Facing Fear Crossfire 2

Facing Fear Crossfire 2[Reading] ➶ Facing Fear Crossfire 2 ➽ Gennita Low – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In this sizzling romantic suspense the popular author of Into Danger brings together a woman with no past with a man who has given up on his futureRick Harden CIA's Task Force Operations Chief made a In this sizzling romantic suspense the popular author of Into Danger brings together a woman with no past with a man who has given up on his futureRick Harden CIA's Task Force Operations Chief made a mistake ten years ago and his wife paid the ultimate price He is content to be out of field work and instead play the bureaucratuntil his Facing Fear MOBI :¼ superior is arrested for treason and a woman resembling his dead wife arrives on the sceneNikki Taylor is a woman with no past having lost part of her memory in a field operation gone wrong But her superiors promised they would help her find her past if she would do them one job –– find out if Rick Harden is in league with the traitor Knowing she resembles Rick's late wife Nikki embarks on a dangerous game of seduction that will be than either of them bargained for. OK I tried with this author but obviously we just don't mesh well The first book I barely got through but I thought I give her 2nd book a try No such luck I couldn't even finish it If a book does not grab my attention by the first 100 pages I'm not wasting my time I can't really describe why I didn't like it except that I just could not get into the book to save my life I think the book has all the necessary ingredients it just didn't flow very well to me Someone on another site compared this author to Suzanne Brockmann yeah not so much at least in my opinion I have never had a problem getting into one of SB's books before Facing FearWOW What another intriguing story This story is about Rick and Nikki Rick was only half living since losing his wife He is in search of his missing wife's remains and had been for the last decade In walks Nikki She is so familiar to Rick and the shocked came in the middle of the story Nikki is actually Rick's missing wife That out a shock in to me Now Rick tries to find out what had happened The two find their second chance at happiness again The last few chapters seemed to hold all the action I am really hoping that Cam and Party are found alive I really like these two as a couple FANTASTIC job Gennita I would recommend this book This is my all time favorite book I've read Although it is second in a series of five books This is the order 1Into Danger 2 Facing Fear 3 The Protector 4 The Hunter 5 Sleeping with the Agent I loved all 5 and they are always within reach for re reads Facing Fear has a very touching Love story The Hero Rick is alpha male but is very capable of showing his love which many alpha male's have trouble The Heroine Nikki is kick ass but also incredible smart and has her vulnerable side too Hungry GhostsThis is the second time I've read Facing Fear and it's uite possibly even better the second time around And while there are appearances by characters from COS and GEM the story is at its heart a love story between two broken wings agents who are of no further use to the CIA As such it can standalone Rick Hard On Harden is a bureaucrat demoted after the death of his wife ten years earlier and now the operations chief of Section Two of TIARA an intelligence and support group that provides Intel to SEAL Team STAR In book one he belatedly assisted in the capture of his boss a mole within TIARA but only after he was promised information about his wife Now he's under investigation and being setup to take the fall as being in on and even part of his boss's treasonous activities Admiral Jack Madison knows there are moles within TIARA and isn't certain about Rick Harden So Nikki Taylor a GEM operator is sent in to analyze weaknesses within TIARA and to determine if Rick is guilty But there are high placed individuals who don't want either Nikki or Rick to succeed or for the secrets they hold to come out Nikki and Rick 25 starsI really struggled not to give this book 2 stars It starts out really strong and I liked Nikki and Rick Nikki is a GEM operative sent to determine whether Rick is loyal to Task Force Two She looks like his dead wife and he's become a bureaucrat but was once a star operative The book was probably good for 23rds of the way Then the author brings in Jed who rescued Nikki from capture The relationship between Jed and Nikki is off putting to say the least After seeing her with Jed I no longer her to get with Rick It undermined everything Nikki and Rick had built to that point and it never got back in track Jed's manipulations made both Nikki and Rick seem Really disappointing as I like this series so I hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come Who are these peopleNo one is uite who they seem and that is the standard protocol for this set of agencies There are a lot of moving parts and world building as this book picks up immediately after book ones ending Now the focus is on the second in charge and there is a secret weapon being used to determine what all the secrets are in play The romance is fast but when certain details are shared it is very fittingInteresting characters and intriguing premise for the world story an series I want to see of Jed T and others Go Hardenlove that Rick never gave up on getting Leah's body back That he continued to look for evidence on Gorman That LeahNikki came back to Rick he deserved her coming back Now for Cam and Patti I want to like these books so much The characters are great and there's plenty of action I think the problem is that the books are too long There are 2 3 climaxes in the story and after the first I'm mentally finished with the bookbut wait There's 200 pages left I also get lost in the intrigue that happens throughout the book Double agents infiltrators GEM COSthen there's the NOPAIN thing that the characters use to fk with each others minds So confusing Good newsthe heroines are all kick ass ball busters and the Heroes are strong sexy scary teddy bears Rick hasn't really been living for the past ten years not since his wife was taken captive and then killed during a failed CIA operation But that's not the real story by a long shot And when his wife shows up very much alive the mystery and the danger deepen even I'm really enjoying these books by Gennita Low She has uite a knack for creating damaged characters I'm not always happy with what they do but I think that only makes them realistic Nikki can't remember her life than 10 years ago She's working with the CIA and Rick seems familiar but from where? Rick lost his beloved wife 10 years ago and Nikki is the spitting image How is this possible? This story was a predictable ending yet the journey there was sexy good I enjoyed this story as the past is revealed Once again Ms Low writes a great romantic suspense story I wish she would write in this series

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