The Private Bodyguard The Hot Zone #4

The Private Bodyguard The Hot Zone #4[Read] ➵ The Private Bodyguard The Hot Zone #4 By Debra Cowan – Won't marriage interfere with your being deadDr Meredith Boren goes to her lake house to box up her past a past that included her dead ex fiance Gage Parrish But in the middle of the night she finds t Won't marriage interfere with your Bodyguard The PDF Ë being deadDr Meredith Boren goes to her lake house to box up her past a past that included her dead ex fiance Gage Parrish But in the middle of the night she finds the handsome fire investigator The Private PDF or very much alive wounded and bleeding at her kitchen sinkNow as they search for a vengeful arsonist Gage risks his life again to protect the woman he still loves And although Meredith is tempted to give herself over body and soul it'll take Private Bodyguard The Epub Ü than Gage returning from the dead for her to trust him again. REUNITED LOVERS ON THE RUNTHE PRIVATE BODYGUARD is a uick yet enjoyable romantic suspense from Harleuin Silhouette with a theme that I really like; that of reunited lovers This story grabbed me right away with its mystery suspense and deception before unfortunately petering out into just an okay read that I probably won’t remember I did however enjoy both the hero and the heroine; Gage is delightful in his protectiveness tight abs and continued love for Meredith Who in turn tries not to fall for Gage while still managing to kick some butt protecting herself and those she cares about This is a couple that while still deeply in love can see no possible future together and with one of them supposedly dead it was sure fun watching them find their wayDr Meredith Boren has come to her lake house to box up her dead fiancé’s belongings it’s been eighteen months after all and its time she moved on with her life You can only imagine her surprise at waking in the middle of the night to find said fiancé wounded and bleeding but still very much alive in her kitchen Gage Parrish is a dead man at least he has been for the past eighteen months while undercover investigating an arson ring In order to keep Meredith safe he’s had to fake his own death and in putting his job before his relationship he may have just lost her forever Now with the trial in a week’s time and Gage set to testify the vengeful arsonist is having him hunted down and despite the fact that Meredith wasn’t supposed to be at the cabin Gage has a bullet hole in his shoulder and he’s going to need her help to make it to the trial alive Oh yes things are going to get tricky this couple is going to be on the run for the next week taking lots of baths why? I don’t know and stuck together in very tight uarters while Gage tries to deny his feelings and Meredith learns to trust a dead man Cheers I have to admit that having the hero return from the dead and have a romance reborn is probably challenging to do over 200 pages The year I read The Private Bodyguard was also the year I read Eileen Dreyer's Barely a Lady which I totally loved and I know it's very unfair to compare the two Dreyer's novel was nearly twice as long and with so many plot twists I was desperate to get to the end whereas I think the arson plot twist in TPB wasn't nearly as rivetingIn both novels the hero returns from the dead having left the heroine torn to pieces In Meredith's case she gets over it uickly enough and learns to love again but I have to wonder that if Gage had been have as sexy as Jack in the Dreyer novel perhaps she shouldn't have been as wishy washy and accepting and possibly held off longer Gage although noble didn't really strike me as a good a match for a much smarter Meredith who should have tried harder to move on imhoIn romantic suspense witness protection is such an easy go to that I often wonder how many people really are hiding out there lol And funnily enough I did a double take when a family named Smith moved to our street a few years back Smith really? They keep to themselves and have no other family now that's when you know you've read too many books and should get out The first thing that grabbed my attention to this book was the cover Loved it And the story line and plots were not too shabby at all But I hated the heroine She was just a tease One moment she wanted him and the next moment she was still not ready Geez make up your mind womanI thought the end was kindda too abrupt In the last few pages they wrapped everything up They had their bad guy he got his life back she finally said yes and the end It would have been nice if there was a bit of an epilogue or an intro on an upcoming preuel about the friend's story that I know gonna come up next That would definitely dangle me to the book Another story with the hero coming back from the dead and while some of those are pretty good this one simply tankedThe plot was a bit far fetched and had holes in it than a chunk of Swiss cheese the hero while the author did strive to make him appealing came through one dimensional and don't get me started on the heroine Reading about her and her mixed feelings about the hero was like watching a very uneventful Ping Pong gameHorrible SRS #1593 I liked the hero of this story Gage so maybe that's why I didn't like the rest of the book Maybe it was due the shortness of the book that I never really understood their break up but Gage Meredith and Robin not that it was any of her business all agreed it was Gage's fault for making his job a higher priority than Meredith but the result on me as the reader was that Meredith came off as clingy and needy As the book progress I kept finding that Meredith was amazingly self centered She doesn't seem to worry about his health of safety at all even though he is in WitSec shows up with a bullet in him and later she finds out he was almost beaten to death and has some permanent vision damage At no point that I recalled does she express concern or sympathy for him but continues to nurse her fear that she will get hurt by him By contrast Gage admitted his fault for their breakup tried by his actions to make up for it and even showed some empathy for how Meredith must be feeling He worked out a way that he would not be likely to make the same mistake again I see this relationship as being pretty one sided with Gage doing all the giving and Meredith all the taking Dr Meredith Boren breaks off her nearly 2 year engagement with Gage Parrish for not being able to put her or anything else about his work Walking out of his life was hard but learning 6 months later that he was killed in a fire hurt worse She gets the surprise of a life time when she finds a wounded Gage bleeding in her summer cabin one winter night She learns not only was his death faked but he was put into witness security in order to save his life And when she gets caught up in the danger that he's in she understands it wasn't his choice to leave and how much he regrets letting her walk out of his life But that doesn't mean she can trust him not to leave again for WitSec if they can't prove who the real bad guys are Gage finds himself not only fighting to get his life back but also the woman he let get away I really like the exchanges between Gage and Meredith The plot line was good I liked Meredith's friend's reaction to Gage It had me thinking about people I know Friends are sometimes better than sisters The characters were believable and well defined The plot line was easy to follow It made me wonder if all arsonists go to such extreme measures when planning their activities I learned something new about fingerprints too I'd say if you are looking for something different to read give this book a try This wasn't an easy read I think it was another book that failed the show dont tell rule That might have been why it was hard to stay interested Wasn't even a long book Oh well finally done Not a bad story and the writing was easy to follow It just didn't hold me all that well Good uick read with plenty of action

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