Meet Josefina American Girls Josefina #1

Meet Josefina American Girls Josefina #1☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Meet Josefina American Girls Josefina #1 By Valerie Tripp ✑ – Josefina Montoya is growing up on a rancho near Santa Fe New Mexico in 1824 Ever since Mama died a year before Josefina and her three sisters have been struggling to carry on without her One bright fa Josefina Montoya is growing American Girls PDF È up on a rancho near Santa Fe New Mexico in Ever since Mama died a year before Josefina and her three sisters have been struggling to carry on without her One bright fall day happy news arrives their beloved grandfather is returning home after a long trading trip Josefina knows that he will bring exciting stories and wonderful treasures from his journey But this time he brings something a great surprise that Josefina and her sisters never even dreamed of. I miss when American Girl was just as much about the books and the girls in them as it was about the dolls and the toys that go with them Josefina is uniue among the girls I read about when I was younger in that A she has multiple siblings B She has one parent and C she is not of European heritage As my history lessons were very European centric it would have been good to have viewpointsBetween learning how to deal with her mother's death and finding her own courage Josefina has a wonderful character arc in the first book in her series I loved this book as much as I loved the series when I was a child and I can only hope that American Girl can get back to their roots one day I loved reading American Girls books when I was a kid I picked this one up yesterday since it fulfills the category a book that takes place in the state you live and I wasn't disappointed I was a little apprehensive that the American Girls franchise books wouldn't hold up to the test of time and adulthood but this was good I enjoy how the American Girls books are well written and educational but appropriate and appealing to juvenile readers They're optimistic but they don't seem overly sanitized or too much like white washed social studies chapters I'm impressed by how the American Girls books deal with serious themes a parent's loss in this volume gracefullyI enjoyed that Josephina is one of several sisters and that her story is family driven The author manages to make the story feel genuine even if the length and target age group probably make this difficult 25 starsI grew up reading the early American Girl books Molly Kirstenand Samantha then Felicity and AddyWhile I did enjoy the story it seemed a bit idealistic and slightly modern at timesJosefina was a sweet girl and I did like how she tried to help her sisters get along even though they were older than she wasThere was some sibling bickering and mentions of catholic alters and prayers at someone’s graveAltogether it was a fun light read but not one I think I’ll want to read again very soon sorry y'all i think the josefina books are kind of boring i think she's a really pretty doll with a really cute collection but her stories are set in 1824 she is a nine year old girl growing up on her father's rancho in new mexico with her three older sisters they don't really have a lot of interaction with the outside world joesfina doesn't know how to read or write most of her time is taken up by tasks chores on the rancho it doesn't make for the most exciting readingi also feel weird about josefina being part of the historical american doll line considering that the area where she lived was colonized by the united states in a war then barred from statehood for another hundred years because of racism it's not a pretty story although it is touched on in the looking back section in the back of the book also not addressed is the fact that josefina's family is descended from spanish settlers read colonists who stole the land away from the indigenous people already living on it the fact that josefina has an indian friend that she saves from a rattlesnake doesn't really change that it's not addressed in any of her booksplotline josefina's mother died a year ago everyone is still bumming hard josefina's grandfather takes an annual trade trip down the camina real to mexico city every year brings back all kinds of fancy useful stuff that people in new mexico need josefina's sisters are feverishly awaiting his arrival so they can see what he's brought back for them this timeturns out he brought back their aunt dolores josefina's mother's younger sister josefina has never met her before because she moved to mexico city to care for a sick relative before josefina was born but all the sisters love having dolores around she helps them find smarter ways to do their chores she plays her piano for them even though it fell into a ravine on the trip up from mexico city how did it not get smashed? eventually josefina hatches a plan to get dolores to stay on the rancho with them she accepts there's not really much to the book there's a bit about how the randho has a goat that josefina is scared of the goat eats the special bouuet josefina has picked for dolores it makes josefina so angry that she confronts the goat single handedly drags it back to its pen but mostlykind of a snore I’m starting the American Girls podcast so I’m rereading my AG books before I listen to the episodes I was really a bit too old when Josefina was introduced I know I read the few books I had but didn’t really remember anythingThis was a sweet book and a nice introduction for kids about life in New Mexico in the early 1800s Josefina is so sweet and I liked watching her grow over the course of the story Finally an American girl who isn't a horse girl Wonderful reread I still adore these books they are so charming I really enjoyed the arc of this story I can see that some readers would find it less stimulating than other American Girl books but my Mother spent her girlhood in Mexico and I have a major love of gardens so this story was extra sweet to me Outstanding I loved this first book about Josefina and her family in New Mexico which at the time was still part of Mexico so not new at allJosefina is the youngest of four girls She loves her sisters but not how they fight sometimes We learn about her family trade caravans rancho life fandango celebrations Pueblo neighbors tricky goats and dealing with grief The illustrations helped me envision important parts of Josefina's life I loved that the story included mention of religion Also loved the history and geography section after the story It's interesting I felt a connection to this character and the setting I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the Josefina series Meet Josefina Montoya a shy 9 year old who lives in New Mexico on a ranch She lives with her Papa and 3 older sisters Josefina misses her mother and how she always was there for her when she was afraid Especially when it comes to an unruly goat She planted flowers that Josefina tends in her memory Josefina's Grandfather is a trader who travels from Santa Fe to Mexico City This time he brings back a suprise I liked this book It is a nice story I also like there are pages that help you understand of the historical times Josefina lives during