Labyrinth (Vorkosigan Saga)

Labyrinth (Vorkosigan Saga)❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Labyrinth (Vorkosigan Saga) Author Lois McMaster Bujold – A Miles Vorkosigan Story Twenty three year old Lieutenant Miles Vorkosigan challenges the criminal underground on the planet Jackson's Whole to rescue a research scientist Publisher's Note Labyrinth w A Miles Vorkosigan Story Twenty three year old Lieutenant Miles Vorkosigan challenges the criminal underground on the planet Jackson's Whole to rescue a research scientist Publisher's Note Labyrinth was originally published as a stand alone novella in the August issue of Analog It was then included in the novel Borders of Infinity October For the novel Ms Bujold added a short framing story that tied the three novellas together by setting up each as a flashback that Miles experiences while recovering from bone replacement surgery Fictionwise is publishing these novellas separately but we decided to leave in Ms Bujold's short framing story for those who may also wish to read the other two novellas The Mountains of Mourning and The Borders of Infinity Analog Reader's Choice Winner Locus Poll Award Nominee. 5 A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria Because we love our MilesDoes this story truly deserve 5 stars? Most probably not if you are being objective However something in this very short very Miles Vorkosigan story tugged on my heartstrings and my emotions say it deserves all the stars in the skyOnce again the author brings our attention to the possible abuse of genetics and having financial intetests controlling scientific research who have no moral compass and are interested only in the bottom line It also uestions when does an employee stop being covered by the company made me do it line and starts carrying personal responsibility for their actions But despite the very serious as always ethical dilemmas the author also gave us a very Miles story which included the genetically engineered hermaphrodite mercenary Captain a beautiful violinist uaddy and a wolf girl experiment who brought the best in our Admiral Naismith Also this is the first and very unexpected awkward night we get to read about in this series up to date and it was nothing I could have anticipated It was not pretty but darn it it was sweet and weird and I was absolutely in awe of the way the author dealt with it I think up to this story I liked the series and truly enjoyed them but I feel like this short is what made my heart and soul commit fully and I know that objectivity would be a thing of the past from now on I think I just crossed from an enthusiastic reader field to fan girl zone Another one bites the dust and loves every second of it☺☺☺Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come 35 stars rounded upthis novella is a typically charming and fast paced entry in the saga of Miles Vorkosigan basically a smash grab caper ah Miles I see so much of myself in you the ego and pride the sarcasm and humor the irritation at not being a taller person the ability to fuck anything that moves really he's the best wait if I say that am I also saying that I'm the best? surely I don't mean to imply such an outrageous thingSPOILERSso the story opens with Miles getting hit on by the ardent hermaphrodite captain of his ship and who disconcertingly prefers it to he or she kinda wish that wasn't the case but this was written in the pre they days so can't really hold that against Bujold she's trying which he handles sensitively and professionally and with no weirdness and it closes with Miles happily getting it on with the physically dominating but uite insecure mutant werewolf woman that he's just rescued really she's the one that rescues him in between there is another exploited person rescued whose physical appearance is also uite different from the so called norm and all throughout are some strong emotions and some strong declarations all about how people experience difference how people get othered how it makes them feel just like what Miles has dealt with his entire life and yet despite the clear moral lesson on display nothing felt forced the story is brisk fun sweet and casualand so a 3 star book gets a boost because I love the ideals Bujold's beautifully progressive humanistic nature really shines bright in this story it made me happy What a great adventure all the better for it getting to the point and still having depth of characters I'm finding that Bujold is one author who can actually pull off a satisfying novella Miles Vorkosigan you charmer I think this short fiction piece reveals a great deal about Lois McMaster Bujold’s view of humanity that society should be based on treating everyone decently establishing common goals and desires being loyal and truly caring about other peopleWho but Miles could be thrown into prison with a being that others have labelled as a monster and come out with a loyal friend? This is Miles at his compassionate best Having felt like a freak and an outsider for all of his life he is perfectly placed to provide friendship and advice to this young female prisonerA very feel good story from one of my favourite authorsBook number 332 in my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Project I uite loved this novella Miles Vorkosigan is starting to remind me of a kind of Indiana Jones in space an adventurer of ideals if you will Don't wish to be normalYou'll only waste your precious time in futile frustration Wish to be great That at least you have a fighting chance for Great at whatever you are A little fun novella We get to see the typical Miles getting himself in trouble and having weakness for women even those with sharp teeth 375 stars for this shorter segment of The Vorkosigan Saga It is also published in a collection called Borders of Infinity Labyrinth is oddly like a pnr romance with a werewolf set on another world It's unlike the other books in the series The smexy parts are a little unsettlingHere we have Lord Miles Vorkosigan under his alias as Admiral Naismith of the Dendrarii Mercenary Fleet He's on a covert mission for the Barrayar Imperial Security Imp Sec Miles I'm becoming fixated on Miles Vorkosigan a brilliant mind in a brittle body He's nothing to look at standing not five feet tall in his boots with a slightly skewed spine and bones that easily break Only about 21 years old his face already bears the stigmata of pain I love to see him outsmart and out bluff the big baddies I chuckle at his fascination with tall strong willed redheads He's a softy with a temper an impulsive tyrant with boundless energy and ideas His values are sound his friendships true and his escapades alternatively fascinating worrisome and hilariousAs a Barrayaran Vor the military warrior caste Admiral of the Dendarii Mercenaries and a secret agent working for Simon at ImpSec Barrayaran Imperial Security Miles is constantly in danger In nearly every book he gets busted up due to his brittle bones In this book Miles goes to a planet called Jackson's Whole Like Jackson Hole in Wyoming this Whole has a valley ringed with snow capped mountains However this Whole is a Pit depraved corrupt a place where anything is for sale from guns to gonads At House Ryoval the motto is Dreams Made Flesh and the purveyor is the vile Baron RyovalThe story opens when Admiral Naismith Miles approaches the planet with his pilot Captain Bel Thorne of the Dendrarii Mercenary Fleet see The Warrior's Apprentice for Thorne's storyPretending to be buying guns from the aged Baron Fell his mission is to meet up with Dr Canaba alias Weddell Vaughn and zoom him safely to planet Barrayar where the brilliant geneticist will conduct research As Weddell Vaughn he plays a role later in Memory But Dr CanabaVaughn won't go with Miles unless Miles kills the monster he engineered A failed super soldier experiment With human and wolf genes the monster is dubbed Number Nine or just NineSo off he goes to kill this monstrous wolf man #9 Not knowing that Nine isa she Wanna know ? Read on view spoilerOnly 16 More human than expected yet fanged clawed incredibly strong Able to speak in full sentences Able to cry real tears Lonely Cold Hungry Thirsty Frightened A she wolf with beautiful golden eyes Standing 8' tall to Miles' 5 in bootsIt was funny how she picked him up lifting him here and there And I loved the friendship that developed Miles who has been called a mutant all his life can easily accept this mutant First he fearfully touches her Then he's holding her hand embracing her giving her a name Taura hide spoiler Buddy read with Choko and EvgenyWe're continuing our tour of the Nexus with Miles and his mercenaries This time around we're visiting one of the most disturbing and unpleasant planets out there Jackson's Whole It's yet another extreme a place where there are no rules and wealth is god Everything and anything goes as long as you can pay Imagine being ruled by the mob Not by behind the scenes maneuvering They are the government and they're not even pretending to be something other than a crime syndicate It's a terrifying place especially if you're not one of the powerful but have some valuable uality that those powerful people covet Because if you are you're most likely to find yourself enslaved and violated in all imaginable ways including having your DNA harvested so they can make of you to sell Miles is on an yet another mission for the Barrayaran's ImpSec cleverly disguised as something else And just as always things go horribly wrong when his morals clash with the reality of his mission objective Miles' charm and uick wits get him out of that mess once again but this time another of his essential ualities is what truly makes a difference and wins the day his humanity Because of his deformities Miles have had people look at him as if he isn't human all his life He can understand the pain it causes and the lasting psychological trauma it inflicts It's that understanding that helps him see beyond the shell and into what makes a being a person And because he sees a person instead of a monster an experiment a slave or whatever the other characters see in Taura that he manages to pull of yet another miracle And along the way teaches us and all those around him a very important lesson Labyrinth was my most recent read in the Vorkosigan Saga series I flipped it open with Goodreads stating it was a novella of only 91 pages expecting a short piece of space fluff I should by now know better when it comes to LMBI’ll start with its length It was that short? Really? So difficult to tell when reading on ebook format It felt a lot longer and I mean this in a good sense As in it was a truly satisfying novella which had an excellent plot showed depth to the already established characters introduced us to some new epic characters and threw the reader several themes to ponder over after ‘the end’ One theme I always find interesting which LMB brings up all the time given that Miles the main protagonist of these books has a lot of physical impairments is the insanity of people’s insatiable uest for physical perfection and sustaining a youthful appearance This novella was written in 1989 and unfortunately I think society in general has only gotten worse in this respect look at botox it’s no longer a treatment only used by the rich and famous Another theme LMB includes is the wrongness of the rich exploiting those with less wealth to such an extent that you’ll want to jump up and down and join some sort of march for euality Hee As always LMB adds diversity with such ease All four of the main characters of Labyrinth are classed as minorities even in their scifi universe and she was way ahead of her time when it comes to showing society how they should and shouldn’t treat people who are a little ‘different’For those not wanting to delve to such introspective depths Labyrinth is also an action adventure story featuring some evil warring families I swear Martin was influenced by LMB and some great ‘how are they going to get out of this’ scenes Other people have said there’s romance but I’m not sure if I’d call it that It’s ‘friends with benefits’ that started out a little disturbing but ended up with me cheering it all on Such is the power of LMBAs I said I still can’t believe how much was sueezed into a book of this length 4 ½ out of 5 Again I want to uibble certain plots but how can I when MONSTER GIRLS

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