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Fly Away Home[Reading] ➷ Fly Away Home ➭ Jennifer Weiner – Sometimes all you can do is fly away home When Sylvie Serfer met Richard Woodruff in law school she had wild curls wide hips and lots of opinions Decades later Sylvie has remade herself as the ideal p Sometimes all you can do is Fly Away Home When Sylvie Serfer met Richard Woodruff in law school she had wild curls wide hips and lots of opinions Decades later Sylvie has remade herself as the ideal politician's wife her Fly Away PDF \ hair dyed and straightened her hippie chick wardrobe replaced by tailored knit suits At fifty seven she ruefully acknowledges that her job is staying twenty pounds thinner than she was in her twenties and tending to her husband the senator Lizzie the Woodruffs' younger daughter is at twenty four a recovering addict whose mantra HALT Hungry Angry Lonely Tired helps her keep her life under control Still trouble always seems to find her Her older sister Diana an emergency room physician has everything Lizzie failed to achieve a husband a young son the perfect home and yet she's trapped in a loveless marriage With temptation waiting in one of the ER's exam rooms she finds herself craving After Richard's extramarital affair makes headlines the three women are drawn into the painful glare of the national spotlight Once the press conference is over each is forced to reconsider her life who she is and who she is meant to be Written with an irresistible blend of heartbreak and hilarity Fly Away Home is an unforgettable story of a mother and two daughters who after a lifetime of distance finally learn to find refuge in one another. Wow I'm really shocked that so many Goodread's folks have given this such good reviews This book was very disappointing I have enjoyed Jennifer Weiner's books in the past and this one I could barely get through I did listen to this on CD The characters are so unlikeable and so one dimensional There's really no reason for us to care about them or their challenges I'm also finding the sister theme of one sister is the smart crabby sister and the other is the flighty sister really tiresome Judith Light reads the book on the CD version and while some of the characters voices are great some are nails on a chalk board brutal Every day I considered returning this to the libraray do not spend any money on this and didn't because I didn't have a backup to listen to during my commute On to better things The No 1 Bestselling Author Jennifer Weiner's 'Fly Away Home' is a book on family issues When all goes wrong in life we know it's our family who has got our back but then what if the family itself is in a lot of problems? The story has multiple POVs the mother and her two grown up daughters Jennifer has written in depth each POV trying to give justice as to how a family can be so messed up and still get together in the endSylvie is a doting wife to a senator husband Richard unmindful mother to her two beautiful daughters Diana and Elizabeth Lizzie She has forgotten her own self is struggling to keep her life together after her husband cheats on her Diana is a proficient doctor with a socially awkward son Milo and a lazy husband Gary After seven years of being married she now feels that it's a mistake Lizzie is an addict but pronounced clean and out of her rehab looking after Diana's son for the summer where she falls in love with a guy JeffThe thing I really found interesting in this book is that Jennifer divulged details in such a way that the reader doesn't really get confused as the story progresses Each part of their lives is broken up in three separate phases which helps you understand what happens when and why Every other chapter is from a different person's POV assisting you to know what is happening concurrently in their livesI couldn't stop reading the book for most of the parts but then somewhere down the line the book really gets you you just feel like giving up It is a well written tale but can come as saddening since nothing positive seems to be happening in their lives The book has a good story line however felt like it needed to be cut short on many details which didn't really need to be thereThis book is a one time read if at all anyone is interested in family dramas I found the book to be drab I had started reading it kept the book aside as it was giving me a reading slip but succeeded in finishing it when I took it once again This book is esoteric to emotional people It also has some grammatical errors which I hadn't expected from a best selling author The book is a little overrated and poorly executed There are some books I find hard to rateI enjoyed reading them finish them uickly but at the end I don't feel moved by the book have a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the story or feel that it was special in any way 2 stars seems kind of harsh but 3 stars to me is a book that I finish and think wow that was a good bookFly Away Home is one of those books I read it uickly it was enjoyable but I didn't close have that satisfied feeling I get when I finish a good book Maybe it was because I just finished reading American Wifebut I didn't really feel like there was anything specail about this book that set it apart from all the other books about women who get cheated on midlife books Fly Away Home is about the Woodruff family Sylvie is married to Richard a Senator and they have 2 grown daughters One daughter Diana is perfect married kid ER doctor the other Lizzie is the messed up one recovery addict Richard has an affair with an aide everything comes crashing down for Sylvie She has spent her whole marriage catering to her husband Now she has to decide whether to stay with him how to redefine herself The girls are also a mess Diana in a loveless marriage well at least on her end having an affair and Lizzie still not pulling herself togetherThe story is divided into 3 parts and each part has several chapters told from Sylvie Diane and Lizzie's point of view The book was enjoyable a fast read but nothing new or especially moving As a side note I hate how much Weiner's characters always think about their weightlots big girls who are forced to be slim and then are happy when they can be curvy again or lots of weight related commentsdescriptionsthoughts I read this novel before joining Goodreads I actually bought it again a few years ago and it has been sitting on my Kindle After reading a few pages recently I realized I had read it already From what I recall it was an enjoyable read though not as memorable as some of JW's other novels Thank goodness for Goodreads I don't know how many books I would have purchased or borrowed again without realizing I'd already read them 35 Stars I’ve been a little reluctant to read from Weiner because the first two books I read focused so much on the weight of the protagonist that it was a little bit of a turn off Thankfully Weiner has grown as a writer and moved away from that to focus on important issuesFly Away Home is about what happens to a family when a betrayal is revealed in a very public way Sylvie the victimized wife decides that she needs some time away She moves to her mother’s vacation home hoping to figure out who she is now that she’s not being the Senator’s wife Her oldest daughter Diana is a busy doctor with an inattentive husband who finds excitement in the arms of another man despite seeing what adultery has done to her parents Her youngest daughter Lizzie is a recovering drug addict who is relishing the chance to be the caretaker for a change I’d tell you about the men but they are rather one dimensionalI rather enjoyed Sylvie and Lizzie’s parts of the story but had major issues with Diana for several reasons First she’s basically a bitch From the beginning to the end I had a hard time mustering up any sympathy for her Weiner tries really hard to make her husband Gary as distasteful as possible but the distasteful she made him the worse Diana looks In fact I felt bad for Gary because he married a woman who obviously never loved him to begin with and only married him because she figured she might as well get that part of her life over with Box checked I also didn’t like the hot and cold relationship she had with her young son who seemed so much better off with his recovering addict aunt And finally the event that forces Lizzie out of Diana’s house made no sense to me It seemed like an incredibly huge over reaction I think we’re supposed to accept it because Diana is lashing out at someone else to assuage her own guilt but it didn’t workI also found the ending to be a bit disappointing It’s open ended and I would have preferred at least a little resolutionI listened to this on audio and enjoyed Judith Light as narrator Boring I like Jennifer Weiner and have read all of her other books This one just didn't do it for me The plot sounded promising; however the characterization was very flat and cliched The older successful smart sister vs the younger slutty messed up sister and the soon to be divorced mother vs the largely absent father is a characterization found too often in Weiner's other books I would have liked to have seen some other personality traits in her characters beyond these I feel she bases her book characters on herself and her own younger sister and on the family dynamics within her own family when she was growing up As an author I think she needs to stretch a little and branch out from what is safe for her I basically skimmed this book in 45 minutes and didn't feel I missed out on anything My main feeling when I finished this book wasbleh not going to lie disappointing lame and a huge let down after her first books this is just my opinion though i feel like she just took an us weekly story of a cheating politician or actor and tried to make it a good fiction book it was honestly nothing better than boring sorry jennifer weiner i used to wait for your books with baited breath after the last 2 not sure ill even care Written with an irresistible blend of heartbreak and hilarity Fly Away Home is an unforgettable story of a mother and two daughters who after a lifetime of distance finally learn to find refuge in one another I had my doubts about this book because I read one of Jennifer Weiner's other books and didn't care for it that much but this was really good The ladies are all selfish and you want to shake each one but I didn't grow up with money fame or responsibility like this family did so I don't know how I would handle it Out of all the characters Liz was favorite Sure she was the biggest fuckup but she has such a kind heart and troubled mind you have to feel for her even if you think she's a spoiled brat which she is But she wants to do well and change her life so badly so you forgive her for being spoiled and root for her Diana was the biggest bitch but you understand the decisions she made Interestingly enough this was one of the first novels that Jennifer Weiner wrote when she was still working as a journalist She tells you all this at the end of the bookwell before any of the political scandals ie Elliot Spitzer Anthony Weiner Gov McCreavy and their sexual improprieties ever came to light Thus the book was almost prophetic in the sense of it kind of gave you a behind the scenes perspective as to what might really go on behind closed doors between a political power couple That being said I found the story to be a little contrived and wholly unrealistic Don't get me wrong I totally enjoyed reading the book it was the perfect beach read a good enjoyable story without having to really thinkbut with that in mind it was a little too fluffy to attack what would really happen to a political family in the wake of a sex scandal A good book but definitely not one of Jennifer Weiner's bestit is also interesting because in reading this book I definitely began to figure out what her formula was for book writingshe always presents one domineering female character one dysfunctional sister character one straight laced female character and one female character who is struggling with inner turmoil and the need for change Sometimes she overlaps these personalities and creates different characters or sometimes she keeps them true to form but she basically just throws these types of people into the ring presents a different environment and then works out how they would react in different scenarios The men in her books always play a secondary role in that they either contribute to and cause the dysfunction or take a secondary role in being the supporter of the new and improved character I would recommend this book if you want something light and have nothing else on your plate to read I read this book because it was one of those that came up most often as a counter example in the whole freanzenfreude exploit I was curious to see what made up the profile of a novel that should've been celebrated as one of the novels but wasn't by virtue of its treatment of women's issues So I'm a little at a loss There is a somewhat relentless focus on women's issues uestions of how women identify and define their sense of self and their importance in the world and the novel explores that for the mother and two daughters it follows in alternating chaptersIn that sense for me it was often a little on the nose there was a sense here that an effort was made to present three characters who would stand in for all the other middle class white women and that sometimes that's what we were seeing instead of actual characters This seemed especially true with the character of Diane who I never uite felt like we got a handle onAlso and this might be a significant thematic problem with the book no story seems to really impact the other In at least some sense Sylvie's extramarital experience should have some impact on Diane's adultery but the novel never goes there and actually denies any connection which seems a little weird There are as a result no emotional surprises in fact the book feels a little programmatic in a way that's not always flatteringBut at the end of the day I think this is a really solid accomplished book The writing is consistently good My real uibbles with the book are uestions of taste I find realism ua realism kind of boring whether it's Weiner or Franzen and in my experience neither writer has done what it'll take to change that

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