's a must have for the writing shelf Really really loved this book I have a thing with reading books devoted to the art of writingI would much rather teach myself how to write by reading some really good fiction or at least works I can relate to as a writer and reader I figure that we only have so much time and when there's a free moment it should be devoted to writing Well as usual this book set me straight While this book is not exactly a how to it gives so much good advice ideas and I have several pages dog eared for future reference like tips on when and how to find an agent how to weave in backstory a common concern of mine what to do with those sections of your book that you like but just don't work with this story save them in another file; they may prove to be useful one day etc THE ART OF WAR FOR WRITERS is easy to read I read mine in the matter of a couple of days It is organized easily into three sections all related to the craft of writing and promoting one's work Each section is brief and to the point You could read the book in one sitting or read a tip a day for 77 days It's great one I will go back to time and time again especially when I want to claw by eyeballs out and run for the hills and toss my laptop out the window Thanks James Scott Bell You helped save my eyeballs HERE THERE BE SPOILERSFive Things AboutThe Art of War for Writers1 This is not a hippy 'write from your heart' kind of book If that's what you're looking for pick up 'Bird by Bird' or 'The Tao of Writing' It's about what it takes to be a professional writer2 Every now and then you read something that actually tells it like it is for writers This does that extremely effectively It isn't overloaded with cynicism but it does mean to speak to those who intend to live off their words3 It's a great book for reading in nice chunks The sections are very short very pointed4 Read it in whatever order you think you need to read it in I spent a lot of time pouring over the first and third sections which focus on fixing your attitude as a writer and facing the world of publishing5 Onward Keep fighting Keep writing

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