Two Cures for Love

Two Cures for Love[Download] ✤ Two Cures for Love Author Wendy Cope – The idea for this book grew out of Wendy Cope's experience of meeting her audience when reading her poems in schools This is an edition of the poems which identifies the references verse forms context The idea for this book grew out of Wendy Cope's experience of meeting her audience when reading her poems in schools This is an Two Cures PDF or edition of the poems which identifies the references verse forms contexts and occasions of her work and which offers readers a new arrangement of the poetry as a whole The notes also identify dates of composition so that it is possible to observe the development of her work As well as drawing on Wendy Cope's three published books the selection also includes a significant number of poems collected or published for the first time. Another one sitting on my Currently Reading for about 6 months I lent it to someone pre lockdown and it's never come back I did however read through most of it before lending Many of the poems I recognised from her earlier collections Serious Concerns Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis The really nice thing about this collection is that Cope writes a fun introduction about how she has become a favourite in Secondary schools in the UK her poetry is on the GCSE curriculum She points out how a particular analysis of one of her poems was taught to an English class and when she was asked for her comments she said the analysis was completely wrong Some students insisted that it had a particular meaning and Cope insisted that as the AUTHOR of said poem 'No I did not have that idea about it at the time of writing' Oh I want my book back so that I can uote herAnyway point being it's interesting to see how much The Reader puts intakes away from the printed word It's been studied in Reader Response Theory and my own particular re reading of an Alice Munro book currently really seems to highlight that there is this GAP between the word and what happens to the word in the reader's mindBack to Cope love her She makes a point doesn't sweat it so much fun Two Cures for Love1 Don't see him Don't phone or write a letter2 The easy way Get to know him betterShe also comments on most of the poems explaining for example where they were written or sometimes in response to which situation Kindness to AnimalsThis poem was commissioned by the editor of The Orange Dove of Fiji an anthology for the benefit of the World Wide Fund for Nature It was rejected as unsuitableIf I went vegetarianAnd didn't eat lambs for dinnerI think I'd be a better personAnd also thinnerBut the lamb is not endangeredAnd at least I can truthfully sayI have never ever eaten a barn owlSo perhaps I am OKI like the way she pinpoints how everyone loves a soapbox perhaps this could explain the plethora of online platforms we have today Poetry collections can be a real hit or miss for me This one landed fairly in the middle At times it teetered into the 35 star category but by the end of it I felt satisfied with 3 I think the main issue I took from this was that Wendy Cope likes to write poems in the style of other poets and parody them not a problem in itself but if you are not well versed excuse the pun in that poet's workstyle it'll probably pass you by That was my experience anyway Saying all that though there are a lot of poems in here that I marked with my annotating pen as great ones to come back to I liked Cope's dry wit reminiscent of some of Dorothy Parker's work both in the style of humour and the tendency towards rhyming Some of my favourites were Bloody Men Being Boring Exchange of Letters and An Attempt at Unrhymed Verse amongst others Definitely worth a read if you like light funny rhyming poetry that doesn't take itself too seriously I've read this while taking a long hot bath on an ordinary Monday Today 31st October 2011 This book made my day todayMy heart has made up its mindAnd I'm afraid it's you I think I would enjoy Wendy Cope's poems waaaay if I am aware of the poets or some other famous people and their styles that she parodies since a large portion of her poems are parodies But those that I can fully appreciate and the poems that aren't generally parodies are enjoyable and interesting poems One of my favourite book based memories occurred during the reading of this one in which I was perched on the window ledgesill of my hotel room overlooking a night time Paddington and delighting in this collection of poems And it was during a poem called Valentine that I had a nice epiphany about my own heart confirmed by a re read of After the Lunch the jukebox inside me is playing a song some of my favourite poems especially After the Lunch and The Orange Also always nice to challenge myself to read a whole book of poems and not just the ones i like over and over Wonderfully witty poetry from one of our best poets It's really impossible to say you've finished reading a poetry book because let's face it you never finish Especially one as witty funny moving and smart as Wendy Cope's collection Wow I even added a new shelf for this one o Adult PoetryThank you Sarah I never would have picked this up if you didn't post The Orange on Facebook I am not a poetry girl and hate having to try to find meaning in everything I read This little volume was completely enjoyable and I really enjoyed about 80% of the poems I think this is actually the first real adult poetry book I have attempted I still think Where the Sidewalk Ends counts as well This took up two pages of notes and jottings in my reading log I particularly appreciated the forward that mentions her poems being used for teaching and how she went to the class once They were doing all these interpretations of them and she was trying to tell them that's not what they meant They wouldn't understand it goes to show you that sometimes an author is just writing what they are writing That must have been so frustratingThe notes section at the end was uite beneficial It was interesting to look at the poems I liked and see a little back story on themSome of my favoritesThe SitterNamesThe OrangeFaint PraiseBeing BoringSparedReading SchemeMaking Cocoa for Kingsley AmisKindness to Animals I always enjoy Wendy Cope's poetry and this collection comes with footnotes for those like me too dim to spot the clever bits for themselves Although I did laugh out loud at Baa Baa Black Sheep as written by Wordsworth entirely unprompted

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