The Lost Enchantress

The Lost Enchantress[Read] ➫ The Lost Enchantress By Patricia Coughlin – An enchanting new paranormal romance from an award winning authorLong ago Eve Lockhart discovered that the ancient magic that was her birthright could cost her everything So she vowed to create a norm An enchanting new paranormal romance from an award winning authorLong ago Eve Lockhart discovered that the ancient magic that was her birthright could cost her everything So she vowed to create a normal life and was convinced she'd succeeded until a long lost family talisman resurfaces A prize beyond price the hourglass pendant ignites The Lost eBook ´ the fevered interest of mysterious forces who'll risk anything to possess it forces that include one very seductive manThe priceless pendant isn't the only thing Gabriel Hazard wants from Eve For nearly two centuries he's searched for the hidden magic that can break a spell and grant him the one thing he craves But he isn't alone in wanting the pendant or Eve's magicNow Eve has no choice but to break her long ago vow and claim her power her dream of everlasting love and her destiny. The Lost Enchantress is the sort of book that I think of as the literary version of hot cocoa There's nothing all that surprising in it but it's a sweet read to curl up with on a cold day and it left me feeling warm and fuzzy You don't drink hot cocoa because you're expecting it to be drastically different from all the hot cocoa you've ever had You drink it because it's a comfort drinkAnd to extend the metaphor the whipped cream and sprinkles would be fun little fillips of prose like this As I watched the drifts grow higher I recalled Grand's instructions and wondered how I was going to manage to concentrate and focus inward when all I could see outward was snow a fluffy sparkly icy white reminder that this was Providence as in Rhode Island as in New England land of Robert Frost and Jack Frost and every other kind of frost known to man a place where roses do not bloom in the middle of JanuaryBasically a sweet magical romance with some funny moments some heartwarming moments and some beautiful moments I saw most of the plot twists coming but enjoyed the journeyI was going to compare it to Practical Magic and to Nora Roberts' Donovan series but it looks like Janel Litte beat me to it I agree with most of her review in fact both good and bad yeah there's than a little infodumping at the beginning My only substantial disagreement with her is that I liked the prologue I loved the writing and imagery in that scene and I'm a sucker for the St Agnes' Eve ritual 25 Stars Many years ago I read a couple of historicals that she wrote Lord Savage and Merely Married When I saw she was coming out finally with another single title book I knew I wanted to read it but since it was a trade size the price was a bit scary Then when I got the Kobo and could get it cheaper as an ebook I went for itWhen I started reading it though I was a bit surprised as for some reason I just assumed it would be another historical But it wasn’t Instead it’s a contemporary with a bit of the paranormal thrown inEve Lockhart has magical abilities but since she felt they lead to a tragedy in her youth she has done everything she can to deny them Instead she’s become a journalist who refuses to do anything magical That is until she sees a pendant that she is strongly attached to at an auction and unknowingly uses her talent to wrest it away from Gabriel Hazard who needs it for its magical properties When he visits her trying to get it back she refuses to sell it but she does agree to let him use it for whatever mysterious purpose he has up his sleeveThis book was another winner – I had a lot of them in the month of July Both Eve and Gabriel make for fascinating characters At first Gabriel has no plans to do anything with or for Eve but she does have something about her that changes his mind I thought he made for uite an interesting heroBut the real draw for me with this book was Eve I loved how protective she was of her grandmother and sister and niece She really is the glue that holds them altogether She is dead set against acknowledging her magical abilities but slowly over the course of the story she begins embracing them once I hope Ms Coughlin doesn’t take as long this time to come out with another single title book Though when she does I’ll be there The lost Enchantress was a fun read The plot was straightforward and believable I was able to connect to the main heroine The male lead was lacking some oomph but this aspect didn't interfere with the progression of the story With the exception of that passage about dazzling people there are no complaints here Eve was raised as an enchantress not a witch Obviously there is a difference as the prologe of the book will inform you but has turned her back on her family's gifts because she wants to be normal Enters Mr Tall Dark Handsome who just happens to be cursed in the weirdest way If at first you think he is a vampire try try again Together they have to fight an evil that has been having a good nap It was nice that she didn't make this another vampire book instead found an interesting way to work the curse I can't let on too much because it would be a spoiler and I do try to avoid spoilers I think the roles of aunt grandma and niecegreat granddaughter roles were fleshed out And all the characters were very easy to like As a whole it was a decent book I will say it was not a deep read no having to really think while reading There are a few cliches staring across a crowded room for an enchanted evening; only taking 2 or 3 days before they both desperately have to have sex; happily ever after If you are looking for a light read for the summer this would be a good book to give it a try I stumbled upon this by accident while searching for another book with a similar title and decided that it looked interesting I wasn't disappointed A uick easy read that held me captive from page one This story flowed nicely with magic intrigue and sexy romance Not too heavy and deep just enough to sink your teeth into and enjoy the ride I also loved that this was a stand alone book I love series don't get me wrong but it's great to have an ending and closure at the end of a single book sometimes Would love to read another paranormal type romance by this author hopefully she writes Book was interesting and kept me entertained and drawn in but was not exactly what I expected It is about magic in the modern world and I did enjoy the story line and how it all tied together Eve was easy for me to relate to in some respects about how she tried to hide her magic powers Hazard was a bit harder for me to understand at times and some places I felt like the transformation in his character was a little sudden or inconsistent but he did play the mysterious bad boy well There were two sex scenes that didn't need to be there but I was able to skip them Overall it was a good read it is like i'm reading the first episode of the series charmed i was totally charmed with the story and the love story between gabriel hazard and eve lockhart they really are destined to be together even though they are many century apart by age but that doesn't matter i did love the adventure and magic spells never did i expect to like this book I've read two of her books Lord Savage and Merely Married a long time ago must have been at least ten years ago and remembered liking her books This was different from the other two I read but it was fine Just a usual paranormal romance I loved the book at the start Unfortunately my interest slowly waned until I started skipping entire paragraphs and skimmed to the end This book to me was one where the middle is a filler than anything else Bummer

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