The Sorcerer of Sainte Felice

The Sorcerer of Sainte Felice[Ebook] ➣ The Sorcerer of Sainte Felice Author Ann Finnin – I was only an apprentice I swear it By all the angels in Heaven Condemned to death by the Holy Office for sorcery fifteen year old Michael de Lorraine is rescued from the flames by Abbot Francis and g I was only an of Sainte PDF/EPUB ✓ apprentice I swear it By all the angels in Heaven The Sorcerer PDF/EPUB ² Condemned to death by the Holy Office for sorcery fifteen year old Michael de Lorraine Sorcerer of Sainte eBook ✓ is rescued from the flames by Abbot Francis and granted refuge at Sainte Felice a Benedictine monastery in fifteenth century France Michael learns that this strange and wonderful place famous for its healing wine harbors renegade monk sorcerers enchanted gargoyles and a closely guarded secret that could spell violent death for the Abbot As the church intensifies its cruel pursuit of Michael Abbot Francis and the wizard monks find themselves in grave danger Michael will do anything to protect his mentor but are his own magical powers great enough to save the monastery from the merciless bloodthirsty Inuisition. I gave this book until its halfway point before I decided to put it down I figured if nothing nominally interesting had happened by that point chances are not much else was going to happen after it and if it did I probably wouldn't careThe beginning started off strong enough It intros right into Michael being lit on fire on a stake and then gets rescued by the Abbot I zoomed through the chapter holding my breath wondering if he'd make it out okay obviously it's the first chapter and he'd make it out but in what condition? And that's where the action and anticipation ended for me It just fizzled out once Michael got to the monastery and the most engrossing aspect was how to make the magic wineI think what helped play into the lackluster plot was the voice It's not a current voice and it shouldn't be since the main character is living in the 1400s But it's also a very droll very proper voice that really doesn't lend itself to action I was supposed to be frightened when the search party came to the door but I just couldn't feel the fear or anticipation I was just going through the motions of reading the words and turning the pagesMichael's a likable enough character if not a little boring considering what he'd just escaped from But ultimately I felt a little gypped from what the blurb on the back of the book offered It made the story seem intense mystical than what it actually was Instead we get Michael making wine and a former sorcerer puttering around as an abbot Yeah they're a motley crew of people from a bunch of unsavory backgrounds but that's about where the excitement ends for themMaybe I missed a big crazy climax where the powers come out in order to defend the monastery against the Inuisition But at the halfway mark I was pretty bored and looking for things to do around my house so I didn't have to pick this book back up When I'd rather scrub my bathtub than read my current book all signs point to a Did Not Finish roundupMaybe someone else with a much greater appreciation for that time in history would be able to overlook the language and lack of expectancy and read through until the end Maybe someone else would be able to actually draw urgency from the words on the page But it wasn't for me I had to stop because by the halfway point it became a chore to read I don't like being bored by my books Nor do I like going in expecting one thing and getting another Like I said maybe if the voice were different it would have better portrayed the action in the book but as it was I don't think it worked Why I read this The novel is a bit different from what I had been reading lately 1500s monks and magic Also it is a debut novel and I just love reading new authorsPlot When Michael is saved from being burned at the stake he must decide whether or not he wishes to join in the service of God Abbot Francis and the brothers are part of an abnormal abbey where sorcery is taught and used with good intention to help the people Michael must make a choice on whether he wishes to use sorcery for the glory of God or for the glory of his own want A fantastic tale of magic and spirituality in a time period not often exploredCharacters Michael is a great male character he has some growing to do but I just love how he turns out during the book He starts a bit cocky and then realizes that the spirituality around him is infectious and life changing Abbot Francis is another great character and really ends up the epitome of a reformed manRelatability I think this will be a great book for guys It's refreshingly female less in major characters and it's interesting to see inside what it is like to live in a monastery and still practice sorceryCover Commentary Absolutely love it definitely goes with the theme of the novel Michael is about to be burned at the stake in Orleans France for the crime of sorcery As the flames are about to engulf him along comes Abbot Francis Duchain to the rescue Whispering a prayer to the archangel Gabriel he proceed to call a halt to the execution A rain storm conveniently arrives to make matters easierAfter being rescued Michael is taken to the Monastery where for or five other monks of the Benedictine order are housed The monastery is famous for it's wine Wine steeped in herbs at the right astrological time It is a wine that heals every malady Michael ponders on whether to stay or go To venture beyond the walls is to risk certain death and capture His prescence there is an annoyance to the authorities that want Michael deadFather Francis and company defend Michael three times First against a bishop and a fellow named Montain who wanted Michael killed Next and archbishop comes and scrutinizes the entire place They find nothingWhile being housed at the Monastery Michael does partake in chores After scouring the Monasteries library Michael find out that Father Francis is the infamous sorcerer Seratois who supposedly drowned in the river Tiber Michael decide to learn angelic magic from himEventually the authorities do catch up and the good abbot is about to be burned at the stake I will leave the ending out of this review go read the bookAnn Finnin has written a very entertaining book that is readable by children and adults It is especially enjoyable if you are interested in exploring Angleic magic or have some background in Kabballah or the Clan of Tubal Cain Michael is sentenced to burn at the stake for being a sorcerer's apprentice despite the fact that he himself never practiced sorcery In comes Abbott Francis who Michael is convinced made the storm come that dowsed the flames allowing the Abbott to save Michael and take him to his monastery in the village of Sainte Felice Only five other monks live at the monastery and each one seems to be involved in something magic This historical fantasy is set in Medieval France where religion rules and even the suspicion of witchcraft is punishable by death The magic is different from other fantasies because it fits in the religious contxt miracles are through the powers of God Don't know that every teen would want to read this book but ones who are okay with a slower moving plot may enjoy I thought this book was pretty good Though this book doesn't have action or suspense I still couldn't put it down It's set during the time of the Holy Roman Empire which I find that odd because I was learning about the Holy Roman Empire in history at that time Anyways Michael I think is relatable and his doubts and leaps of faith can happen to anyone When I was reading this book I thought Oh now it's happily ever after but then all of a sudden something else occurs After that things die down and then again another problem arises In the end it didn't really end It was one of those endings that could be a beginning Michael de Lorraine is to be burned at the stake as a sorcerer when he is saved by a strange monk and a conveniently timed rainstorm Abbot Francis takes Michael back to his abbey in Sainte Felice where Michael discovers that all the monks there are sorcerers hiding in plain sight under the nose of the Inuisition But Abbot Francis has made some powerful enemies will their luck hold out or will the Holy Office discover their secret? I really liked this one it reminded me of Judith Tarr's The Hound and the Falcon trilogy which I totally need to reread Normally as far as medieval fiction goes magic and the church are effectively opposing forces even if neither is necessarily good or evil However in this book true magic comes from the angels Those who use true magic are those most devoted to God The Catholic church and those without magic have historical views on the subject of sorceryWith such a uniue conceptual background it felt like the author could have done so much with the universe than she did The book starts with the hero about to be burned at the stake and throughout the book I continued to want to see what happened next The plot is simple I rarely read YA so perhaps that is usual but the pacing is excellent Although the hero 15 year old Michael has a satisfying growth arc the character that intrigued me the most was Abbot Francis An enjoyable read Historical fiction set in France mostly about the Inuisition and the battle between Church and State with some mysticism mixed in it is called sorcery in this book but it is also about Christianity An interesting read if you like historical fiction from this time period 15th century France Didn't finish this one got kinda bored near the end and after renewing twice I returned it Might borrow again to finish at some point the beginning and middle were very interesting and then I couldn't figure where the author was going and lost interestso many books so little time

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