Wings Wings #1

Wings Wings #1✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Wings Wings #1 By J.C. Owens ✼ – Anyar a black winged young guard could only be accused of being in the wrong place at the wrong time He captures the attention of a commanding beautiful white winged prince of the enemy Vanyae and is Anyar a black winged young guard could only be accused of being in the wrong place at the wrong time He captures the attention of a commanding beautiful white winged prince of the enemy Vanyae and is swept away into the conflict between their peoplesVanyae takes the incredible black winged beauty from his home and all he knows to a place of submission of slavery And though Anyar vows never to give in and despairs of his freedom Vanyae finds pleasure in his body and his spiritEven Wings Wings PDF/EPUB ² while the battle rages Vanyae starts to realize that his black winged bird is much than a slave to himPublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse dubious consent malemale sexual practices menage mmm. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Not A Complete Bust⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Though I had originally decided to not read this book even shelved it as a ‘checked won't read’ book it wasn't a complete bust I liked the concept; enemies to lovers and I like the prince power the concept of war hanging over their heads but this book lacked ‘strength’ in a way Like I didn't uite feel the power of the prince The war though talked about didn't feel threatening until the end As prince of Nazar Vanyae was a kind and gentle master it's didn't really feel like a Melanian guard turned slave Anyar was a slave However the book was actually uite ‘easy’ considering the subject of slavery and fast forward to read Makes time pass with a meh but somewhat enjoyable storyOther Characters→ Commander Tanyan of the black winged people the Melanians' view spoilerthe heir to Melan though this is not known hide spoiler I’ve recently become a HUGE fan of angel stories so this one appeared kinda naturally on my TBRIt’s a fantasy story about two races of winged humans who have been at war with each other for eonsAnyar a young guard who considers himself unremarkable if not for his midnight black wings curiously guards the envoy of the enemy kingdom who have arrived in his city for negotiations Anyar has a crush on his commander Tanyan Just when both men finally come closer the enemy envoy drop all facades and kidnap both the commander and Anyar in order to enslave them in their kingdom ensuring permanent peace by keeping them hostageAnyar becomes the prince’s slave And with a heavy dose of Stockholm syndrome thrown in both men develop feelings for each otherI really liked this fantasy world of winged humans Some scenes were totally powerful like the moment Anyar tries to escape his doom by soaring impossibly high into the sky like good old IcarusHowever all in all the plot left A LOT to be desired Constant POV switches between three characters with a few passages of dropping POVs in favor of an authorial narrator it seemed a bit roughAlso the romance felt weirdly off like an arrow that missed its bull’s eye Establishing the romance between a master and an actual physical slave who is held captive against his will takes uite a lot of writing skill to pull off I did not like the enemy prince at all and never rooted for him until the end The romance between Anyar and his commander would have been a natural choice but was dropped completely halfway through the storySo even though I uite liked Anyar and his struggles and enjoyed a few epic moments in this story it’s not really my favorite fantasy romance25 stars I love her stories This is the second one that really transported me into storyland and held me captive Fair warning dubious consent borders on non consent and the whole very riveting plot is driven by Stockholm Syndrome emotional responses I know some people are having a negative reaction to the first sex scenese between Vanyae and Anyar however I felt it was in line with the plot and characterization for this FANTASY story I love this authors writing style Can't wait for the next book The writing was really good and kept me reading view spoilerI Hated the relationship between the two MC's if you could call it that It was strictly Master slave where the Master cared nothing for the slave and the slave had no choice but to submit and obey or they would torture his commander and rape him any way I posted uotes and most of the reasons i hate this in my comments on this thread if you want to look might be some spoilers there though hide spoiler This was a beautiful love story in my opinion Two races the Melanians and the Nazarians have been at war for centuries In an unconventional effort to stop the hostilities the crown prince of the Nazarians Vanyae abducts the heir to the Melanian throne Tanyan and his love interest Anyar Tanyan is held by the king of Nazar and treated well The young handsome Anyar is given to Prince Vanyae as a slave The story flows extremely well with a good plot I was very impressed by the way the author gradually unfolds the story between Vanyae and Anyar The story ends well for most characters I recommend this book highly everyone Well some times I feel the desire to dive into something dark dub con for examplein a strictly fantasy setting and this story did satisfy my desire What I liked the most was the fantasy element of the wings and what I think they symbolize from personality character's mood and emotions to bigger symbols such as freedom and core of existence The wings are not just for show and in my opinion are the best element of this fantasy worldMany parts of the story are very well written but regretfully I find the process of characters falling in actual love uite rushed I liked the characters although I expected from a character like Vanyae view spoilerVanyae is driven only by his desire and lust at the very beginning but I can't blame him for that He lives in a fantasy world that slavery is acceptable He is a prince and very much used to having his way Anyar his love interest or at the beginning lust happens to be from an enemy nation They have two options only or so they believe to be enemies or master and slave Driven by lust Vanyae takes Anyar by force Now how he came to love his slave see his as a person and in the process uestion slavery and find the desire to see his lover happy free and whole was uite beautiful but too short I really needed to read to better enjoy this great change in him I also understand how Anyar developed feelings for his captor I could easily sympathize with him in his great fear at losing his wings and manhood into slavery I was having a tiny heart attack when he thought he was going to lose his wings his joy and freedom Let's face it if I had wings or testicles while the possibility of having any of them is eually unlikely and crazy for me I can easily imagine that I would have been extremely attached to both body parts Now if I imagine myself in Anyar's place Vanyae fighting for him to keep him whole I would have definitely developed very strong feelings as well Hell I would have had his babies willingly Wait I have testicle in this scenariocoughs The point is Vanyae WAS cruel to Anyar DID take a lot but he left him a way out he left him his WINGSand you know his manhood eually important I swear That in my opinion was A LOT considering what wings are in their world I can see how Anyar can develop feelings Sometimes small action trigger a feeling sometimes one event alone is enough to create a uniue bond It helped that Anyar like Vanyae was a creature of lust and desire This lust and perhaps some trauma helped him to like his captor He could see the way other slaves were treated and after spending such a long time in captivity of course he feels something for Vanyae hide spoiler 35 starsFor most of the story the writing is very well done In my opinion or perhaps these are just my feelings towards the masterslave sub genre this story needed an extra one hundred pages right in the middle There is a period of about two months skipped plus the beginning of the turn about in both characters feelingsdesiresworld view that left out a lot of the emotional turmoil and the scenes that showed this change which were instead told in a few pages The change took me by surprise then after so much adamant stubbornness on both sides I suppose I am used to reading masterslave stories in a very LONG format but this would still be a relatively short novel for the subject Most of all though I find that turnabout in emotion to be the best part of this kind of story and I was sad to have missed uite a bit of it I also usually need that period to really feel like I understand and see the changeOther than that one issue I thought this was a wonderful and great novel The flying details and the world building was done beautifully and efficiently This is the first JC Owens book that I have read I've had my eye on the Gaven Series for a while now and I'm excited to read them It’s been a little while since I finished this book and the story still lingers in my head That deserves a bonus starI can very well imagine this to be a legend told amongst the Nazarians and Melanians alike It is a very thought provoking story aboutbeing at the wrong place at the wrong timean innocent falling prey to war and cruel intentionssomething beautiful crushed by destinyhow the hunter falls for his preyhow something beautiful can evolve from a cruel and selfish actthe power of loveIt’s also about sexual abuse and emotional manipulation which adds a good portion of ambiguity to the mixThe captor Vanyae was born and raised in a society that approved of slavery He considered his prize Anyar as nothing than an object to be used for his pleasure Although I thought there was to his emotional relationship with Anyar from the start it took him a while to figure it out for himself The description of his initial attitude interspersed with emotional undertones and the arising inner conflicts was well done and very believableThere were several sex scenes in the story but not too many They were pretty hot too even those that tread a very thin line between dub con and rape That’s of course a very subjective perception I thought that the dub con scenes were stunningly and slightly disturbingly erotic due to the excellent writing and choice of words I couldn’t have imagined a better way to demonstrate Vanyae’s total dominion over Anyar and the complete helplessness humiliation and betrayal that Anyar feltFor me the HEA was a satisfying end to a well and fluently written story that kept me glued to the pages But other readers might be tempted to uestion the perceived value of love here due to the circumstances Anyar’s actions and his brief musings about his feelings towards the end of the story added some important depth to itA vital part of this fantasy world and an intriguing detail of the characters were the wings They were so much than a means to fly and also kind of critical to the events of the story which is not uite free of bitter ironyOn the other hand I wished the story would have been longer and had world building in it In addition I missed insight in how Anyar fell for Vanyae It’s told not shown which somehow suited the story but it left me with a twinge of regret Not romantic; just creepyTo author If you want me to believe that a man can fall in love with the person that abducted and repeatedly raped him you can't be lazy and skip through the story You can't just recite their changed feelings you need to show it happening Oh I definitely loved this book the writing style is melodic and the subject while it may seem harsh at times has a strong underlying thread of attraction and love Vanyae shows it first in it's fledgling stages the strong want to take to claim to protect and possess and gradually Anyar wakes to it as wellNot all relationships start out pretty and cute Sometimes we have to wake up a little to what we need and then realize what we want isn't exactly what we had thought it to be in the beginning This is how I viewed the characters in Wings to be Many have mentioned Stockholm's syndrome but I feel that had very little to do with it; Vanyae is considerate to a degree almost from the outset and only becomes so as the novel progresses He is never outright cruel never once comes toward Anyar with the intention to harm or abuse Anyar is confused by this by the conflict of their coming together and their separate kingdoms on the verge of war and yet his gradual liking and caring for Vanyae is based on Vanyae as a person himself He does not show the classic kidnapper worship obvious in some novels of the same type; the growth of his love is a slow process that takes him by surpriseBeautiful Despite the first few couplings that could be construed as dubious con gentle as they may have been it is still an amazing novel