Sleeping With the Agent Crossfire 5 Trilogy 3

Sleeping With the Agent Crossfire 5 Trilogy 3➸ [Read] ➳ Sleeping With the Agent Crossfire 5 Trilogy 3 By Gennita Low ➽ – The Target Lily Noretski is as dangerous as she is beautiful She's also a sleeper in possession of a devastating weaponThe AgentAs a sharpshooter Navy SEAL Reed Vincenzio is as emotionless as they com The Target Lily Noretski is the Agent ePUB ☆ as dangerous as she is beautiful She's also a sleeper in possession of Sleeping With PDF \ a devastating weaponThe AgentAs a sharpshooter Navy SEAL Reed Vincenzio is as emotionless as they come Armed with a With the Agent eBook ✓ file on his target Reed knows what he has to doThe MissionReed must win Lily's confidence find the weapon With the Agent Crossfire 5 ePUB ✓ and eliminate her if necessary Yet his files don't even begin to hint at this extraordinary woman's fire and courage making this assignment harder than any Reed has ever undertakenLily knows that someone is pulling her strings but if she is to survive she must put her life in the hands of this charming magnetic man who appeared out of nowhere Her head tells her she's in grave peril but her heart dares her to put everything on the line Will the price of her passion prove to be than she bargained for. This is the conclusion of a trilogy about a joint operation between the independent black ops organizations GEM and COS and the Navy SEALs STAR team All of the books have been an intriguing tale of human trafficking covert and often corrupt governmental activities and the people who live within these stark environments every day Llallana first appeared in the previous book where her ultra secret CIA induced mind control programming has been activated and has compelled her to steal a deadly weapon and betray her closest friend by turning her over to the ruthless Dilaver Now Navy SEAL Reed Vincentio must find her determine if she is still compromised and recover the missing weapon using any means necessary including killing Llallana Reed was selected for this mission because he's always been the solitary steady unflappable sniper on the team The deeper he gets into the intrigue however the harder he finds it to consider Llallana as a potential target Will he be able to execute the mission he's been given? This is my least liked Gennita Low book I didn't take to Lily in the Hunter and she still didn't change my mind in Sleeping With The Agent Reed was also one of the blandest hero I've come across Not the most boring but close butI'm a confirmed Jenn fan so this book didn't stop me from looking forward to her next whatever it would beOverall Sleeping started off fine plot is good and pacing is great but I just didn't care for the characters Everyone who's followed these books are waiting for T Alex's story but like Lily T did not resonate with me though Alex is intriguing I guess I've been put off by T addressing people as 'Darling' which aged her personality in my mind This was a good read and I was very interested in what happened to our sleeper form the Hunter I loved Reed And wondered about how our heroine could have survived such a magnitude of abuse not once but twice without being uite damaged I liked that she seemed to be able to form relationships protected the girls and opened up to the hero but I just didn't uite by it I respect that the author is giving her a chance at a HEA but would have liked a bit substance to her resilliance for plausibility A solid read I will read from this author Great story really enjoyed it Read these awhile ago Comments and review to follow You can find me over on Facebook at My Open Book at the Dragonfly Come over and say hello Find me on Goodreads Great storyThis author writes some of the most achingly realistic stories I know she puts a lot research into her books And it show I'm reading everything I can find by this new to me author Is there anything better than that? Finding a new author and wanting everything?And I guess I'm on a dark and dangerous kick because her stuff is definitely dark and dangerousLily wow Didn't uite understand her in the previous book Hunter but I wanted Really really dark past And dangerous and lost but still fighting You have to love that in a heroine And her own Navy SEAL ready to hunt her down and then decide to help her This works for me on so many levels A cerebral intrigue The book has plenty of fast paced action lots of sexual tension and plenty of mind games With a sharpshooter for a hero and a sleeper cell for a heroine SWTA keeps you begging for and delivers Some characters just keep on popping up some tease you and some just blow you away As usual I would strongly suggest that you read Gennita's books in order This one is second to last I didn't like this one nearly as much as her other books The romance between the Hh seemed forced and unlikely Plus it was really hard to just get over the heroine Lily's actions in the previous book It's very hard to redeem an unredeemable character and to me Lily was pretty much unredeemable I finished the book basically to finish the series Now I'm just waiting impatiently for Ms Low's latest Virtually One I read this after reading books 1 and 2 of the series I loved the intrigue and romance intermingled in the book but I had a harder time believing the premise of this one a Navy SEAL and a known criminal regardless of her reasons I thought the relationship got a bit deep a bit too uickly even though it was passed off as part of the job But I did want to see the end of the storyline that was started in Book 1 and 2 and I'm glad I did

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  • 19 August 2015
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