Ivan Takes a Wife

Ivan Takes a Wife[PDF / Epub] ☀ Ivan Takes a Wife Author Janet Evanovich – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Dear ReaderIn a previous life before the time of Plum I wrote twelve short romance novels Red hot screwball comedies each and every one of them Nine of these stories were originally published by the L Dear ReaderIn a previous life before the time of Plum I wrote twelve short romance novels Red hot screwball comedies each and every one of them Nine of these stories were originally published by the Loveswept line between the years and All went out of print immediately and then could be found only at used bookstores and yard salesI'm excited to tell you that those nine Ivan Takes MOBI :¼ stories are now beingre released by HarperCollins Love Overboard is second inthe lineup and it's presented here in almost original form I've done only minor editing to correct some embarrassing bloopers missed the first time around And I changed the title because I thought the original title Ivan Takes a Wife was boringLove Overboard is a romantic tale about a handsome ship'scaptain; a wary wench from Jersey City; a hundred year old two masted schooner; and an entire town of shoemakers There's some getting naked some blueberry pie getting naked and at the end Okay I won't tell you about the end but it's really good and it'll make you feel happyI took my family on the road trip from heck to research this book When we finally got to Maine it was all worthwhile because we fell in love with the boats and the people who sailed themEnjoy. Evanovich is obviously fond of the name Stephanie25★ I'll tell you whyThis is a reissue of an old Loveswept Originally written in 1988 Evanovich writes in the introduction that she only changed the title edited to fix some minor bloopers but the time period was changed to the 21st century This doesn't work as there are for example are no cell phones a secondary character who dresses like an 80s punk Above all a twenty nine year old virgin heroine who isn't Amish or an ex nun This would already have been a hard sell in the 80s let alone 2005 date of reissueIt took me two days to finish this book and normally I can read light romances in an afternoon I simply couldn't find any enthusiasm to pick it back up When I did I fell asleepThe pacing is a bit off at the start the transition from aboard boat to land is clumsy The second half of the book the resolution view spoiler which didn't explain things like ghostly hands pushing Stephanie into the water hide spoiler Love Overboard is a pre Plum romance by American author Janet Evanovich Having just bought a house that seems to be developing one structural problem after another ex cop Stephanie Lowe takes a job as cook on a small cruise vessel in exchange for some plumbing work The captain Ivan Rasmussen descendant of the infamous pirate Red Rasmussen is a notorious womaniser but something about the uirky and feisty Stephanie grabs onto his heart This is an entertaining read the characters are not one dimensional but there’s no great depth there There’s a fair bit of slapstick some intrigue plenty of romance a bit of sex a disappearing corpse and a ghost to keep things lively Some issues also contain an excerpt from another pre Plum novel Back to the Bedroom I am sorry Kaylie I just can't do itI read the first 50 pages and skimmed the next 50 It is too horrid The characters have like one conversation before making out and even during that one conversation all they can think about is physical attraction And then I got to the part where the girl admits she's a 29 year old virgin because she didn't realize her boyfriend of 4 years was gay andI realized I couldn't put myself through another word There is literally nothing funny about this romantic comedy It is just cringe So much cringe Lustful cringe So cute and sweet without being mushy or overboard with romance One of my favorite authors always Okay so back in the days before Stephanie Plum Janet Evanovich wrote a series of short romance stories These were republished in about 2005 with minor changes made to modernise them They weren't available in Australia but a friend in the US knew that I was a huge fan of the Stephanie Plum series at the time anyway and so she sent them all to me as birthday and Christmas presents They take up a huge amount of space but I feel like because they were gifts I need to reread them before I decide whether or not to get rid of them This one wasnot great The basic story is that 29 year old Stephanie not to be confused with Plum recently uit the police force and bought a big house in Maine with intentions of making it an inn But the house turns out to be run down and she finds herself working on the boat of the house's former owner who just happens to be totally hot And named Ivan Which isnot even remotely hot Stephanie just got out of a four year relationship with a gay man seriously and is saving herself for marriage Obviously that lasts approximately two seconds once Ivan turns up and they get engaged within a month of their first kiss In short it's typical romance novel territory which really isn't my thing at all And the writing echoed that There was talk of the awesome bulge in Ivan's jeans and Stephanie's vagina apparently hums when she's horny which would probably go down a treat on Patpong Road But it also feels incredibly dated Sure Evanovich updated some stuff when it was republished but it still feels like a book from the late 80s Ivan tells Stephanie how sexy her full length nightgown with long ruffly sleeves is and Stephanie wears high tops and slouch socks a lot Hawt The point of view jumps constantly between Ivan and Stephanie often within the same paragraph and it was really grating to read Honestly the only thing that saved it from one star territory was the supporting characters who were oddly hilarious There were occasional funny moments and it was a fast read But that wasn't enough to save it from a trip to the great big bookshelf in the sky Sorry book You're on the discard pile This is not my first Janet Evanovich book but it IS the first one I've listened to on audio book I definitely liked the story and I loved the characters in it I think listening to it on audio book added dimensions to the characters and I had insight into their personalitiesI really liked the relationship between Steph and Ivan They were funny together and matched up very well I also really enjoyed the storyline with the ghost of Tess and the mysterious dead body that kept appearing everywhere at Haben Haven? I was listening so I'm unsure how to spell itThe only issue I had was that it was almost like there were TOO many stories going on at once First they were on the boat and there was the ghost with the knife then there was the ghost of Tess in the house that was causing all the problems there and then the mystery of the disappearing and reappearing dead guy I could have done without all of those plots going on at once but it was still a great book that made me laugh and kept me occupied while I walk on the trackEvanovich is always a great easy read I'll definitely try to read of these re released pre Plum books I listened to this book just to check out the author after being referred by a friend I thought it was extremely juvenille with lack of any conflict what so ever Most romance novels have an ounce of maybe he or she doesn't feel the same about me as I do them but not this one The author chose to instead have the couple enamoured at first sight and bore me half to death with the rest Even when you thouht it might be going somewhere it fizzled out I like my romance steamier I like my suspence suspencful If I were to allow my pre teen to read a romance novel this would be it but she would probably put it down too This was a fun book to read and a really good ending I felt like the romance wasn't very realistic and seemed too instalove to me Some of the conversations the 2 main characters had seemed highly unrealistic as well such as her disclosing her past relationship details and very personal details so openly to a seemingly complete stranger It wasn't bad I just didn't enjoy some parts of this and found myself rolling my eyes a few times Breezy romance and mystery besides An early Evanovich novel that is a delight I enjoyed the characters

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