Kid vs. Squid

Kid vs. Squid❰PDF❯ ❤ Kid vs. Squid Author Greg Van Eekhout – Thatcher Hill is bored stiff of his summer job dusting the fake mermaids and shrunken heads at his uncle's seaside Museum of Curiosities But when a mysterious girl steals an artifact from the museum T Thatcher Hill is bored stiff of his summer job dusting the fake mermaids and shrunken heads at his uncle's seaside Museum of Curiosities But when a mysterious girl steals an artifact from the museum Thatcher's summer becomes an adventure that takes him from the top of the ferris wheel to the depths of the sea Following the thief he learns that she is a princess of the lost Atlantis Her people have been cursed by an evil witch to drift at sea all winter and wash up on Kid vs. MOBI :¼ shore each summer to an even terrible fate—working the midway games and food stands on the boardwalk Can Thatcher help save them before he too succumbs to the witch's curseWith sharp witty writing that reads like a middle grade Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Greg van Eekhout's first book for young readers is a wild ride packed with as many laughs as it has thrills. Kid vs Suid by Greg van Eekhout is a fast paced book about a boy named Thatcher who has to spend his summer with his crazy uncle Griswald on a California beach town called Las Huesas His uncle owns The Museum of the Strange and Curious and this is where Thatcher is expected to spend his summer days The story is told through Thatcher’s voice which is so real the reader wants to join him on his crazy adventure He’s clever funny and a great story teller The descriptions are witty and imaginative especially when describing his uncles’ oddities in the museum which opens up the book at the first few pages He writes“He even kept a mummy in a glass lidded sarcophagus resting on a pair of sawhorses It was the color of beef jerky with dark black suiggles down its arms that looked like sea horses Griswald said the suiggles were tattoos I thought they were done in magic marker” In no time the story picks up its pace when the What Is It an old box that contains a shriveled up head of someone or something importantis stolen by a young girl Shoal who turns out to be the princess of Atlantis She and her people are cursed and she needs to end it Thatcher and his new friend Trudy end up helping Shoal reverse the curse and along the way they encounter some grizzly characters of the seaThis book has a grade euivalent of 46 and lexile of 750L For those students who are not crazy about reading but enjoy fantasy with a uick pace this one might get them reading during their free time It’s also a good read for the students who want to but are not uite ready for the Percy Jackson books Thatcher is afraid he'll go crazy living with his Uncle for the summer cleaning his museum of things that have washed up on the beach only for him and his new frirnd Trudy to get involved in a battle against a powerful witch head to save Atlanteans seeking freedom from her curse Eekhout is sure to keep young readers entertained with this uick and humorous adventure Can Thatcher stop such a devious being of the sea before he ends up as one of the cursed? This middle grade novel was fresh and delightful and charming than I expected It's a little like Percy Jackson except that it's creative and doesn't take itself so seriouslyEekhout sets the story in Los Huesos a rather grim and macabre seaside town in California Thatcher is sent to live with his great uncle Griswald and his job is to help maintain Griswald's museum of curiosities When one of the curiosities gets stolen Thatcher and his new friend Trudy become involved in an ancient curse a fearful witch and a host of freaky oceanic enemies Despite the darkness of the mood it had an unexpectedly happy endingMany elements of this novel are typical of the genre Thatcher is a well adjusted middle class white boy who nonetheless feels unlucky His friend Trudy despite being braver and smarter is his side kick Thatcher and his friends usually run from bullies instead of fighting them The novel does have an epic conflict that may threaten the rest of the country etc etc but it's mostly about Thatcher wanting to help his friends; his reasons for getting involved are plausible My only real complaint is that the descriptions during the epic battle scene at the end got so convoluted that I stopped being able to picture itMy 11 year old daughter started reading this when she saw me reading it and she seems to like it uite a bit There's no sex no swearing and the violence is toned down I recommend it for middle grade kids and those who like MG novels I haven't had this much fun with a book in a long long timeVan Eekhout's Kid Vs Suid manages to return kids of any age to that sweet spot in their imagination that their childhood favorite reads take them to KvS is all out adventure and humor Three kids Thatcher Shoal and Trudy bond in ways that only 3 Musketeers on a life threatening adventure canAnd then there's the weirdness Uncle Griswold runs a museum for oddities of the sea Cursed carnies return to the board walk every year A witch's head calls all the shots of evil It's a tough life for a kid who's been separated from his parents suirt gun magnates and abandoned in StrangevilleBoth touching and uirky KvS delivers Kids will be delighted by the bizarre backdrop and story and the strong main characters It will become a book they remember fondly and they leave laying around for their own kids Sometimes you just need a gentle whimsical book that makes you feel like a kid again That's what I needed this week and that's why I picked up Greg Van Eekhout's book I bought it at Phoenix Comicon and had it signed to my sonI would have enjoyed this as a kid too even if it gets a little creepy at times I love how it uses the California coast as a setting it even mentions Pismo later on a familiar place for me with a boy abandoned in his weird uncle's museum of strange things for his summer vacation The town's tourism season mysteriously starts overnight and Thatcher discovers things only get weirder from there Thatcher has a great voice He babbles he's not perfect but he makes a great team with the two strong girls in the book Shoal and Trudy; I really loved Trudy It's a solid middle grade book for boys or girls Middle schooler Thatcher Hill goes to live with his uncle in a small seaside town in California for the summer His job is to take care of odd objects at the Museum of Curiosities which includes a mysterious shrunken head in a box A young girl steals this mysterious object from the museum and things soon turn bizarre as Thatcher in his pursuit of this thief gets caught up in a ages old battle between an evil witch and the people of the lost city of Atlantis He gets chased by jelly fish boys on bikes huge lobster men and yes a giant suid all with good humor and aplomb Fun uick moving story I am having a hard time deciding how I really feel about this book Before reading the book I read some reviews stating this was a very funny book but I didn't find it to be that amuzing I think it was uite creative and I'm pretty sure my students will like it but I'm not sure I would think of it as being very funny Maybe it was the state of mind I was in while reading it Great Book Kid vs Suid is a book about how the story of Atlantis and its unfortunate endings may have been because of an evil witch Skalla The problem is Skalla may not stop there drowning the entire california could just be her plans An amazing book with tons of exciting adventures and discoveries there is always something new for Thatcher and his friends Shoal and Trudy Greg Van Eekhout author of Norse Code an excellent fantasy novel for adults has written a really fun “what I did on my summer vacation” fantasy novel for tweens In Kid Vs Suid Thatcher Hill is not at all happy about how crummy his summer vacation is turning out He was supposed to go to various Asian countries such as Singapore with his parents as part of their business trip to visit various plastics factories but one of his classmates caught Hanta virus or some similar rodent born illness and since he was exposed none of the countries to which his parents are traveling will admit him So while they're engaged in exotic travel he's stuck with his great uncle Griswald in Los Huesos CA a shabby seaside town with a very drab boardwalk and without a proper beach just a rocky shoreThatcher is not thrilled about spending his days dusting the shrunken heads and other objects in his uncle's museum of curiosities and eating spray cheese and crackers Soon however things get exciting as he meets Trudy McGee a local girl who wants to be an FBI agent when she grows up and another girl breaks into the museum one night and steals the what is it? do not openThatcher and Trudy track the girl Shoal to a cave In the struggle for the what is it it accidentally opens and Thatcher and Trudy fall under the curse of the Sea Witch They learn that Shoal is a Princess of the lost city of Atlantis and that all the Atlantians are cursed by Skalla the Sea Witch doomed to sleep as flotsam in the sea from the end of summer until the next summer and doomed to work the boardwalk during the summer season There are some funny bits where Thatcher an Trudy are trying desperately to avoid the pull of the curse but cannot help developing an unhealthy interest in running a taffy stand There are also some very tragic elements to the story such as the fate of Shoal's motherIn order to avoid becoming flotsam doomed to spending the majority of the year asleep and drifting at sea and summers working crappy jobs on the boardwalk Thatcher and Trudy must fight the Skalla and her minions and figure out how to break the curse This is complicated by their discovery that the Skalla's minions were all once regular townsfolk turned unwillingly into sea creatures which seriously hampers Thatcher and Trudy's ability to fight back There is a large scale battle between the Atlantians and Skalla's minions which includes the kid vs suid showdown that the book's title promisesVan Eekhout has created a fun snarky hero in Thatcher Hill Both boys and girls should enjoy the book While the target audience is middle school age kids Thatcher and his smart mouth will also appeal to teens and adults There is nothing in book that would make it inappropriate to be read to children younger than the target audience although some very young children might find what happened to Shoal's mother to be upsetting Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadToocomThatcher is spending the summer with his eccentric uncle Griswald on the boardwalk at his museum of curiosities Amongst the museum is a box that his uncle refers to as the What Is ItWhen a mysterious girl steals the What Is It Thatcher catches up with her and confronts her about her theft When she tells him that she is the princess of Atlantis and is cursed to stay in the water all winter and run the stands along the boardwalk during the summer Thatcher decides to help her but ends up wrapped up in the curse himselfCan Thatcher and the princess save themselves and Atlantis before it's too late? What really is the What Is It?This is a fast paced humorous adventure The characters are well developed and the story is uniue and entertaining Reluctant and avid readers alike who enjoy adventure fantasy and fast moving stories will all enjoy reading KID VS SUID

Kid vs. Squid Kindle ò Kid vs.  MOBI :¼
  • Hardcover
  • 193 pages
  • Kid vs. Squid
  • Greg Van Eekhout
  • English
  • 09 May 2015
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