More Deaths Than One

More Deaths Than One☉ More Deaths Than One PDF / Epub ❤ Author Bryan Islip – Thomas Thornton has settled down to expatriated family life in Saudi Arabia He is wrongfully caught up in shariah law on drugs dealing charges then finds himself implicated in a far universal situatio Thomas Thornton has settled down to expatriated family life in Saudi Arabia He is wrongfully caught up in shariah law on drugs dealing charges then finds himself implicated in a far universal situation Injustice is a bitter pill potentially a fatal one where More Deaths ePUB ✓ your landing card is headlined in red italics Death For Drugs Dealers Even with a past life as explosive as that of Thomas Thornton's what odds against a future for himself his family; what of his love for the ways of Arabia. Having just recieved ' deaths than one' by Bryan Islip i am anxious to begin reading as after reading the blurb i am excited than before to find out what this novel is like as it does sound truly amazing There is a note at the begining of the novel that the author has written and which is so touching personal and which i would like to thank the author greatly for an insight into the publishing world and how to get a book out to the world facinating especially as i am currently writing my first novel and so any advice is always most helpful and this part of the book is most insightful to all aspiring writers out there The storyline sounds apsolutely intreguing and something that i cannot wait to descover find out about that incorperates very strong and uite challenging themes; so it shall be interesting to see what the author has written in regards to that I also would like to thank Mr Islip for signing his book and also for the lovely note that was included which makes it so much personal from a reader's perspective and something that is most kind of the author to do This is a book that i have already opened and begun to read and so i can imagine that it will not take me too long to read and i am already sitting here with eager anticipation already to continue It was full of all of the above and with such a richly detailed and exciting plot that kept me wanting to read on continuosly and find out It touched upon very strong themes such as revenge jurisdiction and civil rights as a human being and citizen as well as ethical and moral reasons with morality as the central focus point It was certainly a character driven tale that was full of action and drama from the first page right through to the very last and one that i was completely and utterly unable to put down even for a second; which proves how imensly gripping the storyline was It was fast paced from the begining as i was plunged headlong into a complex and facinating adventure that had ups and downs and was in no way at all sedate or lacking in realism and reaslistic details I was given a very vidily captivating insight into another culture and way of life and that was only one of the many different elements that made this book so utterly and completely intreguing i cannot wait to read of Bryan Islips work as this was truly increadible A gripping thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end I couldn’t put it down and was disappointed when it came to an end Considering that this is really not the kind of book that I read on a day to day basis it is one that I highly enjoyed The while story line from beginning to end was captivating in the sense that I was really drawn into the story and all it was that was being told I did feel that the introduction to the main character was rather long but after reading the rest of the novel you could see that it served its purpose in explaining to you his life story and the sort of person he is now but also how other characters came into the picture and into the scene Thomas is clearly a man who has many a dream and ambition and although he trails of the path a few times here and there he eventually gets to a point where he is satisfied enough to settle down and enjoy the freedoms that he has or well that is until someone frames him and takes away his freedom and rights I loved the way that the author represented this because you automatically became conneceted to thomas you felt the confusion and the fear you started to wonder what on earth it was that they were accusing him off and how they had such evidence when you had no idea about it you understood that no matter what you were screwed over because someone had framed you and they had done a good job about The only uestion is why what was there meaning and purpose for doing such thing and why is no one telling you information when its what you need You can tell that the author has thought out the plot carefully wanting to draw you in so that you never really knew what was happening and all the mean time wanted to go on the dangerous adventure that the others were placing themselves within The chapters flowed together and despite the fact that characters were introduced all over the place you never really found yourself confused you seemed to stay fairly on track the whole time and you always knew where abouts you were Watching or rather reading the novel through the eyes of the different characters for me really seemed to open my eyes to what was there and deeper within the pages it certainly had you hooked there was no worry or concern about that one I do think that perhaps the introduction was a little over drawn but I would have to say this would be my only cristicism in general I found myself wanting to read the next novel in the series immediately but alas I do not have it to hand The cover I would say does not do the novel any justice as pretty as the painting is it does not really represent what the novel is about and I think that perhaps a eye catching and riviting cover would really draw you in because as much as they say do not judge a book by its cover many a reader including myself still does Lets be honest the captivating pictures always draw you in I won this through the Firstreads program and I should start by apologising to the author for taking a full year to get around to reading it I have excuses but I figure they're probably pretty irrelevant to anyone but me I'll give this a 45 stars Honestly I vacillated back and forwards between 4 and 5 but in the end dropped the half a star for the typos There aren't a huge number of them and they seem freuent in the second half but there are enough to be worth mentioning The story however is a really good one It's almost a humanised James Bond Thomas was the best of the best But even the best get tired of the game at some point His attempt to make a go of it as a civilian goes spectacularly wrong and luckily those old skills hadn't gotten too rusty I really liked Thomas as a man a soldier and a main character Despite being exceedingly dangerous he also understood the value of human life the splendid variety in human cultures and the importance of love and family All of his comrades were likeable too though it did feel a little like England must be an exceptionally small island Despite the small size of the SBS unit he managed to run into a whole heck of a lot of Ex'S's in the course of regular business The book starts out with a rather long prologue that chronicles the highlights of Thomas' life until the point he decides to leave Her Majesty's Service While making for a slow start it does give the reader a strong impression of what sort of man Thomas is and why 90% of the rest of the book is dedicated to Thomas' attempt to extricate himself and those with him from a whole web of lies betrayals double crosses etc That remaining 10% or so is all we are given of Thomas as a civilian businessman husband father friend etc It's an important 10% but the reader is expected to extrapolate for a lot of it I could have done with a little details about this life he was trying so hard to get back to I haven't decided how I feel about the moral implications of The Planter's scheme The book had a definite message to impart on the subject of the drug trade And Thomas seemed to take it all in stride there at the end I wasn't sure how exactly he rationalised the whole thing in order not to feel incredibly betrayed I think I would have All in all I'm thrilled to have finally gotten around to reading it Islip is a really talented writer as well as painter poet and apparently I'll definitely be looking out for of his writing I received this book from the Goodreads First Reads program I would like to thank Mr Islip not only for providing me with a copy of this book to review but also for the note included with the book it was very thoughtfulMore Deaths Than One follows Thomas Thornton as he is imprisoned in a Saudi Arabian Prison for a drug related crime he didn't commitThough slow to start there was a fair bit of back story that was imperative to the plot this book was hard to put down A compelling plot line with plenty of new twists to keep you on the edge of your seatI would particularly like to commend the author on the characters Too often in this kind of book you are presented with an angel like hero as a protagonist Thomas Thornton is flawed human and wonderfully believable as are many of the supporting charactersMy only stumbling block with this book was a small but notable oneI imagine that having been self published More Deaths Than One has not be exposed to the editorial scrutiny and proofreading that most novels are I noticed uite a few small errors throughout the book and while I could generally read straight through them with little interruption there were a few where I had to go back and reread a sentence to fully absorb its meaningThat said a solid 45 Definitely worth a read Now we all say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover and this book is one of those that proves the old proverb correct The cover just does not give you the sense that this book is as grown up and complex as it actually isThe book reads like a very exciting adventure film that would do James Bond well; the characters are well crafted and there are enough red herrings scattered through that you are very mistrustful of a lot of the characters though I didn't think the big twist at the end was twisty enough possibly because I saw it coming maybe I read too many books of this sortPlus points are that it is fast paced and exceptionally readable and avoids my major bug bear of the whole plot being detailed on the back cover THANK YOUThe book doesn't have many negatives but the cover is a major one for me and I did spot a few typos around but not enough to knock my immersionThis book is well recommended and I do hope there is another in the seriesI am obliged to say that I received this book through the Goodreads First Reads scheme and I would like to take this chance to say thank you to Bryan Islip for the opportunity to read his novel Won this on a Goodreads Giveaway and so very glad I didThis book is a little slow to start as Thorton's background is laid out although this bit doesn't drag and is very intriguing in itself as it doesn't fully explain everything these gaps are filled in later but gives the reader enough to understand Thornton and the way he is and the direction his life has taken The story itself is full of intrigue and conspiracy with many a twist and turn and moments of pure humility and humanity which adds a certain depth to Thorton and the other characters making you feel for them and their situation all the The climax is exhilarating with its own shocking revelations which I really did not see coming This is a great read that is well written and obviously well researched with all aspects of Irish Saudi and British life captured superbly This was an adventure from the word go Thomas Thornton lives in Saudi Arabia and all is going well until he is framed for drug smuggling he is arrested and sentenced to execution He escapes helping others along the way and then the excitement really beginsThis book has it all revenge love injustice action packed escapades smuggling murder and conspiracy I defy you to get bored reading this bookBryan Islip is an author to watch his characters are real with positive and negative aspects and his scene setting is realistic The pace is fast just what the book neededPersonal read 55 – I loved it This is a Goodreads first reads book that I won and it was excellentThe cover was a little misleading I thought It doesn't really give any indication to the story at all It was a roller coaster of a thriller and I would recommend it 100% An ex special forces chap is falsely accused and imprisoned for drug trafficking in Saudi The plot thickens as his two boys are sent to his sister's whilst his wife initially disappears and it goes on The characters are enjoyable I loved the relationship with the other inmates Thank you Goodreads and a big thank you to Bryan Islip a fantastic read For a first novel Bryan Islip has certainly hit the spotI couldn't put it down I was with the characters all the time with their 'adventures' The main character Thornton is totally believable and the author captures the culture of the Middle East I could smell the smells and feel the fear brilliant bookLook forward to his next novel which I believe will be out later this year Can't waitHighly recommended

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