Body Master (The Body, #1)

Body Master (The Body, #1)➥ [Epub] ➟ Body Master (The Body, #1) By C.J. Barry ➯ – Seneca Thomas is an agent with XCEL a secret government taskforce charged with capturing the dangerous shapeshifters that have infiltrated New York City passing for humans Her Native American heritage Seneca Thomas is an agent with XCEL a secret government taskforce charged with capturing the dangerous shapeshifters that have infiltrated New York City passing for humans Her Native American heritage gives her a special gift the ability to see the shapeshifters for what they are But when her partner is killed in the line of duty Seneca finds herself teamed up with Max Dempsey a shapeshifter And when the pair discover a growing army of shifters gathering beneath the city Seneca will have no choice but to trust the one man she shouldn't. Review by Deborah Hastings for Romance Novel NewsThe newest twist on the extremely popular genre of shape shifting novels comes in the form of aliens from outer space Oh yeah they landed from outer space after going from planet to planet Not entirely explained but stay with us These shape shifters don't turn into wolves or coyotes as do the excellent protagonists of Laurell K Hamilton and Patricia Briggs They simply are And we don't know what they are Here Barry falls flat Her shifters have a ghostly glow and are shaped like a giant demon They don't shift into anything they simply emote Barry's hero is Seneca Thomas an agent with EXCEL a secret government task force dedicated to eliminating these dangerous shape shifters if only we knew what they were She is partnered with Max Dempsey a shape shifter who has somehow made his way into EXCEL Seneca has Native American powers learned from her grandmother but what those powers are and how she has them is a long drawn out affair with no real answers There is an interesting plot line after this The shifters are draining the homeless people of New York City and tracking them down in subway tunnels to harvest their DNA and replicate themselves into an army to do what is not explained Barry can write but she has no power for plotting a novel She can introduce detail and conversation which is no small feat But there is no real subtext here or any plot line to make us care This is the first of a series touted by Barry and we can only hope it gets better from here I really enjoyed this Seneca and Max were great I am utterly intrigued by the shifters that are aliens The whole concept was pretty cool I mean the aliens take our DNA and wear humans like a suit or not? they use our DNA and after a couple of days become that human The book starts out with Seneca and her partner Riley staking out a shifter and things go from bad to worse Max has his own agenda and this finding the traitor and murdering shifter who killed his wife So he uses what connections he has to which to become an agent and works with Seneca Lets just say that they have a very rough start Seneca hates shifters with a passion and she lets it be known to Max often Max is so sick and tired of being judged and yet he will put up with everyone's crap to get what he wants There is a lot of mistrust and a lot of sexual hunger But I loved that they didn't hook up right away The baddie shifter was truly bad and yet it was kinda funny that would try and act all refined Lots of action going on and there wasn't any serious mystery or anything but I loved how everything was played out Max really fought till the end I mean you think will he leave her and get his revenge or?? Body Master by C J Barry Paranormal Romance August 3rd 2010 5 stars Body Master is an astonishing beginning to an exciting and new paranormal series Clear writing and an intensely involving plot made this a story not to be missed The complex relationship between the 2 main characters kept me turning the pages as sworn enemies became passionate lovers In this series aliens have crashed on earth The problem is they pose a real threat and most of earth's population is unaware that they exist These aliens have the ability to assume the DNA of humans and shift into the identity of any individual But what makes them scary is that many of them feel earth is their personal playground As a result rashes of human murders by the aliens have created the special government agency XCEL XCEL's sole purpose is to capture aliens and keep them contained but also to prevent them from being discovered by the general human populace But the aliens' super strength and ability to change their identity makes them deadly and difficult to catch To make matters worse the aliens have been slowly building power by killing humans with money and influence and taking their DNA to impersonate them Seneca Thomas is the best agent at XCEL But she has a secret Her Native American heritage has given her special powers to detect the shifters even in their human form She can also force them to shift back which makes them vulnerable and easier to capture But she must touch them to do so On her latest mission she wasn't able to reach the dangerous shifter she was assigned to capture and as a result her partner died Guilty angry and sick at heart Seneca is pissed when she discovers she has already been assigned a new partner A partner who is a shifter named Max Dempsey She is sure Max has only joined for nefarious reasons and will eventually betray XCEL As a result Seneca wants no part of him but her boss tells her she has no choice If she doesn't work with Max their agency will lose their funding Resentful Seneca decides not to make it easy on her new partner and is blatantly hostile There is no way she has to be civil to the creep even if he is sexy But Max is willing to put up with her suspicion and antipathy because he does have an agenda of his own And he needs the help of XCEL and their top agent if he wants to get his personal mission accomplished The bottom line is he doesn't need his partner to like him just to give him what he needs Both of them don't plan on actually caring for each other and even if they did have a relationship it would doomed The developing relationship in this novel is one of the best I've read There is real hostility especially on Seneca's I really enjoyed Seneca’s tough attitude part until she sees Max as an individual and not just one of the dangerous shifters that have killed her partner I enjoyed Seneca's slow and realistic development of feelings for Max What I mean was Seneca didn’t immediately like Max like most heroines do in romance books It was also intriguing to see Max's point of view as he begins to realize that Seneca is not only a means to an end Their transformation and the deep change in their attitudes and views of each other made for great tension and an extremely absorbing storyThe author also has several secondary characters that were eually 3 dimensional and had their own secret agendas that furthered the story I was particularly intrigued by Seneca's crafty grandmother who tells than she reveals How does she already know about the shifters and where do her powers come from? The paranormal aspects made sense and flowed easily in the story adding a rich background that only made the story all the fascinating I hope this series goes past the usual 3 books that most authors write because I feel there is so much room for this series to grow The original take on shifters and the Native American humans with their own special powers and a sure fire hit This is a captivating new series A mix of all of my paranormal favorites mystical powers futuristic aliens crafty shifters and steamy romance But it is the way the author seamlessly brings them together that makes it so satisfying a novel My only regret is that it ended too soon Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club I've always wanted to try a book by author C J Barry and Body Master a fun mix of paranormal and alien romance was right up my alleyUnknown to the general public aliens walk among us They are shapeshifters who take on the appearance of anyone as long as they have a DNA sample Seneca is an agent on a secret task force and it her job to hunt down and capture dangerous shapeshifters Seeing the worst of their race her work has left Seneca with little love for the aliens So she's less than pleased when after losing her partner during a capture she is assigned a new partner who is a shifter Max has wormed his way onto the task force yes he has the skills to take down his fellow shifters but his real purpose is to use his position to hunt down one shifter in particular the traitor who was responsible for the death of many of his people and who murdered of Max's wife as well Max will have to win Seneca's trust to find the fiend and then violate that trust to extract his revengeI really enjoyed Body Master though if you think about it it's sort of odd to find the hero attractive when he's wearing someone else's body and when he could just as easily become someone else However on the whole I did the way the relationship developed between Seneca and Max once I got past the fact that Seneca's shift in attitude towards Max from hostility to acceptance was a bit too easy to believable Max's change of heart from intending only to 'use' Seneca to 'wanting from her' was betterOther things I liked about Body Master The background plot including the whole secret black market DNA dealing was interesting and I though Seneca's shamanish grandmother and her relationship with Seneca brought Seneca's character to life But what I really liked about Body Master was that it was so different what a great combination of sci fi and paranormal romance I am really looking forward to the next book terrificly titled Body Theif Simply couldn't put it down I was addicted by the end of the first chapterFast paced tightly plotted engaging characters and sizzling sex scenes If you love futuristic romance you're going to adore this book So nice to have CJ Barry back The book has a great premise and terrific tension Oddly the romance wasn't uite as compelling as the plot but overall a solid enjoyable read Different and interesting I loved Seneca I enjoyed this one I liked both Seneca and Max They gradually learned to trust each other I liked the sex scenes there was nice build up to them Good villain 35 stars If readers are looking for a new reading experience that’s full of action intrigue amazing world building and an unlikely romance between two characters as unconventional as can be then grab a chair and hunker down with Body Master Ms Barry has exploded my senses with this book I have to give the author credit for doing such an incredible job with world building She made is seem effortless and convincing Lately the word ‘shifter’ in romance pertains to wolves and the big cats but readers are about to be treated to a huge change when they start reading about Max Max is an alien from some other planet who has to adjust to life on earth And man do they adjust – it’s than attitude and custom it’s how they appear I was constantly astounded as to the depth of detail that Ms Barry wove into her story The writing was brisk exciting and well paced The dialogue was enjoyable and lent tension and drama when needed There was mystery and mysticism to spice up the wonder of it all Ms Barry incorporated so many fascinating aspects into her characters but revealed them through the course of the story as a natural progression of events The author didn’t dump anything on me or over justified any of the facts I found out when the heroine found out I felt when the heroine felt be it confusion anger fear or passion and I grew to respect each character as I got to know them Max though alien is still a male and a wonderful hero He’s intelligent driven focused and fights an internal pain and anguish that he thought could never heal Once I found out what happened to him what he was fighting for and the scope of what he was up against there was no way I could put this book down Same thing for Seneca the heroine – she’s a spitfire and yet strangely intuitive to what is happening Oh she fights it and she’s darned good She’s a woman on a mission and she thinks she knows what she needs to and her decisions are based on fact Unfortunately for her good for me she faces challenges to her belief systems her faith in humanity and her heart On top of that her facts are flawed with omissions I commend Ms Barry on creating a character I was interested in cared for and was curious about I also got a kick out of her special talent It comes to play at critical moments during the story and I thought it was an awesome addition In fact it rates uite high on my “Very Cool” meter Secondary characters abound but some of the strongest are the villains which have various degrees of nastiness There are fatalities that occur and a couple stunned me I know my jaw dropped a few times during the course of the book which naturally means the author took me by surprise with clever writing misleading clues that sent me through a maze of emotions My favorite secondary characters have to be Max’s best friend Apollo and Seneca’s Grandma Ms Barry was a true artist in her handling of Max’s other friend Carl I have to say he was involved in one of those jaw dropping moments and I can’t even begin to tell you the number of goose bumps I got from that When Max and Seneca finally get past the many Herculean obstacles to their relationship they do find love It’s a love hard earned and fought for but I came away with the feeling that they were going to make it Max and Seneca really do have a future but I think it’s going to be a bit bumpy I also believe based on what I got to know of their personalities they wouldn’t have it any other way – which cracks me up Body Master is a credit to the creative genius that is Ms Barry She was able to merge science fiction and urban fantasy with an intense romance between two characters who initially wanted no part of the other That slow transition from distrust and hate to understanding and awareness from believing an alien euals an enemy to instead seeing a man with the strength of character a woman could fall in love with made this story one of the best out there Body Master has that high uality of writing that I look for and it’s going on my keeper shelf I had the best time reading this book and I hope other readers get a chance to find out what I found so great This book deserves to be read Originally posted at

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