The Mistletoe Phenomenon (Mistletoe Science, #1)

The Mistletoe Phenomenon (Mistletoe Science, #1)❆ The Mistletoe Phenomenon (Mistletoe Science, #1) kindle Epub ❤ Author Serena Yates – Magnus Carstens an eminent glaciologist recently had to change his life he's become his nephew Jakob's guardian after the boy's parents died in a plane crash he's taken a new job as a park ranger and Magnus Carstens an eminent glaciologist recently had to change his life he's become his nephew Jakob's guardian after the boy's parents died in a plane crash he's taken a new job as a park ranger and he's moved them to Mistletoe Wyoming so he can offer a stable home to Jakob while still contributing to science There he meets Lance Rivera a disillusioned physical therapist who is working in his sister's store to The Mistletoe MOBI :¼ make a living after his lover took off with all their money When the two men come together literally under the mistletoe both realize all they really want despite adversity is a family to love. Another sweet and simple story set at Christmas timeI love kids in my fics and Jakob was a lovely addition But he was really the only one that worked for meI felt no chemistry between Magnus and Lance and the dialogue seemed stilted and unnatural The story line was OK up till the bit with the view spoiler silly kidnap plot hide spoiler I enjoyed this story immensely It left me warm and thoroughly satisfied 20 StarsMagnus Carstens is an eminent glaciologist and a recently appointed guardian to his nine year old nephew Jakob whose parents died in a plane crash In an effort to provide Jakob with a stable home while still contributing to his field of study Magnus moves with Jakob to Mistletoe Wyoming Lance Rivera is a disillusioned physical therapist who is working in his sister's store to make a living after his lover took off with all their money The Mistletoe Phenomenon is Magnus and Lance's tale about family love and an HEA that began under the sprig of a mistletoeI really liked the premise of this book Unfortunately the execution fell flat for me the characters were one dimensional; the writing was clunky and corny; and there was too much telling and not enough showing Magnus was portrayed as this aloof scientist who was uncomfortable with emotions Lance was much in tune with feelings and comfortable showing affection Despite their differences and Lance having very recently been badly betrayed it was insta love blech between the two Within a week they were living together and the I love you's started flying Um huh??? Jakob was cute and I enjoy stories with children but even he was not interesting enough to save this book The custody challenge launched by Jakob's uncle and aunt via the sheriff WTF there was no crime reported so how does he have jurisdiction? was ridiculous and unrealisticBottom line a Christmas story that had potential but just didn't pan out 35 starsLance Rivera is back in Mistletoe Wyoming after a disastrous breakup and is working at his sister's shop Holiday World It's the Christmas Season but Lance is feeling humbug than anything else until Magnus Carstens and Jakob his eight year old nephew come in From the moment he sets eyes on the gorgeous blue eyed man Lance is smitten When the Christmas tradition of a kiss under the mistletoe brings the two men together it's the beginning of a magical Christmas for them and the little boy who's still not over the death of his parents months beforeThis is a sweet Christmas themed story Lance and Magnus are likable guys and I enjoyed reading the development of their relationship I also liked little Jakob He's a cute kid who's been through a lot and the evolving relationship between him and Magnus was just as nice to read as the one between Lance and Magnus There are obstacles on their path to a happy life together but the trio is able to work through them strengthen their bonds and at the end Lance Magnus and Jakob are well on their way to becoming a familyOverall this is a nicely written and engaging story The characters including the supporting casts are well drawn and the storyline was interesting This is my first book by this author and I enjoyed it I loved Jakob I wish all 8 year olds were that adult and well spoken snort LOL I HATE unanswered uestions Why the kidnapping? We will never know grrr Why would anyone name their child Magnus? Who cares it fit him perfectly and his cluelessness about the real world just made me want to take him home and hug him for days If Lance got any adorable he would be my favorite blankie The son every mother hopes to raise but despairs of her lack of success ;pYep that about sums up this cute Christmas read grin Boy that was bad The entire story was rushed except for the sex which went on for pages Does sex make a story better? Hell no but many authors and publishers obviously think it does No amount of gratuitous sex could make Magnus and Lance into likable believable characters They were just too bland and dull in my opinion Alright this was pretty disappointing for me I really liked the premise of this story which is why I picked it up The idea of one character being a glaciologist not something you read everyday interested me and although the rest sounded pretty typical and predictable that doesn't mean it can't be a joy to readUnfortunately this one wasn't very enjoyable though It was alright for sure but as mentioned in some reviews the characters felt very one dimensional very unreal almost like puppets that were put in a certain box beforehand and then suited with the appropriate adjectives One character was a big scientist always using logical thinking but not knowing anything about the emotional side of things Ahm what? I'm a big fan of logical thinking being a scientist myself but that one is so far over the top it's not even funny He was awkward in social situations never had an emotional relationship to anyone in his life but had no ualms of connecting to a total stranger trusting him with his and his nephew's welfare and telling him 'I love you' in the span of what? a week? Hmm that seems like a bit of a fast turnaround doesn't it? The other main character Lance is of course his total opposite He's emotional nurturing caring and dreams of being a house dad that I actually liked you rarely see this in books but why shouldn't he dream of it? although he got a proper college education as to not disappoint his family's expectations He was very much the overly sensitive type always taking everything to heart and feeling hurt very uickly I found his character to be far believable than Magnus' but he also lacked depth and personality I thinkI generally found it very hard to connect to the characters and although I knew after the first couple of pages how the characters looked like at the end of the book I still had no idea who they were Not to mention the weird happenings with Jakob's other uncle and his wife Seriously what was that? What were the reasons for their behaviour? Why could they think they would get away with it? Not to mention that the actions of law enforcement seemed slightly unrealistic or the fact that Jakob seemed like a pretty weird 89 year old to me with his way of dealing with everything and with the things he said And finally the writing style To me it seemed pretty corny awkward and way over the top sometimes I'm sorry to say that I seriously doubt I'll continue to read this series Sorry to say this one is poorly executed all around Awkward prose clunky dialogue caricature villains insta love chick with dick tell don't show writing The whole bad story packageThe basic setup is not bad A glaciologist studies glaciers Magnus takes a job with a national park in order to have a stable home life when his brother and the brother's wife are killed leaving their little boy an orphan Magnus is named guardian In the meantime a physical therapist Lance moves back home to the same little town Mistletoe Wyoming from LA after his lover absconds with all their money Lance is now working in his sister's Christmas themed store; they meet when Magnus brings the little boy in to buy Christmas decorations Romance ensuesLance moves into Magnus' home SIX DAYS AFTER THEY MEET fercrissake The Bad Guys are the little boys' other aunt and uncle They are desperate to have the boy make trouble with the sheriff and finally kidnap him Blah blah blah The only interesting thing here is that the aunt and uncle do NOT make an issue of Magnus being gay they just accuse him of being unfit because he is emotionally remote and has no parenting skillsSkip this one There could have been a cute story with Magnus being clueless about relationships and Lance being the warm fuzzy type but the author missed the mark Lance Rivera is disillusioned after his last lover took their joint savings and skedaddled Embarrassed and broke he returns to his hometown of Mistletoe to be closer to his family and to try to make ends meet by working for his sister Katie While working in her Holiday themed store a customer walks in with a young boy in tow Things are a little awkward between the man and his young charge but there is an immediate connection between Lance and young JakobMagnus Carstens has become his nephew Jakob's guardian after Magnus' sister and brother in law died in a plane crash In order to try to offer a stable home life Magnus uit his field work as an esteemed glaciologist and has taken a new job as a park ranger in Mistletoe Wyoming When he meets Lance in the shop Katie challenges his scientific sensibilities by daring him to give in to the mistletoe tradition and kiss Lance under the mistletoe Is mistletoe magical as they say? There's only one way to find out with lots of data from serious experimentationI thought Lance was just the sweetest and I really enjoyed the dynamic between the men and Jakob This was a really fun short and I enjoyed reading it close to the holidays Mistletoe mistletoe everywhere Do you want to kiss a total stranger? You are in luck here's some mistletoe Are you a hot Swedish scientist who likes to run experiments to fully understand the effects of mistletoe? Well you need a test subject and Magnus only wants oneLance It helps that his nephew Jakob likes Lance too and at every opportunity is drawing Lance into their lives Lance has had a tough way to go it since his former partner cleaned out their account and left him with nothing He is struggling to make it and if it weren't for is family where would he be? Now he has a gorgeous man and an adorable little boy who wants to spend time with him How can you not like going to a house were every doorway is decorated with large amounts of mistletoe? But Lance wants Is he willing to fight for it?I loved watching Magnus grow out of his social awkwardness I loved the connection that Jakob and Lance had from the beginning I had lots of hope for these three Great story

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