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Warren Buffetts Management Secrets[KINDLE] ❃ Warren Buffetts Management Secrets ❧ Mary Buffett – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Even in today's economic climate when so many investors and major companies are failing Warren Buffett continues to be successful in all aspects of his life Mary Buffett and David Clark have written t Even in today's economic climate when so many investors and major companies are failing Warren Buffett continues Warren Buffetts MOBI :¼ to be successful in all aspects of his life Mary Buffett and David Clark have written the first book ever to take an in depth look at Warren Buffett's philosophies for personal and professional management what they are how they work and how you can use them Through close examination of Warren Buffett's life and career from his earliest days to now Buffett and Clark shed light on his decision making processes and reveal his strategies for keeping on track and maintaining focus They examine Buffett's inimitable leadership ualities and explain how Warren integrated what he learned over time into a winning management formula and became not only the manager whom other managers want to emulate but also the second richest man in the world A true companion volume to Buffett and Clark's successful Buffettology series Warren Buffett's Management Secrets is filled with anecdotes and uotes that show how Buffett's life philosophies are reflected in his business decisions and in the way he manages people and businesses This insider's view into Warren Buffett's management techniues offers simple solutions for success to newcomers and seasoned Buffettologists alike and illustrates how and why success in business and life usually go hand in hand. Listened to the audiobook I was unaware that Warren Buffett actually was a student of Dale Carnegie This book is an excellent summary of How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie which I feel itself is a must read for everyone every few years 35 A few great insights in this audiobook – especially regarding ideas on the different types of durable competitive advantages or “moats” and what make businesses profitable in the long term Not on the same level as Buffett’s Essays however Much is also repeated from Dale Carnegie’s classic works in the middle All in all this just goes further to portray Buffett as the sweet billionaire grandpa Read ‘The Myth Of Capitalism’ to get a complete picture of what really makes his investment decisions tick hint there’s politics involved than you’d thinkBuffet isms“We can tell about how successful a manager is going to be by whether or not he she had a lemonade stand as a child than by where they went to college It is not so much how smart we are as it is how obsessed we are How much we love what we are doing”“Managers who always promise to make the numbers will at some point be tempted to make up the numbers”“Those who dwell on their mistakes waste an enormous amount of time energy that could be spent on developing new ways to make money and enjoy life” The main function of a book like this is to rid under performing business executives or aspirants to that status of any extra income they might have in their pockets for example at an airport terminal In this it succeedsThe secondary function of a book like this is to teach learn capable men and women how to think better act better plan better and get psyched up momentarily or permanently by following the model of an exemplary leader let's call it emulative self help Heeding advice so they say from a giant will make you able to become a giant yourself or at least learn to stand on the shoulders of the right ones Warren Buffett is certainly a good subject for such a book Some tiny bit of his wisdom shines through here But it's too short reeks of a cash in and offers feel good anecdotes than solid advice I wouldn't call the sophistic wisdom peddled here wisdom or even practicable rules of thumb it's too ephemeral for thatUnfortunately there's a market for these books cashing in on some big name If you see the book lying around at an airport terminal read it; but don't encourage them with your money Even if you give them all your money you gain very little I believe Mr Buffett would call that a bad investment Some of the best advice a stranger can give you Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets was one of those first few non fictions that I read years ago While the book did not turn my life around it helped me understand what kinda management related books I should pursue and what I should not Read my book summary at Elgee WritesOverall a very short book – in size and content Read it when you have few hours to pass and there is no other book lying aroundBlog | Facebook | Twitter | | Instagram | Very practical and handson Some uotesWe delegate almost to the point of abdication Free and independent thinkers are masters of their own destinyPraise is the gift that keeps on giving Praise by name criticize by category If you must criticize personally praise them firstNo one likes to get a direct order any than they'd like to be told what to do Give a suggestion branded as a uestionMy idea of a group discussion is looking in the mirrorEmployees must be as honest as the day is longSell cheap and tell the truth uoting the infamous Mrs B I received this book as a gift from someone but it didn't attract me at first Not long after I read the page that stated Warren Buffet join a course by Dale Carnegie that change his life It instantly draws me in This book told a bit of everything that he had learned from that time on And the way he manages to applied the techniues to his business as you have seems today You don't have to make yourself tired to think of all the long tips you have to remember As it is safe to say that this book was written in a very understandable yet short sentence Way different from your high school textbook Is it not a good thing? Poor The lionisation of Buffett in the blurb and intro WB continues to be successful in ALL ASPECTS OF HIS LIFE made a poor first impression and the 2 page chapters that fill this slight volume are so touch and go it is uite hard to learn much from this bookuotes of noteIn Warren's world bonuses are paid according to how much the manager truly improves the underlying economics of the business not how much the underlying economics enhances the perceived performance of the managerThere is nothing that kills the ambitions of a person as much as criticism from superiors I never criticise anyone I believe in giving people incentive to work So I am anxious to praise but loath to find fault If I like anything I am hearty in my appreciation and hearty in my praiseDon't speak to peoples' conscience makes them feel guilty avoid you Speak to peoples' sense of greatness Paint them a vision of what they can beGetting the other person to listen to you is the first step to winning any argumentA direct order might work in the military but in civilian life it can cause lingering bitterness that drags on performance Making suggestions by asking uestions might turn out betterOnly in fairy tales are emperors told that they are naked Hire an adviser and his job likely becomes to advise you to do what you wanted to do in the first place When this book the audiobook started the relatively monotonous voice of Mary Buffett raised my sense of alarm Oh no I thought This is going to be absolutely terrible Happily I was wrong I persevered with it past the first chapter and actually really got into the swing of itMary Buffett's title Warren Buffett's Management Secrets is a lovely introduction to the philosophies of and lessons learned by Warren Buffett Populated by a whole lot of teeny little chapters the book whizzes through finding managers managing managers paying managers managing your company managing yourself and a whole lot of other thingsIt was fascinating end to end Fascinating and to the point with not one ounce of bullshit to be found Of greater import to me personally was hearing of the influence of a bunch of other key people with great things to say; people to whom Warren Buffett would go when he needs adviceIt was also interesting to learn about the people whom Buffett has studied The great Dale Carnegie comes up here But I would also bet my bottom dollar that Buffett has been a student of works such as Wallace D Wattle's The Science of Being GreatHaving read this book in two days seriously it would come in at an hour's duration at most my mission is now to go and find one of Buffett's remarkable managers and have a conversation And in the interim to read a bunch of Mary Buffett's other worksHighly recommended for the company owners and startup types among you Our prototype for occupational fervor is the Catholic tailor who used his small savings of many years to finance a pilgrimage to the Vatican When he returned his parish held a special meeting to get his first hand account of the pope 'Tell us' said the eager faithful 'just what sort of fellow is he?' Our hero wasted no words 'He's a 44 medium'Two thirds of the book retells Dale Carnegie's age old secrets to finding success in business and life through Warren Buffett's own applications in managing Berkshire Hathaway He doesn't shy away from crediting Carnegie Greene and other inspirations of his of course and that doesn't diminish my review of the book whatsoever You won't find particularly hip new fads or revelations for investing or managing people here That's because good advice lasts the test of time Warren stands on the shoulders of giants and it's worth it to follow suit and listen to his words of wisdom Some old dogs know all the tricks WB Not impressed by this book I am impressed by Warren Buffet his philosophy as I have understood it as well as his success but this book feels like nothing but a way of making money out of Warren Buffet's name by packaging good general management advice you catch flies with honey than with salt for instance as something uniue for Warren BuffetThe one redeeming factor is the few examples of how various advice have basis in actual decision or actions taken by Warren BuffetThere are better books Skip this one

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