To Speak for the Dead

To Speak for the Dead✤ [Download] ➼ To Speak for the Dead By Paul Levine ➶ – NO 1 BESTSELLING HARDBOILED MYSTERYNO 1 BESTSELLING LEGAL THRILLERTOP MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR Los Angeles Times OVERVIEW A doctor in love with his patient's wife A fatal mistake during surgery Accident NO BESTSELLING HARDBOILED MYSTERYNO for the PDF ´ BESTSELLING LEGAL THRILLERTOP MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR Los Angeles Times OVERVIEW A doctor in love with his patient's wife A fatal mistake during surgery Accident  Malpractice  Or murderDefending a surgeon in a malpractice case Jake Lassiter begins to suspect that his client is innocent of negligencebut guilty of murder Add a sexy widow a deadly drug and a grave robbery to To Speak Epub / the stew and you have the recipe for Miami's trial of the centuryTo Speak for the Dead introduced the world to Jake Lassiter the linebacker turned lawyer with a hard bark and a tender heart An international bestseller Paul Levine's debut novel was named by the Los Angeles Times as one of the best mysteries of the yearIf you enjoy the suspense and thrills of John Grisham Harlan Speak for the ePUB ☆ Coben Carl Hiaasen and James Patterson you'll love To Speak for the Dead from Paul Levine winner of the John D MacDonald fiction award Levine has also been nominated for the Edgar Macavity International Thriller and James Thurber prizes A former trial lawyer he wrote than episodes of the CBS military drama JAG MORE JAKE LASSITER THRILLERS FOOL ME TWICE From Miami to Aspen someone is framing Lassiter for murder And just why are men willing to kill to find a missing artifact of the Old WestNIGHT VISION Someone is murdering women on an Internet sex chat site and Jake becomes a special prosecutor to hunt down the serial killerFALSE DAWN After his client confesses to a murder he didn't commit Jake follows a bloody trail from Miami to Havana to discover the truthMORTAL SIN Talk about conflicts of interest Jake is sleeping with Gina Florio and defending her mob connected husband in courtRIPTIDE Jake Lassiter chases a beautiful woman and stolen bonds from Miami to Maui FLESH AND BONES Jake falls for his beautiful client even though he doubts her story She claims to have recovered repressed memories of abusejust before gunning down her fatherLASSITER Jake retraces the steps of a model who went missing years earlierafter his one night stand with herMore info at paul levinecom. A pretty good start for the first in this series For book number 1 published in 1990 and from what I see the series is still going strong The MC is Jake Lassiter an ex second string line backer and now a lawyer in the Miami Florida area He is a fun character and I absolutely loved him from the beginning The other characters are wonderfully uirky like Charlie Riggs the former Medical Examiner who spouts Latin and knows the most surprising things you just can't help but laugh every time he makes an appearance in this bookA murder mystery with lots of humor is the best I can explain this book A very fast fun read especially those who enjoy sum summer beach pool reads A series that I will continue to read when I'm in the mood for a fun light witty lawyer type read My first novel Chosen as one of the best mysteries of the year by the Los Angeles TimesTO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD on Kindle hereTO SPEAK FOR THE DEAD on Barnes Noble Nook here“Move over Scott Turow ‘To Speak for the Dead’ is courtroom drama at its very best” – Larry King USA TodayJust the remedy for those who can't get enough Spenser and miss Travis McGee terribly – St Petersburg TimesJake Lassiter is attractive funny savvy and brave – Chicago TribuneIrreverentgenuinely clevergreat fun – The New York Times Book Review“Genuinely chilling” – Washington Post Book World “Wildly entertaining” – “St Louis Post Dispatch“Take one part John Grisham two parts Carl Hiaasen throw in a dash of John D MacDonald and voila You’ve got Jake Lassiter” – Tulsa SunProduct Description Legal thriller with humorPaul Levine makes you laugh while describing gruesome screen Read all the Jack Lassiter books and love it You'll fall in love with the some characters Judge that fills racing forms during the trial buzzards on the roof of the court house Love to spend a day in that court room with Jack Lassiter This is another banal crime fiction offering disguised as a legal thriller by having a lawyer as the protagonist The plot is simple Lawyer defends doctor in malpractice case Victim turns out to have been murdered The rest of the story has to do with the lawyer trying to catch the killer or killers who are already known to anyone who has ever read a mystery storyThe characters are pure cardboard The writing is infantile I skipped large numbers of paragraphs as I plowed through the last half of the book without losing track of anything The only saving graces are the descriptions of the courtroom scenes and a crazy ex Medical Examiner who spouts Latin on almost any occasion and has an encyclopedic memory for almost everything No Paul Levine titles for me I'm always looking for good series to read since I can read much faster than my favorite authors can write even as a collective group D Don't remember how I found out about this one but I enjoyed the first novel It's set in S Florida where I grew up and I always enjoy books when I can picture the setting from firsthand experience Lassiter was a flawed but sympathetic character I thought the romance was a little overblown like who falls THAT much in love with someone they've just met?? but other than that a good start I've already reuested the next one in the series from the library Was a decent book with pretty good suspense but I had a hard time with mainly the love interest of the main character The book didn't link these two well enough to make them as much of a pair as the storyline tries to imply The ending really left me hanging and not in a good way When I realized that was really the last page I sat there wondering what in the world? This is my second novel from this guy It is the second time I was impressed Really a good bunch of characters a fun courtroom drama and just the right amount of who done it I am currently reading the second Jake Lassiter thriller Enjoyable courtroom drama with a slightly convoluted mystery a very likeable protagonist and some very uirky fun side characters loved the retired medical examiner plenty of humor excellent audio narration by Luke Daniels First book in a series of 12 so far 375 stars An Awesome Novel of Courtroom Games and Crime SolvingIn this highly suspenseful novel Jake Lassiter is again in court to defend Doctor Roger Stanton Chief Orthopedic Physician Jake had been once a football player an ex public defender now an attorney waiting for an answer from the person on the stand It's a malpractice trial of Corrigan vs Stanton The man who died after the surgical procedure was Philip Corrigan a very rich man The lawsuit was filed by the wife of Philip Corrigan a woman of strength to control men This is a very interesting novel which helps one understand the courtroom procedures as well as the tactics lawyers must practice warily This novel moves uickly into twists and turns which engulf Jake into a new relationship with the daughter of the deceased man It's action packed and scaryread to the end Highly recommend Love this book and it kept my interest Mr Levine has created the character Jake Lassiter and each book in this series is about Jake ex pro football star now lawyer and all the things Jake gets himself involved in The books keep me interested and I have found when reading I could picture the places described I loved reading the series from beginning to current I recommend this for those who like reading this type of book

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  • 21 December 2015
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